These Awful 2020 Anime Girls Proved Outer Beauty Isn't Everything

The world is going through a lot of changes and this is reflecting in anime already. It's not often that a beautiful anime girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the perfect smile—who is also pivotal to the plot—turns out to be a total bitch. But in 2020, we got not one but two of them, a pair of two-faced bishoujo that outwardly seemed like any man's dream girls.

We found it especially interesting that they are both descriptively similar as noted before, traits that in general in anime to equal beauty and class and deserve admiration. Yet, in Tower of God and Rent-a-Girlfriend, these blond beauties are more akin to the brunette femme-fatales of old. Not sure why the shift but, let's talk about these thorny roses!

Spoilers Ahead!

Rachel - Kami no Tou (Tower of God)

This chick… From the very beginning, all we hear is how amazing this "Rachel" is supposed to be from Bam. The light of his life, the beauty in an otherwise ugly world, his goal, his everything. He would die for her. Well, careful what you wish for, kid!

We still had hope for Rachel even when she was being incredibly sus during the tournament with her hood and alias. Then she ignored Bam when he called out to her… "Ok, she'll probably explain and it'll all be cleared up soon". Nope! Turns out Rachel is only out for herself and anything Bam feels for her is completely one-sided—and then some. In fact, she cares so little about him that his life seems meaningless compared to her own selfish wish of seeing the stars. Please don't fall for girls like that!

In Rachel's defense, though, she hasn't had the most normal of upbringings, especially since we've heard how the other princess' lives have gone. That's no excuse for acting the way she did but, clearly, her worldview has been badly distorted.

Mami Nanami - Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-a-Girlfriend)

Does your beautiful girlfriend seem too good to be true? She might be! Rent-a-girlfriend starts off with Mami dumping Kazuya, which is what drives him to rent a girlfriend. We think nothing of it, especially since Mami seems like a sweet, kind, loving girl next door. Oh, and she's gorgeous, fashionable, and smart.

It all falls apart when we find out that she's actually a very insecure young woman who uses her beauty to manipulate men and get what she wants, which is to be the center of attention. Not to mention, her ego drives her. She has no interest at all in Kazuya but when she sees him with another girl, she has to get him back. Just to prove to herself that she can. She has zero interest in anybody's feelings. Ugh…

Like Rachel, Mami is easy to hate but we should also ask ourselves, why is she so insecure!? Even though she's beautiful, she seems to have an inferiority complex. Her ego is so out of control that she needs to be coveted and adored to be happy. And even then, being that awful can't make anybody truly happy, right? So then, why is she like that? What happened to her?

Final Thoughts

So, "don't be that girl!" Both of these girls are beautiful to look at but act in such selfish, childish ways that their beauty seems to fade the more you see their true nature and intent. If you stay with either of these girls too long, you're bound to lose yourself. However, they both likely have deep-seated issues at the root of their behavor that actually kind of make you feel bad for them!

Rachel and Mami have a lot of inner demons to deal with and know how to get their way, which really sucks for our MCs. However, they may still redeem themselves and mature! We'll just have to wait and see in future seasons. Do you agree? Or were these your waifus of 2020? Talk to us in the comments!

Tower-of-God’s-wallpaper-2-700x383 These Awful 2020 Anime Girls Proved Outer Beauty Isn't Everything


Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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