This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]

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bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
Top 3 Anime This Season AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd Go!
bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori, Wakaokami wa Shougakisei!, SNS Police!
bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
Why do I even bother...
bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
Let's just see what the editors have to say.

Contains Spoilers

One of these days there will be a better comedy… however that is not now.


bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]

Hinamatsuri is the best comedy show on air currently and honestly has been for a few seasons. Don’t @ me.

The weird this is though is that this show ends up being randomly very wholesome while still managing to be interesting.

We start with Anzu who is learning the value of hard work, but she has no concept of anything and money is beyond what she knows, so her reactions are cute. A good chuckle is in order every time we see her new guardians crying over her innocence.

We move on to Hina who wants to be student council president because she grossly understands what holding power means. The Yakuza get an attorney involved to write a fantastic speech for her just for Hina to blunder her way through it hilariously. Unimpressed that she is chosen to be the secretary, she just doesn’t go. Poor Hitomi gets roped in, but is so efficient that she is asked to become the secretary! She just wants to leave to go to her job that she was blackmailed into working at.

Hinamatsuri is a hilarious story jumping from storyline to storyline and serving laugh after laugh. Still though, it was nice to have Hina come back and play somewhat of a role after an absence. Thankfully though, it seems like Anzu is here to give us a good dose of wholesomeness.

We can’t wait for more!

bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
I was the student government president. Hina could take a note from me.

Devil Inside


bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]

My hot moment of the week comes from Devils Line, which I was admittedly behind on apparently. Oops. This anime has been rather interesting since it transitioned from this horrific bloody anime to more of a dark, demon romance. How very misleading!
Anyway, the moment I am talking about comes from Anzai Yuuki when he declares that he is scared of the devil inside of him. There are a handful of devils that we know of in Devils Line that aren’t bloody rapists like Yuuki, but we haven’t really gotten to know much about them personally. Tsukasa’s friend apparently had been in love with her and wanted to be with her, but that meant venting his own urges with other women. No, Yuuki has proven himself to be constantly forcing himself to suppress his vampiric urges, even when it appears to be painful. Then he outright says that he is scared of the devil that is inside of him.
This is something Yuuki has lived with for decades and yet, it still tortures him so and he has not actually accepted his other half, something that many of us have to deal with as we grow up, but manage by the time we are “adults.” Yuuki has never been able to accept both parts of his identity for fear it would lead to greater harm than good, but it only does him a disservice as it hurts him more and more each day. I wonder if this is supposed to parallel our real world, as I had seen it, or if there is no greater meaning to it than what I have seen. Yuuki has been presented with the option to consume blood from willing donors, might this mean change is on the horizon for him?

bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
I wonder if Yuuki will finally be able to accept that he is a devil!

Do it for your fans

Rod Locksley

bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]

Press events are always stressful, but it should be worst if you are the one dealing with dozens of fans trying their best to get your attention. For our duo of magical men, this was one of the first times in this position, and the outcome is certainly hilarious. From a crazy and obsessed man to a little girl giving you a poop present, and let’s not forget the prideful but embarrassing mom! Yeah, Saki has been through all of that… while trying to look calm and cool in front of her crush. Have you ever thought about the downside of being famous?

But if you already saw this episode then you know that’s the funny part, but not the best part. We get to see Saki’s mother in her magical man form! It’s cute when a mother does what needs to be done so her daughter and her crush stay safe, don’t you think? On the other side, it only demonstrates that Saki’s mother can’t let go her place as the heroine, but she’s still happy to give Saki the magical rod. The end of the episode also comes with a tragic note and a revelation. That’s why you have to run and watch it!

bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
Did Saki’s mother just…? And is this guy Hyoue really…? I can’t believe this episode!


Lizzy Nyanko

bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]

On her way back to Tokyo from visiting her parents, Karen receives the announcement email for SJ2 where it states the rules have been fine tuned, and the winners from SJ1 will be seeded and don’t need to go through the qualifier. Of course, Saki emails her immediately telling her she really hopes to see Llenn again and shoot her. But, Karen still doesn’t think she’ll want to join.
Finally back at her apartment complex, Karen is followed into the lobby by a handsome stranger who asks if she’s Karen Kohiruimaki. (Not creepy at all…). She says yes and asks how he knows and he immediately comes close which understandably frightens the poor girl. But not to worry, it’s none other than M, who she just teamed up with for SJ!
While it is someone she knows, how did he know her and where she LIVES!? He says he has something important to talk to her about and they move to a better place to chat and “M” says he has no proof that he is M, but she’s just gonna have to trust him. (-_-*) He answers none of Karen’s questions, but at least he tells her his real name (or is it?), Goushi Asougi.
Goushi insists that he needs her help because two people will die at SJ2. Long story short, Pitohui is kida crazy and has threatened to kill Goushi and herself if they lose. All of this brought on by the fact that she’s always been obsessed with death and was a huge SAO fan, but she happened to miss out on the first life-or-death experience of SAO and it drove her crazy(er) because she missed out on dying in her favorite game. To make things worse, she found out about the player killers from the second series and lost her marbles again and wished she could’ve become one of them to deliver swift justice.
Karen wonders why Goushi doesn’t go to the police or a shrink to help Pito, but he doesn’t want to do anything Pito doesn’t want. Because he “respects her decisions no matter how crazy”.
Confused as to what to do and wondering why she’s now involved with these two crazy people, Karen gets up to toss a can in the recycling bin, and as she turns around to walk back to Goushi, the handsome man corners her and put his hand on the vending machine behind her in a classic kabedon move. The scene is already memorable, as Karen is a very tall woman and is noticeably taller than Goushi, making the kabedon scene pretty cute. Now very close to the stranger and surprised at experiencing her first kabedon, Karen wonders what is happening. And then Goushi asks “Have you ever seriously been in love with someone? Enough to sacrifice your life for them?” Karen answers “no”, she’s never felt that way, and Goushi continues; “Then you’ll never know what I feel right now!”
Oh boy! Are we already experiencing a budding romance? Is this Kirito and Asuna all over again!? Well… no. Karen is pretty clever and she knows he’s not talking about her, but about Pito… Goushi confirms his love for Pitohui while still in kabedon mode…
Even Karen can’t ignore the hilarious irony of her receiving her first kabedon to hear the guy confess his love for someone else…
Of all the memorable moments in anime this week (and there were a LOT!) this was the one that made me chuckle the most. But it makes us wonder if that’s really the full story. And how did this guy find Karen?

bee-smirk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/22/2018]
Hey Bee-kun, this Pitohui sounds perfect for you! You know, because she’s crazy!!


And that is it for this week of Hot Moments! Now that Winter is over, we are in the spring of action anime. 71 titles at that! Thanks for reading until the end. Let us know below what you are watching for Spring!