This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]

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bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
It is Tuesday which means it is time to talk about those awesome moments in anime!
bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
This season has a lot of decent shows, but what ones are the really shining stars?
bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
I really am liking idol time pripara! Anyone else?
bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
Errr Umm... you can have that one Mo-chan. Let's move on to the new ones!

Contains Spoilers

Get Dat Headband


You know, I was really worried about Boku no Hero Academia. The first season was rather lackluster. Not a lot happened other than the last few episodes where we had the incident with the villains (WHO STILL HAVE NOT COME BACK) and there was not a whole lot of character development other than a few main characters. However season 2 is really blowing my expectations out of the water. It is interesting, we are seeing more characters, and more quirks and how they work.

Todoroki-kun and company are trying to do everything in their power to get the headband off of Midoriya’s head in this episode. When his jetpack fails, their team is trying everything to back up and stay float. We get to watch Bakugo be trolled to by pompous Monoma and it is hilarious. The good thing about this episode too is that we get to see so many quirks in action too.

After Todoroki-kun corners Midoriya, it sees like there is no way out! That is until, out of nowhere, Iida-kun gets really really really cool and goes at a supersonic speed allowing their team to steal Midoriya’s headband. It becomes an all out rush to get headbands and Midoriya manages to stop Todoroki-kun’s power with his own! Not only that, but he snaches a headband! Sadly though, it is the wrong one. Unfortunately for them though, when they go again, the time runs out just as they reach. However!! Midoriya and co managed to secure 4th place and continue on to the next round! I don’t know what next week holds, but I am really looking forward to it!

bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
They made it and that is what matters! Yay!

Queen Lefiya

Ellyn Barnes

Danmachi’s side story Sword Oratoria is shaping up to be a pretty enjoyable watch this season. I think the thing I’m most enjoying is that it runs along the same timeline as its parent series, so we can learn all about the Loki familia, get another perspective on the relationship (?) between Aiz and Bell, and a look into the reasons behind the events that happened (yeah, I’m talking about the hot blonde dude with the unusual monsters. New favourite character alert much).

Of course, so far, Lefiya has taken the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, her daydreams about Aiz are nothing short of adorable, but her whole self-pity wah-I’m-so-weak routine was getting a bit old. Which is why it was so great to see her finally get some guts and stand up to protect the members of her familia this episode - and to learn her powers are extraordinary. Let’s just hope she keeps up the good work, and that maybe one of her daydreams will come true!

bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
I always thought she was cute, but now she’s a badass too?! Be still, my kokoro...

Love is in the Air


This week’s episode of Tsuki ga Kirei was so cute! Akane and Koutarou started off so weird in episode 1, but they have slowly evolved into a real cute couple. I mean, with Akane trying hard to meet up with Koutarou and Koutarou running all over Kyoto to meet with Akane----Ah, it’s just cute. And let me tell you, running around Kyoto is tiring as heck. I know where they were running around and damn, it is a long shopping district! I can’t imagine it being easy for them to find each other either. I just love the scene of Koutarou desperately looking for Akane even though he has no way of contacting her or finding her. Of course Koutarou would get his phone taken away! Darn it!
I really like the progression so far. I wasn’t sure how this anime would go if Akane thought Koutarou was some sort of creeper in the first episode. It was just so awkward. Heck, I thought Akane liked someone else (that senpai?!). However, now they are just so cute. Now that they are kind of sort of dating by this episode, what will possibly happen next in Tsuki ga Kirei?

bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
It’s sooooooo sweet!

So… now she knows. Why?!!

Rod Locksley

Eromanga-sensei has been up to a solid start, following a story that has equal parts of Ecchi and Comedy, and that is what most of us love. So far, the story looked like the battle between Elf Yamada and Masamune, trying to conquer Eromanga-sensei and make him —her— draw the winner’s light novel. BUT, turns out that now Elf knows Eromanga-sensei is Masamune’s little sister, Sagiri, because… well, it’s almost like “just because”.

Ok, I don’t really know what could happen next, and maybe this gets to be the best anime ever… but let’s be fair here, I loved the fact that nobody knew Sagiri’s alter-ego, which meant a lot of funny scenes like the ‘forgot to turn off the streaming’ one or Masamune trying to divert Elf’s view from Sagiri’s window. And yes, I want to know what’s going on between Elf and Masamune, and what will the next light novel be, and I want to know what happens with Megumi and if someday Sagiri will be able to go outside and tell the world who she really is… but Elf finding out this way? Maybe it’s just me, but I think this was such a bummer. Please, anime gods, let next episodes be good!

bee-happy2 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/02/2017]
Wait. What??


And that is it for this week! Thank you for staying with us until the end. What did you think? Did you see any of the moments that are discussed here? Let us know below!!