This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]

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mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
Omg omg omg it is time agian to talk about the best moments in anime!!!!
mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
It is about time too. I want to discuss theories I have about Yu- I mean Bungou Stray Dogs. The finale was this week!
mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
Oh Bombon! Maybe Yuri on Ice will be here this week~!
mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
Non! I cannot take it. My poor heart is going through hell and back with this show. I hope it is here too! If not though, I could use a week to recover.

Contains Spoilers

Hooray, Kyouka-chan!!

Alfonso "Fonzy" Ortiz

The season finale for Bungou Stray Dogs was a great one! We get to see continuation of the adrenaline-filled battle between Atsushi and Akutagawa against Francis Scott Key, which ended very nicely. As Atsushi and Akutagawa prevent the Moby Dick from crashing into Yokohama, suddenly, a mysterious hacker takes over the controls and commences with the destruction of the city.
With the help of Dazai-san, Kyouka-chan is able to help by hacking into the navigation system of the drone plane which holds her captive in the air. Their plan: direct the drone plane towards the Moby Dick, crashing into it, thus saving Yokohama and its inhabitants. The catch is that Kyouka is chained in a cage with no escape… Or so it seemed.

The moment here is when we, the viewers and Atsushi, believe Kyouka died sacrificing herself in order to save everyone. It would be her entrance exam test for the Agency where she would clearly pass but not be able to live through the gratification of it. To all of our surprise (if no one actually predicted it…), Kyouka was able to escape the collision buy using her power of Demon Snow to cut through the chains, freeing her just before certain death. We see her parachuting down shortly after the Moby Dick crashes in Yokohama bay. She had escaped death and passed the entrance exam for the Agency, making her the newest member after Atsushi! That moment was very satisfying and even more so when the crew threw her a congratulatory party which was the best feeling she could ever experience as a human-being. Awesome ending!
Lastly, we will clearly be expecting a 3rd Season of BSD from the looks of it, that is if the anime committee decided on a 3rd Season, of course…. I sure hope so!

mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
Kyouka-chan!!! Congratulations!

"Cake or death?" Cake! "Oo sorry, we just ran out of cake. How about death?"


To Be Hero has to be the most underrated series of the season. It is flying right under the radar of most otaku because it is made by Haoliners; which often makes shows and then takes them another direction that does not line up with what they sold you. However To Be Hero is completely what we have been sold on with it’s super OP Oji-san, humor, and exaggerated everything.

This episode, we now finally have the fight break through with the Great Emperor after Oji-san finds out that his sandal-slap no longer works. As if it could not get worse, the building is destroyed and the Data-alien is removed and killed by the Great Emperor. This is really hard hitting as she really brought Yamada-san who was already quite funny, screaming into the foreground due to its? Her? His? personality after they merge. Then, Yamada-san reverts to his own self, but we are given a touching flashback to when his wife and child left him. Refusing to life like that again, he charges at the emperor only to be vaporized himself! To add insult to injury, the Emperor turns on Min-chan and then vaporizes her as well!!!!

If that was not an unexpected turn of events, I do not know what is! That was where the story went from 0 to 100 real fast. Sure, losing the data alien and Yamada-san is bad, but Min-chan was a main character and anime almost NEVER kill off main characters in that sort of fashion unless it is horror, and then it is expected that at least ⅔ of the cast is going to die. Honestly, it is really hard to say what to expect next. One would hope that he will be able turn back time somehow or reunite with his daughter in the other dimension since Oji-san has kinda pushed that plot line aside with the appearance of the Great Emperor. What will happen next is anyone’s guess but it would be nice to see Oji-san reunite with Min-chan again.

mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
shhhhhh no one... can.... tell me that.... Min-chan is.... Min-chan is!!!!!

The Truth Comes Out

Ellyn Barnes

As the climax of fast-paced mystery anime Occultic;Nine draws closer, we as viewers are finally learning the truth behind everything - the 256 incident, why Gamotan and the other ‘ghosts’ can communicate with each other and not the living, and Ryo-tas’ other identity to name but a few. Most importantly though, this episode we finally see the true colours of a character that has definitely been on our radar as suspicious for a while now: Izumin, the owner of the cafe that was supposed to be closed down two years ago.

When FBI agent Asuna forces Izumi to admit that he can see Yuuta, Izumi suddenly whips out a knife, throwing it at Asuna’s face. Character completely changed, he then pulls out none other than the tool we saw being used to purify - or should we say erase - the astral beings in previous episodes. He thrusts said tool at Yuuta, but Ryouka (or should we say Aveline) quickly jumps to protect him. Izumi screams at her, calling her the honorific ‘Ryouka-sama’ and asking why she’s interfering - revealing what has already been hinted at: that Ryo-tas is supposed to be on the opposing side.

After claiming that he’ll eradicate Asuna too (when did she die? Or will she do so in the future? So many questions left unanswered as always), Izumi finally reveals his true face, the mask of the leader of The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune. Not only that, he killed Gamotan’s father to get the position. In fact, he was also behind another key death of the anime - Sarai Hashigami’s father. I had a feeling since the beginning that Izumin would be a key player in the opposition, and the reveal of his real role was perfectly timed and just damn cool. I can’t wait for the rest of the mysteries to be revealed, and to see how things play out in the final episode.

mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
This anime has me on the edge of my seat every episode! Although it’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything that’s happening...

Truths & Relationships


Episode 11 of Flip Flappers was an exciting one as we finally get to see more about Cocona and how she came to be. Why is she part of this weird world and why was Yayaka watching over her as an amorphous? In Flip Flappers episode 11, It was brought to light who Mimi is and who Salt is. They are both Cocona's parents who, like in the anime Kill la Kill, fight against each other believing in their own causes. Salt fights for Cocona's freedom while Mimi seems to want to protect Cocona by controlling everything. Now isn't that scary? I think it was interesting that the anime chose to touch upon Cocona's parentless state, which to be frank, is not an uncommon thing in anime. Hell, I barely even noticed she didn't have parents--it's that uncommon. So to bring it up is interesting considering they never really touched on the subject earlier in the anime. Then it is much more interesting that they discussed Cocona's parents' relationship and how they came to be together, but it is made even stranger when we see how Mimi decides to protect her daughter by pretty much controlling everything for Cocona, which is something scientists did with Mimi. Why would you do that to your own flesh and blood? I feel like there is much more needed to be rehashed there.

In this episode, Papika was revealed to be Mimi's friend from the past, although it is questionable about how she has the form of a young girl despite having grown up in the flashbacks. Perhaps there is more to learn about her yet. Papika seems to be the most mysterious of the group, which is why I'm surprised they barely touched on her background. I wonder if there will be more about Papika in the future. Of course, I find it even stranger that Papika they never even mentioned Papika's significance about why she didn't disappear forever when she went into Pure Illusion.

In episode 10, Cocona had fought for her friendship with Yayaka to make sure she got the treatment she needed while she also did things out of jealousy, breaking her friendship with Papika. In episode 11, the bonds of friendship were much stronger as both Yayaka and Papika realized what they must do to save Cocona. They band together to help save Cocona from her mother. That's a true show of friendship, wouldn't you agree?

mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
There is just so much happening all at once!?!?!?!

Goku is dead… again

Rod Locksley

In a world where Dragon Balls exist and people has been reviving every now and then, the death of Goku shouldn't be a big deal. However, according to last week's episode, we must somehow find it shocking and keep talking about how awesome a new fight between Goku and the legendary assassin Hit could be. And... guess what. It kinda is?

The fight was anticlimactic, as we spent almost half the episode watching this paranoid Goku while he tries to detect Hit, and not be suspicious to his family and friends. But then we get a nice show off by Hit, killing someone with just one hit (hence the name), stopping time, and leaving without a trace. Then you think "well, Goku is next... but he won't be that easy, right?"... WRONG. When Hit arrives, Goku turns SS Blue and takes position, but only a few seconds later he's dead, lying like the best Yamcha impersonator you could ever find. So, what the heck happened?? We didn't have a fist fight, we didn't have any energy balls exchanged, and we surely didn't have one of those cool battles that last forever and a day. Are we sure this is Dragon Ball?

Yes... yes it is! And we all know that, when the "first fight" goes like this, the best is yet to come. Is Goku really dead? Who hired Hit and why is Goku his target? But even most important, will Gohan finally get to shine like the last time his father was dead??

mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
Can someone explain what I just saw??

A face full

Lizzy Nyanko

In this episode, the Setouchi girls are facing their arch enemies, Suruga, on top of a Castle in the 3rd race of the East-West Battle. Tae, Midori and Hikari are 3 of Suruga’s strongest, but Maya seems to be the one to beat, and that’s exactly what Nozomi is determined to attempt. Up until now, Maya has been able to literally blow away the competition without needing to wind up and Nozomi will get to the bottom of it. (HA!)

Don’t get me wrong, this episode is rife with memorable moments, but this one has to be the best. During their battle, Nozomi is trying to figure out the secret behind (hehe) Maya’s powerful move and Maya tells her she “doesn’t know the nature of her butt” so she will never beat her. After her taunt, Maya bends over and gets ready to push Nozomi back once again when she attacks. Except… she is shocked to realize that Nozomi is now ear-deep in between her butt cheeks. “So soft. And, is this deodorant soap?”.
Horrified, Maya screams “Don’t sniff it!” and shoots Nozomi in the face with her… inner butt power!??

In a show where groping, jiggling and exposing oneself is the order of the day, somehow we’re still surprised by the incredibly hilarious ecchi situations the girls find themselves in. Nozomi’s face in Maya’s butt as she appreciates her softness and scent just had to make it on this week’s best moments!

mo-happy4 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [12/20/2016]
Quick Nozomi! Tag me in!!!!!!!!


And that is it for this week! What did you think? Did you see any of the moments that are discussed here? Let us know below!!