To Your Eternity Season 2 First Impressions - Fushi’s Eternal Journey Continues

A mysterious god-like entity creates an immortal being and tasks it with learning everything there is to know about the world and what it means to be alive. This being can shapeshift into anything or anyone that gives it stimulation, although it can only imitate living things once they die. In the first season, the immortal (later known as Fushi) met many friends and went on spectacular adventures, but also grieved the loss of those he couldn’t save. What will he do now that he’s experienced so much pain? Let’s find out in our first impressions of To Your Eternity: Season 2!

No More Messing Around

When we first see Fushi in this new season, he’s been living on a deserted island for forty years in an effort to save himself from future heartbreak. He also hopes that the Nokkers, eldritch monsters that leave horrific destruction in their wake and seem to follow him around, will leave everyone else alone if he isolates himself. It’s clear that Fushi is much more cynical now, which is a sad thing to see for someone so curious and kind, and he struggles throughout this season with how much he should harden his heart. The voice acting gets this across beautifully, feeling like the same character with a noticeable change in how he carries himself – an extra impressive feat since his shapeshifter nature necessitates several different voice actors (sometimes even performing different ages of the same form).

His friends’ deaths weigh heavily upon him, especially since his only way to exist in the world is to wear their bodies as his own. Still, when he hears that the Nokkers are attacking human settlements even in his absence, he steels himself and returns to society.

Exciting New Characters and Adventures

Fushi has now been around long enough that an odd mythology has developed around him. There are groups devoted to protecting him, worshipping him, condemning him as a devil, and those who don’t believe he really exists. We have the Yanome Guardians, run by Hayase’s descendants (who are ostensibly here to protect Fushi, but they’re also yanderes who can’t be fully trusted); Tonari and Sandel, former residents of Jananda who spread word of Fushi’s existence in an effort to secure him more allies; Prince Bonchien of Uralis, an image-obsessed royal who wants to capture Fushi for his father’s approval; and many more.

While Season 1 was about Fushi learning what it means to be human, his new adventures focus more on how his actions affect others. What if someone falls in love with Fushi? How can his enemies eliminate him if he can’t be killed? What happens to the souls of his deceased friends? Pretty much everyone in-universe and out knows that anyone who Fushi becomes close to will eventually die and become one of his forms, so instead of repeating that story in the same way, introducing these new questions keeps the narrative interesting. There’s a lot of exciting and introspective stuff coming up in the manga, and with how great the adaptation has been so far, we have no doubt that Studio Drive will knock it out of the park.

Final Thoughts

To Your Eternity is one of the most thought-provoking anime we’ve seen in a long time, so we’re happy that the second season is taking things in an even better direction. But what do you think of this anime so far? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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