We Love a Misunderstood Character – The Case for Tonari from Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity)

We are watching the last story arc of Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) and we are gearing again for tragedy. We really hope that Tonari, our favorite girl of this arc, survives and thrives because she has already been through a lot. However, initial impressions made many viewers see Tonari as an annoying character who tricked Fushi and Pioran into boarding the ship leading to the prison island. Tonari is misunderstood! We find morally grey anime characters very interesting and we are making the case for Tonari's uniqueness. Let's take a look!

A Difficult Past

Tonari ended up on the island because of her father's crime, who was accused of killing his wife and Tonari's mother. However, Tonari firmly believes that her father is innocent and decides to follow him, even though she did nothing wrong herself. She promises to become a great writer and have her father read her amazing book in the future.

However, when Tonari witnesses her father killing his opponents in the arena, becoming the last one standing, she is scared by the bloodthirst in his eyes. Fearing that he actually killed her mother, she withdraws and decides to only fend for herself from now on. Her traumatic past sheds light on her current mischievous behavior, explaining why she prefers tricking people to do her bidding, which leads us to the next part...

A Strong Survivor

Tonari has to survive in the worst conditions for a child. She is surrounded by the worst criminals, living in a society where 'Might Is Right' prevails. Only the strongest and cruelest can become the next ruler of the island. Tonari accepts the rules to the extent that they serve her purpose and does her best to make things work for her and her friends.

A Great Friend

At first, Tonari looks self-serving and untrustworthy. She did, after all, put Fushi in a very tight spot and caused him a lot of pain, when Pioran was sent to jail. But, Tonari cares about and protects her friends, including Fushi. Fushi has yet to learn a lot from her. We hope to see more of them together in the last episodes!

Final Thoughts

This is Tonari to us, a girl who had to grow up fast and survive on an island full of dangerous adults, her father being the first one. Yet, she still manages to create a tight-knit friend group and to even make Fushi feel welcome after their rocky start. What do you think of Tonari? And, are you excited about the season finale of To Your Eternity? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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