Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) Review - The Epic Fantasy Anime That Left Us Broken Hearted

In the beginning, there was the Orb, created by an anonymous godly entity. This orb came with the ability to turn into the creatures it came in contact with. When a wolf ends up dying, exhausted, next to it, it takes the shape of that wolf and reunites with the boy who took care of it. The boy wants to leave his deserted village, surrounded by ice, but the journey proves impossible. What will be the fate of that boy, and the immortal orb-turned-wolf?

This is just the beginning of an epic journey, where the orb becomes more and more human, taking on the name of Fushi (from Fushimi, immortal) and makes awesome friends and formidable enemies - the Nokkers - along the way. Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) kept us invested in its characters’ lives for two seasons. At the end of this double cours, we look into our favorite moments of this show, its main themes, and the impressions it left us with. Let’s take a look!

Spoilers Ahead!

Our Favorite Arcs

Fushi meets the anonymous boy and his wolf in the first arc, which ends tragically, with Fushi taking the form of the boy and vowing to experience what he didn’t have the chance to, exploring the world. Then, there is March, a boisterous and cute girl of an indigenous tribe, Gugu the mask-wearing flame-throwing guy, and Tonari, teen queen of the bandits on prison island Jananda. These are just a few Fushi meets in his adventures, and we loved them all.

However, we have to say that as the story progresses, and Fushi grows as a character, we get more interesting interactions, and complicated situations he has to deal with. This is why Gugu’s arc is one of our favorites. This is where Fushi learned to be himself, the value of friendship, and the need to step up to protect those he loves. Similarly, Tonari’s arc on Jananda is a powerful one, too, because this is where he learns to trust others to help.

Loss and Grief

We’ve got to say, To Your Eternity follows a pattern, at least in the part of the story that has been adapted so far. Every time a new character was introduced and we started falling in love with them, we were already mourning. We are happy that Tonari survived the Nokkers’ wrath or other misfortunes, but even her ragtag group of brave friends did not survive unscathed. It does get taxing after a while, expecting the worst when watching an undeniably beautiful anime series, which depends a bit too much on its main premise. Fushi, the immortal being, has to learn through the fragility of human life, through love and inevitable loss, accumulate experience, and save this world. We hope that could happen with less death and grieving in the process.

Final Thoughts

The season concluded with a shot of a grown-up Fushi and we are already hyped for the continuation of To Your Eternity, scheduled for Fall 2022. We bonded with March, Parona, Piyoran, Gugu, and everyone else, and were sad to see them pass away. We will continue following Fushi in his journey and we hope that brighter days will come, although Hayate’s power-up in the last episode was, to say the least, ominous.

What did you think of To Your Eternity so far? Are you hyped for its continuation next year? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

Fumetsu-no-Anata-e-Wallpaper-2 Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) Review - The Epic Fantasy Anime That Left Us Broken Hearted


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