TOKYO SANDBOX - It's Time to get Your Indie Game On!

What You Need to Know:

  • Last year Honey's Anime had the opportunity to take part in TOKYO SANDBOX, a gaming event held in Tokyo which places heavy focus on the blooming indie game market. TOKYO SANDBOX will once again hold another glorious event in Tokyo from April 13th-15th, which will take place at HULIC Hall Asakusabashi, a 5 min walk from electronic mecca Akihabara.
  • TOKYO SANDBOX's main focus is to help celebrate the unique appeal of Japanese creators along with Independent Game Developers, who strive for excellence in their field.
  • In recognition of Japanese Creators’ contribution to the world, TOKYO SANDBOX is proud to host the first Media Indie Exchange (MIX) network party in Japan. MIX began at GDC in 2012 and has grown into a regular fixture at all major game events in North America. This is an invitation only event for developers to meet with the press and industry professionals.
  • In 2017, TOKYO SANDBOX featured games from 130 game studios, and talks by both international and Japanese gaming personalities such as Tommy Palm (Candy Crush Saga), Palmer Luckey(Oculus), Matthew Hall (Crossy Road), Takeyasu Sawaki (El Shaddai, The Lost Child), Alex Schwartz (Job Simulator, Rick and Morty VR), Takuya Aizu (Gunvolt) and many more. Over 2000 industry professionals and game lovers participated in the event. We certainly hope to see more faces at this years event, as well as more wacky ideas from creators all around the world!. This year hopes to showcase a ton of Nintendo Switch titles so fans of the console should be excited for a lot of great content!
  • For more information about TOKYO SANDBOX be sure to check out the official website

Source: Official Press Release

honeys anime character
You'll definitely see me there! Last year was soooo good I can't wait!

honeys anime character
There's also more Switch titles which is a win win for me!

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