Top 10 Anime Characters With Fire Powers

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In anime, there are a lot of powerful characters who have unique special abilities. Anime characters with fire powers have to be one of our favorites in anime.

We did mention in another article that characters who wield the power of the elements, are probably some of the best in anime. This includes the four elements, Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth. Or sometimes five elements depending on the show you're watching like Naruto, which could include the Lightning Element. There are even more too!

Fire and Ice elements compliment each other very well when it comes to fights or battles. Some good examples of anime characters with fire powers vs anime characters with ice powers battles would be Aokiji and Ace or Natsu and Gray. Below is a list of the Top 10 anime characters with fire powers who we feel are the best at wielding it.

These characters were chosen based on manipulation of fire. The characters bodies were altered or mutated in order to wield fire or having complete control to create fire at will because of intense training to master the technique. This may also include individuals of both good and evil and those in between.

We hope you enjoy this article of the Top 10 Anime Characters with Fire Powers! Let us begin with one note, it was pretty difficult ranking the top five characters for the list, and we hope no one takes offense to the decisions made below! Having said that, let's begin!

10. Shana from Shakugan no Shana

syakugan no shana dvd

Shana is first up on our list of anime characters with fire powers. She is a young girl who is a Flame Haze, a former human being whose made a contract with a Crimson Lord in order to gain powers.

Gaining these fire powers leads her to be one of the most powerful characters in this anime series as she strikes fear in those who challenge her. Some of these abilities allow her to manipulate the power of existence, retain extrasensory traits and even the ability to wield fire that she can also use as wings to take flight.

Her fire powers can be used to attack and defend herself against enemies with a hand shaped flame used to push back or even defeat her opponents, creating waves of flames that radiate, and even propelling flames so intense and strong that they can break through obstacles like doors, walls, structures, and shields from Flame Haze users.

9. Hao Asakura from Shaman King

shaman king dvd

Hao is the main antagonist and one of the most powerful shaman in the series and is the Shaman King. Hao has in fact died and been reincarnated twice in the series while being able to retain the knowledge of his past life in his new life.

Having the knowledge of both lives combined, he can control various elements at will while using the Spirit of Fire the most. Capable of amplifying his fire attributes, he uses them mostly for combat and has a special attack called, Ring of Fire that is ver powerful and destructive.

If all else fails, which it hardly does, he can actually convert these elements to another and can control oni and demigods at will. He isn't the Shaman King for nothing, and it's all because he died twice and was brought back to life. He makes an interesting anime character with fire powers!

8. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist

roy profile
fullmetal alchemist

Also known as the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang has several roles in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. A Colonel in the Amestrian Military, he has proven himself to be very capable of being the next Fuher of Amestris, as well as, marking his position as an elite user of alchemy and a hero of war.

Very skilled in the arts, he is quite knowledgable with physical transmutation, experimental theory and biological alchemy. He is a fire-based user of alchemy and has a unique style of combat that is perfected with the design of a custom made glove. This glove creates a spark when he rubs his fingers together, usually snapping his fingers, and has an embroidered alchemy symbol on them that allows him to manipulate the concentration of oxygen in the air to perform fire attacks in various ways.

With this ability, he can incinerate a huge number of enemies with explosions of fire or attack a specific area with pinpoint accuracy. You would think that water would be a way to stop him, not really, he is still able to separate the oxygen within the water and use it to his advantage. He can do this as long as he's in a closed space to have control of the oxygen, if the fight is outside in the rain with open air, that's a different story for this anime character with fire powers!

7. Rei Ogami from Code: Breaker

code breaker dvd

Next up on our list of anime characters with fire powers has an alias, Code:06, and is the main protagonist in the show, Code Breaker. Trained by Shibuya, who is student council president and Principal of the high school, he gains high levels of strength and acquires a special power known as Transformation.

With this power, he can use the Flames of Purgatory which represent the seven deadly sins and are known to destroy everything in its path. His Flame Away ability is so powerful that the intense heat can incinerate anything to the point of producing no smoke or leaving any ashes behind. Using his left arm which later becomes known as the Code: Emperor's arm, he can defeat enemies with the Azure Flame, Belphegor, Mammon, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus.

One ability that is pretty interesting and crazy, is his Flame of Rebuke, which has the ability to pass judgement on a person once he inserts a special flame in their bodies that will burn them to death if they ever decide to commit another crime again.

6. Tsuna Sawada from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


This character is shown as a weak and cowardly individual that becomes an impressive Boss of the Vongola Famiglia in the mafia, and is later battling for survival to save the world. Welcome to our sixth place on this list of anime characters with fire powers!

Using the power of a ring and a glove that contain special powers, Tsuna is capable of using the Dying Will Flame (when using pills or boosters) which is a form of high pressure energy that has destructive powers and can purify evil auras. Tsuna can also use the Oath Flame, which is a combination of the Earth Flame and the Sky Flame to form one extremely powerful attack. As his ring and glove evolve, so do his powers and abilities. He then is able to control his powers without the help of pills and boosters and develops new techniques of absorbing other opponents' flames and using them to increase his own power.

Tsuna also has other deadly and powerful techniques he uses such as a powerful blaster, condenser to maximize his attacks, spiraling flames that surround his enemies, fire canons, axe shaped fire attacks, and intense flame punches. He can do all of this while using each hand as a weapon allowing him to attack in different directions.

5. Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho

yu yu hakusho dvd

This character is pretty unique, a demon from an all female ice demon race, he was born a male fire demon because his father was a fire demon from another race. He makes a pretty cool anime character with fire powers too!

Hiei is a powerful individual who is a master swordsman and can produce huge amounts of energy to overpower his opponents with brute force, speed and manipulate black flames if his enemy is worthy of it. He is resistant to extreme heat and severe cold temperatures, he can use his demon energy to summon the Dragon of the Darkness Flames.

He is the only demon able to contain the dragon in his body and use its elemental power of rushing flames and the evil power from the demon world. Hiei is also able to use the Fist of the Mortal Flame, Sword of the Darkness Flame and the Black Dragon Wave.

4. Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

naruto shippuden dvd 03

Killing his entire clan and joining the Akatsuki, Itachi is one of the most powerful ninjas in Naruto. He is extremely intelligent and possesses powerful knowledge in various skills such as, Chakra, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Dojutsu that includes his Sharingan that develops into Mangekyo Sharingan.

By unlocking this ability and being able to use his Great Fireball Technique, he mastered the art of using Amaterasu. A very powerful black flame that burns anything in its path, including fire itself and never goes out until the wielder extinguishes it.

This technique comes with a price though, his eye activates the Amaterasu but it is so intense that it strains his to the point of bleeding and going blind. A good example of this power would be when he fought his little brother Sasuke.

3. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

fairy tail

This characters is as powerful as they come. Raised by a dragon and gaining Dragon Slayer Magic, he makes great use of his powers in several ways, such examples are consuming the element of fire, not being able to consume his own, which gives him immense amounts of strength and increases his chances of victory over an opponent.

Depending on his emotional situation his attacks can be very destructive if he's enraged. The use of his magic can have fire seeping out from any part of his body, and when he consumes fire, he loves blowing it out his lungs like a dragon.

His fire breathing technique is so strong and powerful that it is similar to that of a real dragon and can melt metal almost instantly. He's best know for using his special attacks in defeating the most troublesome foes in the series like, Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade, Dragon God's Brilliant Flame, and using the various attacks with his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode! That is why he belongs on our list of anime characters with fire powers!

2. Portgas D. Ace from One Piece

one piece strong world dvd

Also know as Fire Fist Ace, is the son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, a member of the Whitebeard Pirates as 2nd division commander and former captain of the Spade Pirates.

His reputation precedes him as one of the most wanted pirates in the series and feared by all those who oppose him. Ace possessed not only great physical strength and high intelligence, he consumed the Mare Mare no Mi Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to become the element of fire and control it at will throughout his body. His favorite attack is propelling huge columns of fire created by punching which could easily destroy huge Baroque Works ships without breaking a sweat. He can turn his body into fire as a defense by having physical attacks go right through him.

It was shown on one specific episode where he visited an island that snowed constantly for one day, and during his stay, it never snowed. And his powers were shown fully when he went against Blackbeard on another island that they both pretty much annihilated.

1. Genryusai Yamamoto from Bleach

Bleach Movie2 dvd

Welcome to number one on our list of anime characters with fire powers!!! The oldest captain in the Bleach series, despite his appearance, is probably one of the strongest and most powerful Shinigami in the series.

If anyone were to fight him, they would definitely hope they come out alive. One of his most powerful and intimidating abilities was using his Ryujin Jakka, a wooden staff that would transform into a katana of great energy. The technique it possessed were creating a huge wall of flames that nothing could get through, an intense fire attack that turned anything in contact to ashes, and forming seven or more pillars of fire intended to trap enemies in a cage and destroy them.

His most feared technique was so powerful it created heat known to be hotter than the sun. In fact, I don't believe he used it in the anime but in the manga, it nearly destroyed the Earth. At that point, nothing could touch him!


That's the selection of anime characters who are fire users. These characters are some of the most powerful in anime as far as this category. I hope you all enjoyed reading the Top 10 Anime Characters with Fire Powers! Was there a character we missed that you feel should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below! And also, who would you choose in a one-on-one battle to see who is the best fire user? We are curious to know who you pick!


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