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Hello there, and welcome to the newest edition of Anime Astrology! This month we’re going to take a look at some of the Characters born under the star sign Pisces. Those born under this sign are creative thinkers and have larger than life dreams and aspirations, not uncommonly to the point of having their head in the clouds. This water sign also has an innate ability to go with the flow of the world, which can manifest itself in both positive and negative ways.

Pisces is very affected by its environment particularly in personal relationships and this may present itself in the form of selflessness and empathy towards other people, and allows them to adjust to situations with ease. This malleability may also result in members of this sign taking on pessimism or other negative outlooks of others, as well as tending towards taking the path of least resistance. Now that we know what the stars say, let’s take a deeper look at some Pisces characters!

10. Fuji Shuusuke(Prince of Tennis)

Shuusuke Fuji Prince of Tennis
prince of tennis dvd
  • Birthday: February 29th

Fuji is somewhat of a tennis prodigy, though you wouldn't know it just from talking to him. Indeed, it's hard to get him to take much of anything seriously - including the sport at which he excels. He is a tactical genius nonetheless, and when faced with a true challenge, he snaps out of his usual playful demeanor and is a forced to be reckoned with.

Pisces tend to appear to be a bit removed from the same plane of reality as the rest of us, and Fuji is no exception to this. He can be a particularly difficult character to read as it is difficult to ever say for certain what is going on in this star sign’s head. However, like all Pisces he possesses the ability to shift his disposition to suit situations as the need arises for him to.

Shuusuke Fuji Prince of Tennis wallpaper

9. Aimaru (Toriko)

Aimaru Toriko
toriko dvd
  • Birthday: March 3rd

Aimaru is the leader of a group known as the Gourmet Knights, leading by example rather than ruling with fear. He is physically and mentally capable of feats that would be unthinkable to others. For example, he has the power to consume diseases - from viruses to bacteria - and through doing so, generate their cure. Despite being in a position of power, he is generally laid back and soft-spoken.

The Pisces flow of Aimaru’s leadership is what makes him so successful in this role. His physical and mental capabilities are beyond what most people would think are possible. Granted, they have been made possible by countless hours of physical and mental training, but only a Pisces would have believed he could get there in the first place.

Aimaru Toriko captcha

8. Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi)

Nuriko Fushigi Yuugi
fushigi yuugi dvd
  • Birthday: March 10th

Nuriko was born to a merchant family, as the middle child. He lost his younger sister far too young, and could not find any conventional means to deal with the pain. The only way he found himself able to cope with her death was to dress up as her, so that she might never be forgotten. As a result of this, he discards his true identity in the process of his grief.

Pisces are well known to be emotional and eccentric. People mourn death in all sorts of different ways, but literally taking on the identity of the deceased to preserve it is far from typical. In addition, Nuriko is a very emotionally sensitive and intelligent character. Eccentric and emotional, Nuriko is a very typical Pisces.

Nuriko Fushigi Yuugi wallpaper

7. Umi Sonoda (Love Live!)

Umi Sonoda Love Live! The School Idol

  • Birthday: March 15th

Umi is an idol alongside a group of her friends. While she is an extremely talented individual, she tends to take a backseat in the music world, working as both a lyricist and a physical trainer. She does not mind taking on a supporting role, and even though she is generally modest and soft spoken she resents bossiness, having a more laissez-faire approach herself when it comes to leadership.

Many times, because of their adaptable nature Pisces function well in supporting roles, as Umi does. Their flexible natures can help them function as mediators and peacekeepers in social dynamics, as well as fill the gaps in responsibilities. As long as their creative inclinations are not being stifled, they can function exceptionally well in groups with others.

Umi Sonoda Love Live wallpaper

6. Ai Nanasaki (Amagami SS)

Ai Nanasaki Amagami SS
Amagami SS dvd

  • Birthday: February 21st

Ai Nanasaki is a relatively normal high school student. She has a very serious nature, and takes a great deal of pride in keeping her composure in even difficult situations. Sometimes this leads her to take herself a bit too seriously. She is an aspiring member of the swimming team, as well as a member of Class 1-A.

Ai takes swimming very seriously - and it is not at all strange to see a fish literally in water. Becoming a better swimmer and her potential position on the swim team is a personal dream of her’s, and she holds it very dear to her hear. Pisces tend to set their sights high, though not impossibly so - with enough hard work and perseverance they can achieve what others dismiss as impossible.

Ai Nanasaki Amagami SS wallpaper

5. Sunao Fujimori (Sukisyo)

Sunao Fujimori Sukisyo, I like what I like, so there! Sukisho
Sukisyo, I like what I like, so there! Sukisho dvd
  • Birthday: March 12th

Sunao is a highschool student who is known for getting himself into quite a bit of trouble with his short fuse. His new roommate Sora experiences this firsthand. It is revealed that the two characters share a great deal more with one another than their new room - and that this may not be the first time the two boys have crossed paths after all.

Sunao is an example of an especially vulnerable Pisces, though you wouldn’t know it. Indeed, he is not the only character on this list that has a cold hard exterior that simply serves as a protective shell for himself. The reality is that Sunao is an extremely sensitive person - so sensitive that he has gone through unimaginable lengths to isolate himself from his feelings and fears. These measures are so extreme, they must be seen to be believed.

Sukisyo, I like what I like, so there! Sukisho wallpaper

4. Michiru Kita (Zombie Loan)

Michiru Kita Zombie-Loan
Zombie-Loan dvd
  • Birthday: February 22th

Michiru has not been the same since the death of her parents - she has turned into a listless shell of her former self. In addition to this tragedy, she has an additional burden - the power of shinigami eyes which allow her to see when people are nearing death. However, she meets two new friends at school that may not only be able to help her restore her will to live, but use her powers for good.

Michiru’s ability to sense death is perfectly in line with Pisces intuition which often extends to a supernatural level of sensitivity. In addition, the way in which her emotions are easily affected by those around her is very typical of this star sign. Pisces can begin to recognize this impressionable facet of their psyche, surround themselves with positivity, and lead happier lives - indeed, Michiru’s new friends make quite a difference for her.

Zombie-Loan wallpaper

3. Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)

Clear DRAMAtical Murder
dramatical murder dvd
  • Birthday: February 20th

Clear is rather, eccentric. If not being human wasn’t strange enough, he wears a very odd looking masks which serves to draw additional attention him. Though he works as a bartender, he has some difficulty interpreting what others are thinking at times. This is a facet of his typical Pisces eccentricity.

Though his interpersonal skills cannot be attributed to any kind of human empathy, his programming certain makes him adaptable, and able to readily meet the needs of others. By nature he exists to make others happy, putting the feelings and desires of others as his first priority. This is a facet of this sign’s empathy and emotional permeability, but this can also come at a cost.

Clear DRAMAtical Murder wallpaper 2

2. Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu x Boku Secret Service)

Ririchiyo Shirakiin Inu x Boku SS
inu x boku ss dvd
  • Birthday: February 21st

Ririchyo has been through a great deal in her young life. She generally keeps to herself for this reason - while she is alone, she is protected from the harm others can cause her. However, when she moves into a new apartment complex part of the lease requires that she take on a companion - a Secret Service agent named Soshi who threatens to disturb her solitary way of life.

Pisces, while innovative masters of their own destinies are also very highly susceptible to the influence of outside factors. It is not uncommon for them to be accused of being too sensitive. When properly honed this can become a useful skill, but when left unchecked it can be an achilles heel. Ririchiyo chooses to manage her Pisces sensitivity by isolating herself entirely.

Inu x Boku SS wallpaper

1. Light Yagami (Death Note)

deathnote light prof

  • Birthday: February 28th

Light Yagami fancies himself a vigilante and is delighted when he comes across a notebook that has the power to kill. It isn’t long before he is using this power to end the lives of those he deems unworthy to live. The mysterious deaths of criminals everywhere do not go unnoticed, and the high school student soon finds himself in mental a game of cat and mouse with law enforcement. Light isn’t giving up easily, however and the chase is on.

Pisces are typically highly emotional creatures while Light is cold and calculating. However, while he has none of this star sign’s typical empathy he does posses one Pisces token trait - intuition. Light is highly intellectual, but his mental capabilities stretch beyond his formidable critical thinking skills. He trusts his senses in addition to following logic, which allows him to stay ahead of his pursuers for quite some time.

light yagami death note

death note

Pisces is intuitive and creative, and certainly someone you want on your side. Their capacity to flow in social situations and through life is a talent that can serve them well, when properly applied. Though the qualities the zodiac dictates do not apply to every single person or fictional character born under a specific star sign, it is a fun thing to consider. Thank you for joining us for this installation of Monthly Anime Astrology - we’d love to hear thoughts from our Pisces readers in the comments below.



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