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Anime exists to bring to life a viewer's fantastical desires, to allow fans to live vicariously through their television screens. Who doesn’t wish they could go on a grand adventure with a high-spirited pirate crew or train to be a super ninja in a hidden mountain village? Or, fight a bloodthirsty dictator on an alien planet mere hours away from its explosive destruction? Okay, the last one might be a bit too nightmarish for the vast majority of people, but the general idea holds true.

 There is a reason supernatural anime are a dime a dozen; they tend to be beyond entertaining! While the worst offenders get bogged down by clichés and formulaic arcs, the best series serve as ideal wish fulfillment while presenting a thoroughly engaging storyline that boasts memorable characters, fantastic animation, and creative action scenes.

10. Charlotte

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2015 – September 2015

Even if one has the best intentions, superpowers are the living embodiment of temptation. Effectively, they provide a means to cheat the system and allow their owner to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the population. On the surface, a world packed with fantastical abilities sounds like a great way to even the odds, but there is no guarantee that only honest people will unlock these traits.

Charlotte follows an obnoxious student with the ability to slip into someone else's mind for five seconds at a time. Up until this point, Yuu Otosaka has depended on this power to ace exams and establish himself as the top pupil at a prestigious school; however, comfort led to arrogance and Yuu ends up grabbing the attention of the mysterious Nao Tomori. Forced to transfer to a school for children with supernatural abilities, Yuu has no choice but to aid the student council in tracking down people who abuse their powers.

While things do eventually snowball to involve the entire world, Charlotte is at its best when focusing on the everyday lives of the students. Despite being packed with superpowered characters, P.A. Works' anime rarely gives into the typical tropes associated with the genre. Charlotte is a surprisingly intimate and touching experience.

9. Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2008 – March 2009

Espers are people with psychic abilities. Even though they are relatively common, espers are not so prevalent that they have become the rule rather than the exception. In order to take advantage of the potential held by these humans, teenagers possessing special traits are sent to Japan's Academy City, a technologically advanced social hub that principally consists of universities designed to educate espers on their powers. 

In a city where the strange is mundane, Touma Kamijou stands out for his lack of powers. On the surface, this teenager seems like a perfectly ordinary boy who should be attending a regular school, but Touma actually possesses the ability to negate other supernatural skills. In a genuinely fantastic twist, the most overpowered individual is the one person without any outlandish abilities. Touma exists to level the playing field.

Based on Kazuma Kamachi's fantastic light novel series, Toaru Majutsu no Index prioritizes character development and its core relationships over outlandish fights. Admittedly, this means the anime moves at a slightly slower pace than most other entries, but the writing is second to none!

8. Owarimonogatari

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2015 – December 2015

The Monogatari series is hard to summarize to the uninitiated. Yes, the protagonist is a vampire with otherworldly powers, but he rarely ever gets the opportunity to use them. The arcs generally center around investigations into teenagers who suddenly develop quirky abilities due to a run-in with mystical creatures, but the anime prefers to avoid providing any crystal clear conclusions or solutions.

In layman's terms, Owarimonogatari is a mindbending experience that is not for everyone. Besides the absolutely mesmerizing animation, and that is by no means an exaggeration, the dialogue tends to monopolize the screentime. While shows that never shut up can be annoying, Monogatari's characters are unique and interesting enough to carry such a burden.

Owarimonogatari sits among the best anime of all time, but the philosophical and psychological nature of the storylines means its far from the best series dealing with supernatural powers. Nevertheless, we recommend trying out the franchise!

7. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV) (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

  • Episodes: 120
  • Aired: July 2016 – December 2016

Following a couple of dark and twisted entries, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan is the ideal selection for anyone yearning for a hearty laugh. Supernatural powers are a fantastic gimmick for action series, but the premise works wonders as a comedy. An extremely dangerous psychic, Kusou Saiki loathes his abilities and wishes to be just a normal student. Unfortunately, Saiki's carefree high school life is constantly interrupted by some of the weirdest classmates in anime.

Be it x-ray vision or telepathy, Saiki's powers are far-reaching and can be devastating. As a result, the teenager constantly keeps a stoic expression and wears antennas to limit his strength. For the sake of humanity, Saiki attempts to stay out of the limelight, but the delusional Shun Kaidou and the boneheaded Riki Nendou refuse to let him be.

Split into sketches, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan is a fast ride that never outstays its welcome. Spearheaded by a relatable protagonist, the remaining cast members could easily lead a show on their own!

6. Mononoke

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2007 – September 2007

Folklore and urban legends always serve a deeper purpose than just scaring the pants off listeners. They reflect the social tension of that time and teach lessons to children who might not know better. Japan is home to some of the weirdest and darkest stories of all time, ones dealing with the occult and pre-dating the country's Sengoku period.

Mostly set during feudal Japan, the "Medicine Seller" is a mysterious man who travels the country in search of violent cases of the paranormal. Split into five separate arcs, Mononoke is a twisted and freaky anime that feels genuinely otherworldly. Featuring some of Toei's best animation, this series is a must watch for horror fans!

In order to free a vengeful spirit, the "Medicine Seller" needs to learn its Form, Truth, and Reason; once this information is known, the protagonist would be able to use his powerful Exorcism Sword to sever the supernatural being's ties to the mortal world.

5. Bungou Stray Dogs (Bungo Stray Dogs)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2016 – June 2016

Want to know what is worse than a deadly tiger? How about a mystical man-eater that apparently wants to do nothing but stalk you? Atsushi Nakajima is an orphan destined to live on his own as a shunned outcast. After he starts to be haunted by the previously mentioned feline, Atsushi is thrown out in the cold and ends up homeless. While pondering his unfortunate luck on a riverbank, the young adult runs across a suicidal man named Osamu Dazai and saves him.

Working for a detective agency that specializes in the supernatural, Dazai takes a personal interest in Atsushi and his mystical tiger. Set in a bustling city torn to shreds by competing gangs, Bungou Stray Dogs follows the misadventures of a group of rejects who find solace in their makeshift family.

Whether yearning for a good laugh or a cathartic cry, Bungou Stray Dogs has you covered. The first season prioritizes action above anything else, but the sequel improves in nearly every other avenue. Dazai is among the best-written characters of any recent anime, while the fight scenes make the most out of the quirky powers possessed by the dogs.

4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Reborn!)

  • Episodes: 203
  • Aired: October 2006 – September 2010

The vast majority of decent action series center around underdogs who are stuck in a situation that is well above their pay grade; nevertheless, the likes of Goku, Luffy, and Naruto actively pursue the call of adventure. One could say that they were born to be heroes. While Tsunayoshi Sawada has been described as a quite a lot of things, heroic has never been among them.

A good-for-nothing middle school student who earned the label of "Loser Tsuna," the boy's life is marked by a pervasive boredom stemming from a lack of any motivation to rock the boat. On a random day, Tsuna's life is turned upside down due to the arrival of a mafioso baby named Reborn. Putting aside his cute appearance, this hitman ranks among the deadliest in the universe and was tasked by the head of his family to prepare Tsuna to take over as the new Don. 

Due to a more comedic tone, Reborn!'s first 20 episodes are rather terrible, but the shounen series picks up a lot of steam when it shifts to a supernatural action anime. Tsuna’s transformation from loser to worthy mafioso is a sight to behold, while the fight scenes incorporate a slew of cool gimmicks and abilities!

3. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2015 – October 2015

Only a handful of other shows wear the paranormal on their sleeve quite as proudly as Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. Due to a seismic event that opened a gateway between Earth and a strange alternate dimension, New York City turned into a cesspool of crime littered with dangerous extradimensional creatures and equally precarious humans. A young photography possessing an unwanted power that came at a hefty price, Leonardo Watch traveled to New York City to try and find a way to cure his sister's blindness.

In spite of his useful ability, Leonardo is extremely weak and constantly finds himself on the verge of death. Fortunately for the lad, a secret organization named Libra exists to maintain order in Hellsalen's Lot, and they are hunting for a new member with Leonardo's specific skill set.

Bolstered by a unique soundtrack and some jaw-dropping animation, Kekkai Sensen & Beyond is a thoroughly engaging action epic that boasts a relatable protagonist that avoids most of the pitfalls associated with weak-willed but humorous main characters. The rest of the cast is just as good, but Leonardo proves that strength comes in various shapes and sizes.

2. Mob Psycho 100

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2016 – September 2016

Coming from the same mangaka who blessed the world with One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 tackles a comparable premise from a fresh angle. Similarly to Saitama, Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama is a ridiculously overpowered protagonist capable of destroying any foe with a mere thought. While his psychic talents are useful in certain situations, Mob regularly struggles to maintain full control over them, and pushing the eighth-grader to his limit leads to catastrophic results.

Alone in the world with nobody who truly understands him, Mob turns to a popular psychic named Arataka Reigen, who promises to share his wisdom with the boy. Unfortunately, Arataka is a complete fraud and, initially, believes that Mob is just delusional. While the con artist knows nothing about real psychic abilities, the master and student form a touching friendship that provides an outlet for Mob's fears.

Bones' anime is a work of art. There is simply no other way to describe it. The animation is stylish, gorgeous and instantly identifiable; while Mob's journey is riddled with tension, sympathy, and humor!

1. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable)

  • Episodes: 39
  • Aired: April 2016 – December 2016

As the cream of the crop, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure takes the cake. Split into separate storylines, each season introduces a new protagonist and cast, but they are all linked by the same family name. Ever since Jonathan Joestar got into a conflict with the vampiric Dio Brando, the Joestar family has constantly attracted the attention of supernatural beings.

Out of the bunch, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai is arguably the best and most fitting for this particular list, but that hardly means that the prequels should be ignored. The entire franchise is worth watching and, hopefully, part five comes sooner rather than later.

In JoJo's world, people fight using "stands," which are the physical manifestation of someone's fighting spirit. Depending on the user's personality, these entities spawn unique abilities that drastically alter the best way to approach a conflict. Diamond is Unbreakable houses the best array of "stands" and, easily, the franchise's greatest villain!

Final Thoughts

The freedom of animation presents creators with an excellent medium to embrace their imagination and really go wild! Whether a rambunctious comedy or a hard-as-nails thriller, supernatural power anime serve as the perfect genre for escapist wish fulfillment. Hopefully, they never stop surprising us!

What is your favorite supernatural power anime? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Owarimonogatari-dvd-361x500 Top 10 Supernatural Power Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]


Author: Mark Sammut

Born and raised on a small island in the Mediterranean, my life goal is to experience as many different ways of life as possible. Since time and money are in short supply, anime and film provide the best opportunity to experience far away cultures and worlds. When I'm not watching the latest episode of Gintama, or wondering what series to watch next, you can find me in the corner of the closest coffee shop; writing away on my aging laptop.

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Owarimonogatari-dvd-361x500 Top 10 Supernatural Power Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]

Let us travel to a far away land where creatures beyond our imagination exist, and all that remains of humanity are heroes that can stand up to these deadly beings to save what’s left of our species. These supernatural power anime showcase some of the world’s best in terms of superpowers, and how they’re used to ensure the peace and well being of the world in which they live in. Whether it’s destroying a horde of phantom creatures, or defeating the monster within, these ten anime are sure to keep you fired up as you watch them. Just who will take the number one spot on our list? Read on to find out! As an important reminder, this is a rewrite of the previous top ten article so be sure to scroll down below to see the original.

10. Musaigen no Phantom World

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 7, 2016 - March 31, 2016

A serious virus has spread across society and is causing massive problems, as it affects the brain severely and changes the perception of those who’ve been infected. They can now see phantoms living in the real world alongside them, not knowing that they’ve been coexisting with humans for quite some time. Some of those infected however have acquired special abilities that allow them to fight against these dangerous phantoms, and this is where Mai and Haruhiko come to save the day. The two have their own unique powers which they use and form their own team alongside a friendly phantom, to ensure that that humanity no longer has to deal with these troublesome creatures.

Musaigen no Phantom World at times makes you feel so sorry for the phantoms that are casted away, because you’re so drawn to their quirky stories. There’s a unique interaction between the main characters and the phantoms, because not all of the phantoms are actually out for blood but some actually are lost souls who only want to find peace, or just simply want to have fun. Haruhiko has the power to draw creatures in his artbook which come to life to fend off enemies, while Mai uses an unique ability called Spirit of the Five Elements, in which she rubs various parts of her body in an ecchi like fashion to cast powerful spells through her fists. Their other allies Reina and Koito also have some wicked powers too such as Reina’s really strange yet powerful ability to suck in her opponents through her big mouth in a kirby like action.

9. Tokyo Ghoul

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 4, 2014 - September 19, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul looks at the city from a corrupt and unforgiving perspective, as vicious evil creatures called ghouls coexist with the human race. The citizens who once believed their society was at peace, are now facing terror as these flesh eating ghouls stop at nothing to bring torment to the entire city. The worst part of it all is their ability to take the form of humans and blend in with the rest of the community. Ken unfortunately meets his demise at the hands of female ghoul, and leading him down a dark path of uncertainty. After he awakens and looks in the mirror, Ken now realizes he's not the same person who he used to be and must now find a way to blend in with the evil corrupt society.

Ken is stuck in duality, a world that he knows actually exists and one which has been created to keep the truth out. Unfortunately he’s been thrown into it all without much protection and he must somehow make his way out of it all before corruption engulfs his soul. He never asked for any of this to happen to him, but now Ken must realize that his new ability to devour human flesh is his only way of survival, and he’ll need all the energy possible to take out enemies who show no mercy to anyone. This blood spilling and gruesome anime gives us a true glimpse of the world we currently live in, but also has you begging for more as the action escalates at every corner that Ken turns.

8. xxxHolic

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 7 2006 – September 29, 2006

Kimihiro has the unique ability see spirits and other supernatural beings whenever he ventures outside. However, he is not too fond of this gift since he is often confronted by them, he can’t seem to live a normal life like everyone else, and they cause him grief. One day he comes across a small shop that is run by a young woman named Yuuko, and he states to her that he no longer wants to see spirits and requests she get rid of them. Yuuko happily accepts the request but as a stipulation, Kimihiro must now work for her and assist in taking care of her errands.

Yuuko claims that she is able to get rid of the curse and relieve Kimihiro of his torment, however for a price. Now Kimihiro finds himself thrown into a world that’s full of yokai, which is the problem that he vowed to avoid in the first place. Yuuko really cares about Kimihiro, especially when he’s sent off to do the dirty work. She usually summons her Kudakitsune or Doumeki to make sure he’s safe at all times against the reckless yokai that pester him. Yuuko has extremely powerful magic abilities but tries to refrain from using them too much, now that Kimihiro pretty much comes to her aid to clean things up.

7. Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 7, 2011 – October 7, 2011

Rin is just another regular troublesome student, who goes about his way causing mischief and joking with his colleagues to pass the time. His life as he thought wasn’t really much of a thrill, that is until he realizes he’s the son of Satan and is attacked by a horde of demons on school grounds. His father wishes that the two of them work together to claim the throne of Assiah, which Rin has no interest in. Now with the truth revealed, Rin, alongside his brother and other comrades must now fight against his father to stop his plot to rule the nation of Assiah, and take out his father before it’s too late.

Rin and his brother were born with supernatural powers that allow them to cast various spells to dispose of the enemy. Rin can cast blue flames from out of his body and over the course of the series, he eventually learns to master his skill entirely. With his skill now in tact, he must constantly battle against demons who seek out to destroy him, and come face to face with his egotistic father who vows to control the entire society and create a utopian world of torment.

6. Bleach

  • Episodes: 366
  • Aired: October 5, 2004 - March 27, 2012

Ichigo never truly asked for what his life was about to transform into, but over time he comes to understand his destiny as a shinigami. His entire town has been threatened by enemies known as hollow, who’ve come from an alternate universe to wreak havoc on its citizens. Unable to fend them off and about to die, Ichigo is saved by a female shinigami named Rukia who grants him his new ability and alerts him that there’s more dangerous threats on the way. Along with Rukia and other friends whom he meets along the way, Ichigo must now use his powers to protect the innocent from the hollows and to help the spirits themselves find peace.

What made this series spectacular was because every character was relatable, the action was extremely intense, especially when Ichigo finally makes his way to the soul society, but even more so the entire story itself is what breathed life into the series. There are so many extremely cool and powerful abilities that some of these characters have, such as Byakuya’s beautiful yet deadly bankai called Senbonzakura Kageyoshi that once he drops his sword into the ground, two large rows of giant blades rise up behind him then scatter into a million tiny blades killing destroying his opponent. Deeper into the story you start to see more powers that go well beyond the bankai state, so if you want to see those be sure to tune in!

5. D.Gray Man

  • Episodes: 103
  • Aired: October 3, 2006- September 30, 2008

Allen decides to join an academy of exorcists to put a stop to lifeforms called Akuma, which were designed by Earl himself. Using the souls of the deceased, Earl gives them immense power, terrorizing everything in their path. Allen must now team up with other powerful exorcists to put an end to the sinister plans the Millennium Earl has for the world, before it all manifests and creates destruction.

Allen was cursed as a child and had to bare with this condition, until he realized that his curse was in fact a gift to help save humanity. Earl and his clan of Noah realize a secret about Allen and are now trying to use that secret against him to help destroy the Order, and take back what Earl feels is rightfully his. Allen’s innocence allows him to destroy akuma, and save the souls of the dead that were corrupted by Earl himself. Kanda’s innocence called mugen or six illusions, allows him to slide his fingers down his blade which activates it allowing him to cast various powerful spells that devour his opponents. Every battle is filled with a plethora of magical spells from every corner and you’re just never sure how things will turn out. Be sure to tune into season two to get a glimpse of more superpower action!

4. Angel Beats!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 3, 2010 - June 26, 2010

After a surprising turn of events, Otonashi discovers that he's dead but can’t seem to recall why. The only thing he can remember clearly is his name, and Yuri explains to him that he exists in the afterlife. She explains to Otonashi that she is about to wage war against a female enemy, and that this enemy is someone to avoid at all costs. Otonashi doesn't seem to be convinced by her story, and so Otonashi joins the Afterlife Battlefront to learn more about Tenshi and her evil intentions. His mission however becomes even more challenging as he now must deal with his growing attraction to Tenshi, and to learn more about his mysterious death and how it led him here.

Angel Beats! is an action packed anime made by Key, who are well known for their very unique art style, and approach to story. Otonashi has no clue what he’s about to deal with, but along the way he meets up with different individuals who all have their own secret purpose that the viewer eventually discovers towards the end. Every time someone gets hit by the big hammer which is followed by a mellow melody, you burst out into laughter because it’s all so random. Each character has their own supernatural ability which they use along with certain weapons, but the underlying theme of the show is what really grips you because it’s a powerful message that will leave you thinking for months after watching.

3. Fate/Zero

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2, 2011 - December 25, 2011

The story of Fate/Zero takes place ten years before the events in Fate/Stay Night, which follows the life of Kiritsugu, who now finds himself in a game of life and death. He must stand toe to toe with six other combatants, all of whom have their own ancient familiar and are fueled by their most inner desires. Kiritsugu must now team up with his own familiar Saber, to confront his greatest threat of all Kirei Kotomine, who seeks to bring an end to Kiritsugu’s existence.

Kiritsugu’s life is on the line and he needs to come up with solutions fast before his very life is taken from him by the enemies that lie ahead. He summons Saber, who’s such a badass in her own way because she really doesn’t give a damn about anyone, so long as Kiritsugu is protected at all costs. Her excalibur blast, which uses an incredible amount of energy, sends her opponent flying and into the next dimension. She’ll take on the most fearsome of beasts and just slay them without breaking a sweat, nonchalantly carrying on with her business as if nothing transpired. Kiritsugu uses a variety of seals throughout the show to increase Saber’s powers, but at the cost of her acting against her own will to survive.

2. Death Note

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: October 4, 2006 - June 27, 2007

Light just doesn’t feel that the world he currently lives in is being governed justly. He feels as if the world needs more justice, since many crimes take place and so many criminals walk away clean. With enough power he thought, he could be the supreme giver justice in this corrupt world and restore balance. One eventful evening he discovers a black notebook lying on the ground, and out of curiosity he picks it up. Reading through the book he sees a rule that states anyone's name that is written in the book will die, and so Light is convinced that this may perhaps be his destiny. From that very moment he picked up the book, his entire life changed forever.

Finding a book that grants you the ability to take the lives of corrupt criminals and politicians is beyond fathomable by human capacity, but Death Note makes it all seem so real in a world that closely resembles our own. Every time someone dies you’re just itching to see if Light will get caught and serve his punishment, but his crafty and meticulous ways of killing his victims is nothing short of impressive. His manipulative ways paired with his very keen alertness give off this aura of a supreme being that cannot be touched, and no matter how hard the police try to stop him there’s just no evidence to tie him to. If it wasn’t for Ryuk dropping the book in the first place, Light’s abilities would’ve been just a pipedream, and his powers would have been non existent so he must give Ryuk all the credit!

1. Spirited Away [Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi]

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: July 20, 2001

Chihiro finds herself situated in an abandoned amusement park along with her parents on the way to visit their new home. Not pleased by any of it, she insists that they leave since it carries no value to her. However, as strange events start to take place once dusk falls, Chihiro starts to realize that there’s more to this park than she initially assumed. Her parents are suddenly turned into pigs and various other paranormal activity takes place, and soon Chihiro comes to discover that she’s no longer in the world which she knew. Now residing in the spirit world, she must now come to terms with her new surroundings and build relationships with the spirits around her with the help of a little friend she meets along the way.

This all time classic Ghibli tale is not only full of ghostly encounters and random events, but it tells the story of a young girl who must learn to grow and develop on her own in a world that’s foreign to her. Chihiro was thrown into a vast land of uncertainty and she now needs to decide what her best plans of actions are to deal with these new spirit friends she’s now encountering. One of those new friends was Kaonashi, who comes to like Chihiro and ensures to protect her at all costs. When he’s mistreated or doesn’t get his way however, he transforms into a big monster who devours what whatever is in his way. He reverts back to his usual self after calming down, but it’s interesting to see just how far he goes to protect those around him.


The world of the supernatural is always one that’s full of mystery and excitement, because you’re always curious as to what truly exists out there. These ten anime are sure to keep you wrapped up in curiosity for long time, but we’re sure that there’s more out there to keep you entertained. Let us know which supernatural power anime stood out to you the most in the comments below, and as always be sure to retweet, share, and like our articles to show your support!

As always, if you want to know about all the latest buzz straight from the bee’s nest in Japan, be sure to keep it locked here at Honey’s Anime.

Owarimonogatari-dvd-361x500 Top 10 Supernatural Power Anime [Updated Best Recommendations]


Author: Rob "NualphaJPN" B.

A passionate fan of gaming, writing, journalism, anime, and philosophy. I've lived in Japan for many years and consider this place to be my permanent home. I love to travel around Japan and learn about the history and culture! Leave a comment if you enjoy my articles and watch me play on ! Take care!

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Original Article Below

One of the best things about anime is there are many kinds out there, some with comedy, gore, harem and romance. These are just examples of what anime can present to us, but in this article, I want to talk about Supernatural Powers!

This can be a topic of discussion as far as wondering what it means to have supernatural powers wether it be a phenomenon or an inherit power of a common perspective. This could be in terms of the explained or the unexplained. Because really, if thinking about the basic laws of anime, the laws of physics don't apply!.

So without further ado, I present you the “Top 10 Anime with Supernatural Powers”. Enjoy!

10. Witchblade

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Apr 2006 - Sep 2006

This anime is based off of the American comic book series under the same name.

The anime follows Masane Amaha who is a very sweet and kind-hearted woman has good intentions, but is ultimately clumsy and poor at regular household duties. A particular event took place in Tokyo called The Great Quake, which caused Masane to lose her memory, but otherwise unfazed from the Ground Zero phenomenon.

All this happened while holding a baby in her arms! Crazy. Acting as a mother to the child, she returns to Tokyo after six years and suddenly becomes entwined between the struggle of two major corporations including the government.

It is then she encounters and realizes the an ancient artifact is attached to her right arm which gives her incredible powers called, the Witchblade.

9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu(JPN)

  • Episodes: 14
  • Aired: Apr 2006 - Jul 2006

This anime may throw you off in the beginning, be rest assure, it's mind blowing in the end.

The story follows Kyo, a male high school student who is sucked into the consuming and and eccentric life of Haruhi, the female protagonist. Haruhi seeks all that is supernatural and weird because she feels her life isn't exciting enough to live. Forming a club called the, SOS Brigade, they investigate mysterious events happening around the club.

Such mysteries involve the members of the club who later reveal themselves as extraordinary characters Haruhi seeks. For example, an esper, an android, and a time traveler from the future.

Little do you know, Haruhi has a very special attribute of her own that is both shocking and frightening.

8. Fate/stay night

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan 2006 - Jun 2006

This anime has great use of supernatural powers in a very thrilling and action pack sense.

As the anime follows Shirou Emiya, who looses his parents in a freakish fire and is then adopted by a sorcerer under the name, Kiritsugu Emiya. Learning a standard amount of sorcery, Shirou begins to make use of his abilities.

Although, he suddenly finds himself in a battle with two others and has to quickly think of a plan. He performs a spell beyond his expectation, summoning a warrior spirit to protect him, thus continuing the journey to the unknown.

Unexpectedly, Shirou and his spirit find themselves in a world of dark magic and evil presences as they become part of a no holds barred duel known as the Holy Grail War!

7. Darker Than Black

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 2007 - Sep 2007

Darker Than Black, follows the life of “Contractors”, people bread for destruction and assassinations with supernatural powers while striking fear and hate in the eyes of others.

After a presence known as Heaven's Gate suddenly appears, Dolls and Contractors start to show up. Dolls are beings that are controlled and manipulated to do the dirty work of ”Contractors”. And the “Contractors”, are emotionless, killing machines that can be used as a weapon for war, if they have a contract with those who control them.

Hell's Gate, a massive wall surrounding the city, is constructed to keep it safe from these supernatural beings while an international organization , PANDORA, seeks out information to analyze and discover the truth behind the creation of these beings.
But, there’s one Contractor different from the others, and he seeks the truth as well.

6. Bakemonogatari

  • Episodes: 15
  • Aired: Jul 2009 - Jun 2010

Ultimately, the story of the Monogatari series centers around character Koyomi Araragi who is a third year student and survivor of a vampire attack.

Soon after, he finds himself involved in with all kinds of spiritual beings like ghosts, apparitions, gods, and mythological beasts. Most heroes in this anime have items which symbolize their spectres, such as a stapler (claw of a crab), a backpack (shell of a snail), or hat and jacket (head and skin of a snake). These incorporate elements of horror, action, and fantasy that focuses on conversations between the characters of the show.

To know the plot requires enlightenment for the show.

5. Speed Grapher

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Apr 2005 - Sep 2005

This anime has some great supernatural powers within the series, as a single being providing those powers. Interesting, right?!

The story takes place after a war between the rich and the poor where the world becomes important without recognition of Japan. With the rich acquiring their fantasies and desires, the city of Tokyo adapts, until a war photographer infiltrates an underground organization comprised of government officials and capitalists. Here, the photographer is caught a glimpse of a ritual performed by the organization and saves her from death.

In order to reveal the truth behind the organization, he must use his new found abilities to battle against those who oppose him.

4. Elfen Lied

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul 2004 - Oct 2004

This anime has a great supernatural essence to it.

Taking places in Japan, the anime focuses on a newly discovered and evolved species called, Diclonius.

With an appearance much like a human being, the only difference is they have a horn-like lump on their head and posses telekinetic powers in the form of invisible arms known as Vectors. One particular Diclonius named Lucy, escapes from a facility she was held in while wreaking havoc on those who get in her way. Sustaining injury in her escape, Lucy is found on the ocean shore by locals and and now has the personality of a child.

Being hunted by an assault team constantly, the locals along with Lucy, are now on a frequent struggle of survival.

3. Deadman Wonderland

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2011 - Jul 2011

This anime has plenty of supernatural powers in it.

Deadman Wonderland occurs ten years after a massive anomaly leaves Japan in devastation. Following a boy who is leading a normal life, Ganta's world is suddenly shaken during an unexpected event from the Red Man, leaves his classmates dead and mutilated.

The unknown killer embeds a red crystal in his body which sets off a series of events, having Ganta sentenced to prison falsely, developing supernatural powers that grant him the ability to manipulate his blood into a weapon, and uncovering an evil plot conceived by the warden of the prison.

2. Karas

  • Episodes: 6
  • Aired: Mar 2005 - Oct 2005

This is a one of kind anime with great use of supernatural powers.

Taking place in a world where humans and demons are almost alike, the two worlds begin to overlap as humans try to carry on with their ordinary lives as the demon continue to be unnoticed. A woman named Yurine and her servant, Karas, fight to maintain order and balance within the two worlds by stopping the demons from interfering with human life.

Because humans feel protected from the demons, one protector loses sight in his beliefs and forms an army to destroy the human race.

1. Hellsing Ultimate

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Feb 2006 - Dec 2012

One of the best supernatural anime shows out there. I picked this one because it received great ratings all around, and has not been mentioned in a previous article.

The series is about a secret organization called Hellsing, who battles any sort of supernatural threat in the world in order to keep citizens safe from the creatures that roam the night. As one of the leaders controlling her own army seeks to eliminate the undead while finding great accomplishment with her trusted soldier, a vampire named Alucard. Facing ghouls and other vampires, the Hellsing organization rivals another from the Vatican in a battle between monsters and demons where the dead are dancing and all hell breaks loose.

That's it for this selection of “Top 10 Anime with Supernatural Powers”, there are obviously some other anime out there that would definitely do well in this list, but, I want to see your responses as to what they may be.

For example, some honorable mentions that have been in previous list I've written are Bleach, When They Cry, Baccano!, Another, and Attack on Titan.

Have you seen any of these series?, Which anime would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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