Top 10 Supernatural Manhwa [Best Recommendations]

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Welcome to the eerie side of things, otakus. Summer is perfect for ghost stories in East Asia, but not only about ghosts. There are also other creatures outside of the normal human that can take us to interesting new worlds… or to worlds inside our own. Thus, let’s see which great Supernatural Manhwa we can find!

10. Demon King

  • Authors: Ra InSoo
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Shounen and Supernatural
  • Volumes: 55
  • Published: 2001

We start with a rather Dantesque scene. Yes, we will get a glimpse of hell. Some evil souls have escaped and are tormenting the living. So, who are we going to call? Not the Ghostbusters, but the best swordsman in hell: Majeh.

We can describe this supernatural manhwa with one word: epic! Majeh reminds us of that era of legendary heroes that trained like… all the time and lived to confront stronger and stronger enemies. However, the traditional Asian flavor makes of Demon King an interesting adventurous alternative. So, if you love action and some ancient morals with your supernatural manhwa, maybe you would like to try Demon King!

9. The Gamer

  • Authors: Sung SanYoung
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, School Life, Shounen and Supernatural
  • Chapters: 187
  • Published: 2013 to present

So you are not comfortable in hell? We can’t blame you. Let’s move to a more normal place. We are in a High School now, where we can see the world in a slightly unusual way. As the protagonist of The Gamer, JeeHan Han can see the status of people, find items and power up! This is better than a game because it is in real life!

Or so it should be! The concept sounds cool, right? However, in the beginning, JeeHan carries the most regular activities to earn points. It is when enemies, a fantasy alternative world, and more characters enter the scene that The Gamer becomes intense. It has been so successful that it currently is in its third season, with JeeHan enhancing his abilities and trying new types of games in real life. If you are a gamer, you should definitely try this supernatural manhwa.

8. Pinocchio

  • Authors: Maru
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo and Supernatural
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published: 2011 to 2013

It is time for a shoujo supernatural manhwa! So, when things get romantic, how do we usually meet our significant other? In the school or in the neighborhood is the most commo. But what happens when your beloved is a ghost? You will have to meet HaRam Choi to find out 😉 Pinocchio deals with the most regular life of HaRam… until she buys a special necklace.

This all color supernatural manhwa has better drawing than The Gamer. The story alternates beautiful and detailed panels with hilarant SD like moments. The relationship between the lovebirds is simply one of the most humorous we have read in recent years. This doesn’t mean that the story doesn’t have depth, though, as we slowly find out the ghost’s past. All in all, a great supernatural manhwa awaits you in Pinocchio!

7. Ciel - The Last Autumn Story

  • Authors: JuYeon Rhim
  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, and Supernatural
  • Volumes: 23
  • Published: 2005 to date

Did you want more shoujo manga with a touch of the supernatural? Yes, please. In Ciel, we travel to an imagined European like small country to follow the adventures of Yvienne Magnolia. She is a poor girl who, targeted by a lecherous noble, runs away to attend the famous magical school known as Lowood.

Instead of being a typical story about rags to riches, Ciel is about going from poverty to magic! Yvienne will meet real friends of her age in Lowood and confront supernatural beings on the way. The action pace is great in this supernatural manhwa, while the beauty of the imagined countries make of this work a wonder in every page. And well, the protagonist is a girl who stands for herself and a witch. What else do you want from your supernatural manhwa?

6. Red Storm

  • Authors: Ahm Hyun and Studio Zeeha
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen and Supernatural
  • Chapters: 254
  • Published: 2012 to date

Let’s go back to the shounen side of the supernatural genre. Let’s go to a supernatural manhwa that reminds us a bit of Star Wars. There is a world with a big desert where a mysterious man appears. A young boy named Yulian Provoke finds him and brings him to his village. There, Yulian will receive arcane teachings on fighting from the old man, who is a taoist master!

This all color supernatural manhwa presents us with a well defined world with detailed cultures. The illustration has a peculiar finish similar to crayon or carbon. However, the key point for Red Storm is the coming of age story of Yulian. He wants to get revenge from the imperial guards for killing his mother, so he wants to train hard. Yulian reminds us of the kind and child like hero who gives their best… plus, he has a cute desert fox mascot!

5. Trace

  • Authors: NastyCat
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Supernatural and Tragedy
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: 2007

Ok, so maybe you aren’t into fantasy worlds. How about something more rooted in a realistic environment? In Trace, we travel to South Korea in the present day. Unfortunately, supernatural beings called Troubles are attacking the population! The only ones who can save the day are Traces, humans that have been born with super abilities. Trace follows two of such people, GangKwon and YunSeong, who are united against the Troubles under unusual circumstances.

The drawing in this supernatural manhwa is simpler than in other recommendations, but what makes Trace stand out is the fast paced story. Troubles and Traces are always in each others necks! Besides that, the theme about prejudice and racism is interesting, as Traces are shunned by normal humans and killed by Troubles. For putting the bitter note in the supernatural, we had to mention this notable supernatural manhwa!

4. The Pale Horse

  • Authors: Hae Yun Choo
  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo and Supernatural
  • Chapters: 197
  • Published: 2010 to date

Perhaps you like the idea of a supernatural protagonist but also like the fantasy realm. Let’s travel to the world of The Pale Horse, then. Hae Yun Choo has a unique style to tell a story, especially if it is about fantasy or the supernatural. In The Pale Horse, we meet Rose Dupre, a girl who is bullied because everyone says her mother is a witch. The detail is that Rose herself is a witch!

Everything starts in France, in 1835. We see the bucolic but sad childhood of Rose and her friends. Then, as she grows up, her true nature is revealed. Even more complex battles between vampires, witches and humans await. And of course, we also have some romance in the mix! The illustration in The Pale Horse is super, with a good balance between action scenes and emotional scenes. This supernatural manhwa is definitely worth a try!

3. Black Haze

  • Authors: Yong Yong
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, School Life and Supernatural
  • Chapters: 221
  • Published: 2012 to date

Maybe you cannot make up your mind because you love school themed anime. However, you also love action anime with the occasional blood spill. What to do? Well, no worries! Black Haze combines all of that. In this supernatural manhwa, you can follow the adventures of Rood, who becomes the bodyguard of a magic student.

Black Haze is a webtoon that starts with an interesting clash between epic battles with monsters and the usual school life. By the last chapters, it has evolved in a whole political intrigue with powerful magicians forming factions and fighting for, you know, the power. There is a bit of romance in between, but above all, the constant string of confrontations and choices between what is right and wrong keeps you glued to the virtual pages. If you like long stories where the characters grow up in front of your eyes, you should check Black Haze.

2. Noblesse

  • Authors: JaeHo Son and GwangSu Lee
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, School Life, Shounen and Supernatural
  • Chapters: 472
  • Published: 2007 to date

Following the trend of school life combined with the supernatural, let’s meet the protagonist of Noblesse! Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (a.k.a. Rai) has been dormant for ages. When he wakes up, he finds himself in current day South Korea. Once Rai finds his servant Frankenstein and finds out he is the principal of a high school, Rai decides to enroll in school.

And that’s just the start! Rai bonds with humans, but soon, everyone gets involved in a war with other supernatural creatures. The battles are simply epic! Let’s say in Dragon Ball level epic 😉 However, not everything is war. The calm moments where the characters bond with each other, and specially when Rai tries to understand humans, are unforgettable. This supernatural manhwa grows into you every time, with a charismatic and strong lead that will make you bond with humanity.

1. Tower of God

  • Authors: SIU
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen and Supernatural
  • Chapters: 342
  • Published: 2010 to date

We have finally reached the first place of our top 10 Supernatural Manhwa list! It could not be other than Tower of God. The story of Bam, who enters the powerful Tower of God in order to see his friend Rachel once more, has captured the minds of otakus for seven years. What started like a desperate fantasy, mind game with very real perilous consequences, continued with a betrayal. Bam has to further advance in the world of the tower to win powers, find out who he is, and perhaps, just perhaps, bring back Rachel with him.

The success behind this webtoon lies in being the perfect combination of a game (with level ups, guilds, puzzles and the like), and the supernatural genre. It also has interesting mind and power games, as other characters enter the tower for more typical reasons (money and the like). We never know who is a friend and foe clearly. However, Bam’s personality keeps the team together, advancing towards the top of the tower with difficult but steady steps. For being a supernatural manhwa that only gets more and more interesting, Tower of God gets the crown!

Final Thoughts

Life can become extraordinary when you use your imagination. Characters that can be friends or enemies appear in front of our eyes to live the most interesting adventures in supernatural manhwa. So, which one is your favorite? You know other great supernatural manhwa? Comment away! See you soon 🙂

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