Top 5 Bug Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Now that pokemon Sun & Moon has been out for a few weeks, it’s time to take a look at everyone’s favorite--jokes, people, jokes--type, Bug-type. Bug-types always help you out in the very beginning of your game because they are easy to level up and fast to evolve. Has Game Freak given us more of the same in this game? Actually not really. Bug Pokemon have gotten better in this game and we are even seeing legendaries that have this typing.

What started with Volcarona, is now getting better. These pokes actually have good moves and movepools. Stats to back them up and they are able to actually, for what feels like the first time, be able to pack a punch. Let’s take a look at five new good Bug pokemon!

5. Ribombee

  • National Pokedex: 743

Ribombee evolves from Cutiefly at level 25, rather early in the game, and is Bug/Fairy in typing. It’s even better to note that you can meet Cutiefly on Route 2. It comes with either Honey Gather, a useless ability, or Shield Dust as its abilities. Shield Dust is good because it prevents secondary effects. Its hidden ability is Sweet Shield which prevents it from falling asleep. It does need to be careful when up against Fire, Poison, Flying, Steel, and Rock. For the remaining types, it resists more than it takes as neutral damage.

Did we mention that Ribombee is fast? In fact, it is so fast, that is does outspeed some legendaries. It has a 124 in Speed, and a 95 in Sp. Attack this allows it to be a special sweeper and hit relatively hard. It learns the unique Bug move Pollen Puff which has two outcomes. When it is used against your foes, it damages them. When you use it against yourself or an ally, it heals yourself. Very useful indeed. As it is also Fairy-type, Dazzling Gleam is perfect. Otherwise it can learn Psychic to deal with Poison-types, and then perhaps Grass Knot for Rock types or HP Water. Either way, even through late-game, it is useful and viable.

4. Vikavolt

  • National Pokedex: 738

Vikavolt is the final evolution of the Grubbin line which is the other Bug line available in the game. Vikavolt, however, does not evolve like Cutiefly does. To actually get Vikavolt, you have to carry Charjabug all the way to the Vast Poni Canyon and have it level up to evolve into Vikavolt. It now becomes a bit of a mixed bag Pokémon. It is Bug/Electric-type and it gets the ability Levitate thus eliminating Ground moves. Still, it does have to be cautious around Fire and Rock-types. Hopefully it can do something about those two. Well, yes and no.

Vikavolt has an astounding 145 in Sp. Attack and a nice 90 in Defense coupled with a 75 in Sp. Defense. However, its Speed is terrible at 43 and its Defenses are not working in its favor. For moves, Thunderbolt is great because you get Electric STAB and Bug Buzz gives you your Bug STAB. Other than that though, it weirdly learns a lot of physical attacks but it can learn Energy Ball to help it with Rock-type pokemon and while you can teach Vikavolt Mirror Shot, Volt Switch may be better so you are not taken down by a Fire-type move.

3. Golisopod

  • National Pokedex: 768

Golisopod is no stranger to our lists for Sun and Moon, and it is here as well. Bug/Water type, this Pokémon needs to be wary of Electric, Rock, and Flying Pokémon. It has Emergency Exit as its ability which is just another name for Wimpod’s Wimp Out ability. Golisopod is auto-ejected from battle as if your foe has a Red Card. This can be a curse and a blessing how you prepare for it. It can though, present an issue if you are trying to set up or have set up some stats.

Speaking of, you need to watch out for its horrible Speed. It is only 40. However it does have some great defenses with a 140 in defense and a 90 in Defense. Thankfully it also gets a 125 in Attack to give it power. For its moves, it is really easy for it to get good STAB moves. It learns the new, broken Leech Life which is great and while you can have First Impression, it is too gimmicky with its first-turn-only effectiveness that shoots it in the foot. You can further help yourself by either learning Water-STAB Razor Shell, which has a chance of dropping your foes Defense 50%, or Liquidation for a bit more power. Rock Slide is perfect for checking Flying-types while Poison Jab will be great for dealing with Fairy-types.

2. Buzzwole

  • National Pokedex: 794

Buzzwole is the muscle bug legendary that is locked to Pokemon Sun. Naturally, Sun players will be forced to chase after it when they go for their Ultra Beast Challenges. Buzzwole looks like someone who hits the gym regularly, but has missed leg day tragically. Bug and Fighting in type, Buzzwole is weak against Fire, Psychic and Fairy while being 4x weak to Flying. It also gets, like the other Ultra Beasts, Beast Boost as its ability which again, is like a souped up Moxie. Each time this Pokémon knocks out an opponent, its highest stat is kicked up a notch. Let’s look at stats though and see if we can do something about that atrocious 4x Flying weakness.

The results of hitting the pokemon gym are really showing off with Buzzwole and he has a whopping 139 in Attack and Defense. He also boasts a 107 in HP. However Buzzwole’s Sp. Attack and Defense are a weak 53 and his Speed is rather subpar at 79. Buzzwole, much like #1 on our list, has a bizarre spread of stats which leaves him in a rather unique setup. Thankfully though it does get a great swath of moves to help it. You can set it up with a Choice Scarf and go to town. Leech Life is an excellent STAB while Lunge will give you a few more PP to use this move with. Fell Stinger is another option, but this move is gimmicky and Leech Life, now that it has had it’s power cranked up, is much better as it allows you to heal yourself. For some bizarre reason, Buzzwole does not learn Close Combat, but he does get Superpower which is fine since Beast Boost will fix the Attack Drop. Ice Punch is there for more coverage and if you really want to cover yourself, Poison Jab will handle those pesky Fairies while Earthquake will let you hit hard. With that attack stat, Earthquake is probably a surefire. Buzzwole does have one issue with its enemies in that it REALLY needs to watch out for all of the Tapus that exist. Any of them run the chance of running a train into him.

1. Pheromosa

  • National Pokedex: 795

Pheromosa is the counterpart to Buzzwole in that it is the other Ultra Beast that only Moon players can find. It is the Ultra Beast that you can catch four of, making it excellent for you to trade to get the ones that do not show up in your game. But why would you want to do that with a Pokémon that is essentially Deoxys-lite? This monster is a danger to both itself with its stats and others with its stats. Pheromosa gets Beast Boost as well which is going to boost its Speed, or Attack or Sp. Attack even higher. We will get to stats later. Much like Buzzwole, Pheromosa is Bug/Fighting-type and carries all of the same weaknesses. We cannot keep going without talking about her stats, so let’s go!

Pheromosa roars in at an amazing 151 in Speed. This alone allows it to outspeed almost every monster in the game. Pheromosa also has a whopping 137 in both Attack Stats. This means that you can make it a mixed sweeper or a death machine. Either way though, it will definitely be in the Uber tier for sure. Its only weakness is its pitiful 37 in both defenses. However a 137 in Attack with a 151 in Speed means that it really only needs to land one solid hit to be good. STAB High Jump Kick is where you can start. This will rain down pain on your foes along with ideally U-turn for your Bug STAB. The reason we select U-turn is that Pheromosa does have a difficult time with Water and Poison-type pokemon. This means that there will be some times in the Uber tier where it will need to bounce out. Thankfully, it will always go first. Ice Beam will help it check Dragons. For its final move though, something either like Poison Jab, to get rid of Fairies, Lunge is another move if you want a second STAB move, but you are best off, in our opinion, with Poison Jab. Either way, Pheromosa will be banned to Uber and it can fell all the pokemon it wants there.

Final Thoughts

Bug Pokémon are in somewhat of a revival, and it is fantastic. While they are not Dragon-types, they certainly have found a good niche for themselves in this game. Devastatingly powerful or fast, they are not to be underestimated, and will send even strong Pokémon that are not weak to them, packing. Are you using a Bug-type Pokémon in Sun & Moon? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Till next time,

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