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We’ve talked before about the horrible world where D.Gray-man happens. A world where the best you can hope for is for a quick death where your loved ones don’t end up making a deal with the devil to bring you back as a monster at the service of the Millennium Earl, a being who wants to destroy all humanity. We’ve also talked about the gorgeous men who work for the Black Church, and the few ones we can find among the Noah, because the world may be horrible but at least we have eye candy.

And since we already talked about the top ten bishounen in D.Gray-man, it’s only fair that now we give the same attention to the beautiful ladies in the series, who are much more than just fanservice.

10. Sachiko (Chomesuke)

While her actual form is a golden fish with feet and hands, and an orb for a face, she can turn into her original human form, a sweet lady with red hair and eyes wearing a pink kimono. Chomesuke is a type 2 Akuma, a dangerous kind that can retake human form, and are far more intelligent than the type 1 Akuma because they have killed enough people to evolve. She also lives in Edo, Japan, a place that has been uninhabitable for humans for a long time, as the Millennium Earl took it over. Still, she’s different from her kind because she was once sent to trap Cross Marian, and he instead modified her so she could go against the Earl and help humans to fight the Noah.

But what makes her really cute is that she still acts like a human when she’s not in battle. She collects cute things, and blushes when she’s told she’s beautiful. She seems to have a crush on both Lavi and Cross Marian (Not that we blame her) and she’s really regretful of the things she has done as an Akuma. The longer we see her, the more we want to see her overcome her instincts and become a permanent ally of the Black Church. And because of this, she earns the tenth place on our list.

9. Lulu Bell

Blond, tall, and deadly. Those three words describe the Noah of Lust, Lulu Bell, perfectly. She looks intimidating at all times, cold and emotionless. Her long hair is tied in a professional ponytail, and is one of the few Noah who, even as a human, looks intimidating; although that also may be due to the suits she wears and the fact that she never takes off her dark glasses in human form. When she turns into her Noah form, her hair becomes pitch black and the glasses come off to reveal golden eyes, which make her look even more beautiful and terrifying.

She’s young, no older than 24, and is a recent addition to the Noah family, as the former Noah of Lust was killed by Nea D. Campbell, so in many ways, she’s still proving her worth to the Millennium Earl. That contrast of a very professional woman, who at the same time craves the approval of her father figure like a teenager, make her a very interesting character. And thus, Lulu Bell is the ninth choice on our list.

8. Eliade

Eliade is the first type 2 Akuma we met in the series, and it’s easy to see why her kind is so dangerous, as there is absolutely nothing that marks her as an Akuma, not even to Allen’s eye. She’s also beautiful and she knows it, as when she evolved into a type 2 she did everything in her power not to turn into her Akuma form, even when hunting, and to make herself even more beautiful. In that sense, she could be said to embody the sin of Vanity, because for a long time, the only thing she cared about was keeping her newfound beauty pristine.

She also became obsessed with the idea of love, and thus, she was the first and only Akuma to put her desires above the orders given by the Noah family. She was sent to investigate Krory, but when she realized that his innocence would help him to survive even if she was around, she decided to stay and keep him as isolated and emotionally weak as she could, in order to make him dependent on her. What she didn’t expect, was that she fell in love with him and so, soon was acting to hide him from both the Church and the Earl, just to have a bit longer with him.

Because of her physical beauty, and the way she loves Krory (and how much he loves her) she earns the eighth place on our list.

7. Lenny Epstein

As one of the American members of the Black Church, Lenny Epstein is very dedicated to her job. Unfortunately, her job was to work on the Second Exorcist Program, which ended in tragedy, but she was one of the few to survive the Alma Karma incident, and since then, she has worked in different experiments to help the Church’s fight. She’s tall, muscular, and wears her hair short since becoming a Branch Chief and leader of the Akuma Egg investigation.

While she’s not a traditional beauty like other women on the list, mostly due to the fact that after the Alma Karma incident she decided to become stronger and exercised and trained until she was more intimidating than any of the other scientist and most Exorcists. And yet, she’s still vulnerable. She still remembers what she did and the consequences that had both on her family and on the Church. And it’s that vulnerability and her ethics, even when challenged and when she has to find loopholes in her own actions, what earns her the seventh place on our list.

6. Klaud Nine

Among the Exorcists of the Black Church, the highest-ranking ones are the Generals. To reach said rank, one has to be incredibly talented and very, very lucky given the threat of the Akuma and the Noah. Klaud Nine is the only female General in the Black Order, and that alone makes her stand out among her colleagues. Of course, her attractiveness also helps to make her noticeable: She’s tall, slim and fit, blonde and purple eyed. That makes you want to look at her as soon as she enters a room, and then be shocked at the scar on her face. A scar she doesn’t hide, because she is proud of all her scars, as they prove she has survived.

Besides her stunning beauty, Klaud is also memorable because of her unique innocence: a parasitic type that takes the form of an intelligent monkey. She calls him Lau Shimin, and he’s both her innocence and her companion, a reminder of her former job as a Beast Master before she took the job as an Exorcist. She’s fearless, she’s merciless, and she never gives up. And because of all that, she’s the sixth choice on our list.

5. Fo

Fo is a very strange being. She is humanoid, and identifies as a female, but she is not human. She is actually an A.I. created with a very difficult combination of technology and magic, which acts as the Guardian Deity of the Asian Branch of the Black Church. She has absolute control over the appearance of her body, but usually looks like a young girl wearing a purple hat and purple clothes. Her arms seem to be covered by huge gloves that she can control and turn into weapons if needed. This shows that she’s not just a hologram, as when she wishes, she can be solid and attack like a normal exorcist.

She is very loyal to the Black Church, but her true allegiance is to Bak Chang, who can summon her to his side by using a summoning stone on his hat. This may be in part because his great-grandfather created her, but there are clues that show that she may also love him more than the rest of the Chang family. She also has a very interesting personality, as she is far more aggressive toward the people she likes than toward the people she dislikes.

Because of that contrast in personality, and her usual beautiful appearance, Fo earns the fifth place on our list.

4. Anita

As the owner of one of China’s largest brothels, it’s no surprise that Anita is a beautiful woman. Tall, young, and with long, silky hair that she keeps in an exotic bob with ponytail combination, she can conquer any man’s heart with just a look and a smile. But she is not just a delicate lady. When it comes to helping the Black Church, she shows that she is ruthless and capable of fighting almost as well as any exorcist.

Her family has a long story with the other exorcists, and in particular with Cross Marian. Her mother was in love with him, as Anita revealed, claiming that it meant that she was a good woman, but simple minded. However, this is a bit ironic, as later we learn that she was also very close to Cross, and his opinion of her mattered a lot in her life. It is important to note, though, that their support for the Church wasn’t dependent on their love and admiration for Cross Marian. They had lost many people to the akuma and truly believed in the Church’s mission.

Her beauty only pales in comparison to her amazing strength of will and dignity, and that is why she has the fourth place on our list.

3. Miranda Lotto

Miranda Lotto is a very strange woman. The Black Church first meets her when she is living in a town that can’t be contacted and where time rewinds itself every day. It takes a while for Allen and Lenalee to figure out Miranda’s clock is innocence, and she’s unknowingly causing the time loop. Once that is solved, they invite her to join the Church, and she does, happy to be useful to someone for once. But the thing is, during that first appearance, it would be hard to believe she’d be on a bishoujo list, much less in such a high place: She was pale, had dark circles under her eyes due to lack of sleep, had her hair up in a bun and an old maid dress, one could believe she was very old and very, very ugly.

But once she started working with the Church and started gaining self confidence, she let her hair down, started eating properly and changed her maid dresses for the exorcist uniform, which revealed that she was very beautiful. She has long, brown hair, and her eyes are very expressive. But what makes her even more beautiful is that she will not give up on her friends, no matter what. Even if it means hurting herself, she will keep her time loops up to keep them safe and sound.

That determination is more important than her appearance, and it’s what puts her in the third place on our list.

2. Road Kamelot

The Ninth Noah, representing the Dreams of Noah. Interestingly, she is the youngest-looking of all the Noah, while in fact, she is one of the oldest as she was the only one besides the Earl to survive Nea’s betrayal. Because of that, while she looks no older than thirteen, she is at the very least fifty years old. This makes her take the role of Sheril Kamelot’s daughter, and thus, Tyki Mikk’s niece, and is easy to think that she is just a defenseless girl that has been taken in by the craziness of the Earl.

We rarely see her in human form, but she has blue hair and dark eyes. As a Noah, she has black hair and golden eyes, and that is how she appears most of the time.
Road also prefers to wear gothic Lolita-style clothing and hair, which makes her stand out even more. But what makes her even more interesting to everyone is that, unlike the other Noah who just hate Allen and Nea, she is quite enamored with Allen, to the point that the Earl has had to reprimand her over her actions towards the exorcist. All these reasons are why Road wins our hearts, and the second place on our list.

1. Lenalee Lee

One of the most popular exorcists in the European Black Church, she’s easily dismissed at first as just a pretty face. After all, as the younger sister of Komui Lee, the Chief Officer, and one of the very few female exorcists, she turned heads very easily (to the eternal dismay of Komui, whose worst nightmare is to see Lenalee marrying someone whom he deems unfit for her). But once we see her in a mission, it is obvious that she is as deadly towards the Akuma as every other Exorcist, and that she will not stop until they all are gone.

Now, Lenalee is beautiful. Young, thin, fit, and with a beautiful silky black hair that unfortunately got cut short during a mission against the Earl. Also, unlike other exorcists, her uniform is usually composed of short skirts and shorts, because without her legs free, she can’t use her innocence that is on her boots. Because of this, her fighting style is very agile, like a ballerina. And of course, this makes her look even more beautiful, and, together with her popularity, both in and out of their universe, is what makes her win the first place on our list.

Final Thoughts

D.Grey Man is a long-running series, and so it has a lot of characters. And while there are far more male characters than females, it doesn’t mean that the ones we’re listing are the only women in the world. And of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person may think is very attractive; another may believe is just average.

With that in mind, we need to ask, who is the most beautiful girl in D.Gray-man in your opinion? We’d love to hear your reasoning in the comments below.

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