Top 10 Well Rounded D.Gray-man Characters

There are a lot of great anime that really showcase a great amount of detail with regards to character design, environmental design, expression, and story plot. When we tune into them our imagination bursts with excitement as we're taken on an adventure that goes far beyond the borders of reality. D.Gray Man is one of those anime that really stood out in terms of its wonderful cast of characters, their intentions, and the adventures they embarked on. The finer aspects are what truly breathe life into any anime and so we thought it would be best to share our top ten well rounded D.Gray Man Characters to get you started. For those who need a quick reminder, the new season of D. Gray Man Hallow begins this month so be sure to check it out. In the meantime, let us hop right in to the action!

10. Kanda Yuu

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Starting off with number ten is Kanda Yuu, who is a member of the Black Order Organization along with Allen and the rest of the crew. He is one of the main protagonists of the series, and acts like a brother to Allen along their journey. Kanda uses the non-conventional soaps to wash his long dark blue hair, and is considered to be a pretty type character according to Lavi in the series. He tends to carry himself very well, but comes off as very stoic, and arrogant among his peers. Kanda will do whatever it takes to win even at the expense of risking the life of a teammate, claiming that exorcists aren't saviors.

Kanda’s innocence is called Mugen which is a sword with supernatural powers. To perform an attack Kanda runs his two fingers through the back of the blade to activate it, whilst saying “Mugen unsheathe, innocence activate” turning the blade silver. One of his unique attacks named “Hakka Tourou” unleashes a flurry of slashes hitting the enemy eight times. The slashes all together form and resemble a flower. Another is called the “Ripping Flash Claw” where Kanda unleashes seven sharp deadly energy beams towards his opponent. Our only wish is that we could somehow wake up one morning with some cool supernatural powers, so we can fight like our favorite anime characters.

9. Marian Cross “General Master”

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Marian is the teacher of Allen Walker, a scientist, and also one of the five exorcist generals. He is extremely talented and uses powers of manipulation to get his way. One example revealed by a character in the series is that Marian has the unique ability to convert Akuma, meaning that he can have them work under his orders. His greatest ability is to control the entire Noah's Ark which is scary because that is home to the notorious Earl and his cruel minions, so being able to control your enemies base is pretty awesome. Marian is the only exorcist in the entire series to own two Anti-Akuma weapons, the first being the “Grave of Maria” which is a woman corpse that is equipped with a parasyte-type of Anti-Akuma weapon. The second is called “Judgment” which is a massive revolver that he uses to take down his enemies.

Marian is more like the father figure to Allen since he didn't really have a family after his tormented past. He taught Allen everything he needed to know about exorcism which led to Allen becoming one of the more powerful characters in the series. Welcome to the number nine spot Marian, you truly deserved it.

8. Lavi

D.Gray-man-wallpaper-20160710235617-572x500 Top 10 Well Rounded D.Gray-man Characters

Lavi has made it to number eight on our top ten D.Gray Man well rounded characters list, and he deserves it in every way. Lavi's purpose is to become a Bookman and to use his exorcist abilities to put a stop to the Akuma that are plaguing the world. Lavi has the really awesome ability to memorize every single detail of the things he observes, which help him along his journey. His Anti-Akuma weapon is a size-shifting hammer which can extend or grow depending on what Lavi desires, and since he is the sole owner the weight does not effect him. His hammer can also summon judgments which are all in correlation to the elements of the universe such as fire, and thunder.

The patch on Lavi’s right eye is mysterious since not much story is explained behind why he received it, but many believe that it unlocks his true potential to memorize everything in pristine order. When using his hammer in action, many of the attacks are presented in Kanji format which is unique because you get to see the actual Japanese meaning for the specific element that he uses, so it's nice to practice your Japanese if you ever pay close attention to them. Lavi is just a very cheerful individual who really wants to see the best in everyone, and seek out the best within himself.

7. Road Kamelot

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Road Kamelot is the first Noah that we were introduced to in the series, and her appearance resembles that of a zombie. Road has a long list of supernatural powers which range from traveling to alternate dimensions using a door that appears at her will, to complete regeneration after severe injury. Her dimensional space is formed like a wrapped present, while her weapons of choice include levitating candles which are used as stakes to pierce through her enemies. While in Road’s own dimension, she has the ability to control anything at will, which allow her to appear out of the floor and create illusions to break down the enemy's psychological wall. Outside of the dimension she has telekinetic powers which just make her someone you wouldn't want to play with.

Albeit all the supreme powers she possesses, Road is surprisingly quite normal for a zombie girl. She has a childlike need to be entertained frequently, procrastinates with her school work, and normally skips classes quite often. On the other side of the coin, when angered Road can show signs of sadistic tantrums like killing her subordinates for no reason, or stabbing people through the eye for the fun of it.

6. Aleister Crowley III

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Aleister is a pretty well rounded character who comes equipped with various tricks up his sleeve. Despite his very intimidating appearance, he actually has a soft, kind and overly-emotional side. He does from time to time show off his battle mode persona which is totally evil, with veins protruding from his forehead, so it is a nice contrast to his overall archetype. While Aleister’s appearance does symbolize that of a cliché vampire, the way that he actually attacks his enemies is unique. His entire life was spent in seclusion after becoming an exorcist, because many villagers believed that he was a vampire due to the way he killed his victims. Aleister’s teeth are actually where his innocence is located and so to kill the Akuma he strikes them in a way that is very similar.

In spite of what the people had assumed, Aleister’s greatest strength lies in his blood where it grants him a feral-like ability. When invoked, it grants him immense power, and then inject his own blood to the Akuma, poisoning them instantly. The downside to this however is that Aleister is not immune to the blood of an Akuma and so he must slowly break it down in using his innocence, otherwise the toxins start to weaken him. These are just a few of the extraordinarily techniques that Aleister has under his belt, so to find out more check out this awesome series!

5. Allen Walker

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Allen Walker hits our top five as the main protagonist of the entire series. Allen was cursed early in his childhood which left him with a deformed arm, and without a family. His parents abandoned him after seeing his grotesque features, and decided he was not to be apart of them anymore. Allen was later adopted by Mana Walker who had helped him deal with the grief he'd be suffering. Unfortunately Mana had passed and this struck a chord within Allen leaving him distraught and tormented. Millennium Earl witnesses this pain and turns Mana into an Akuma, which attacks Allen slashing his left eye leaving a cursed symbol which scars the left side of his face. This scar however has the ability to see souls which are trapped within the Akuma, so that he could save the tormented souls and send them back peacefully.

It was at that moment that the truth of his left arm had been revealed as the Anti-Akuma weapon, and his hair turned white from the trauma he had received. Allen's character is very interesting because he goes through such a dark past, losing his adopted mother and having to live with a curse for his entire life. Through this ordeal he becomes somewhat of a bringer of light to the darkness, since his life was tainted with so much pain that he felt his mission was to end that for others. This reminds us of the reality of our world where those who experience the most pain are usually the ones who end up saving the world from ruin, and Allen is a perfect well rounded example of that.

4. Fou

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Flying in at number four is the guardian deity known as Fou. Although Fou isn't human, she often takes on the human form to communicate with others. When she spends time with Allen, Fou usually likes to put on a facade, acting in a tough and rude manner but in fact she cares about him. When she trained Allen to master his powers, she was very strict and would attack without mercy. On the other hand when Allen was feeling down, Fou would appear to him as another person trying to help piece things together. This double persona is somewhat interesting because the point of her character is to be somewhat hard in her exterior, but deep down lies a very compassionate and open minded person.

While the behavior itself may seem very common, the way she performs it is through transformation or telepathy which is really cool. She also has the cool ability to manipulate her form and change her hands into axe-like weapons on the fly which makes her a very versatile character.

3. Jasdero

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Jasdero is one strange looking character the moment you fix your eyes on him. At first glance you may get the impression that he is in fact a she, but once Jasdero starts to run a muck you can clearly see exactly who he is. He is the more submissive of the twins in the series, and his appearance is striking as it resembles that of a ragdoll that we kept hidden on our closet because we were too scared to touch it. His character was to play the part of a child-like personality which ties in well with him looking like a doll. Jasdero occasionally likes to draw on his face laughing hysterically after doing so, and tends to giggle after his sentences.

The developers went with this design because the entire Noah Family is supposed to represent that of a real life family, with real life scenarios. Jasdero is playing the youthful child because it sends us a message of the carefree attitude we should all try to live by, instead of beating ourselves up over small problems. His actions are a direct correlation to an elementary school child who just wants to have fun and enjoy the finer aspects of life. D.Gray Man's characters demonstrate a lot of that and this is why we just had to drop Jasdero down on the top three.

D.Gray-man-wallpaper-20160710235617-572x500 Top 10 Well Rounded D.Gray-man Characters

2. Lero “Rero”

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Lero flies his way to the number two spot on our well rounded D.Gray Man Characters list. Lero is a talking umbrella that belongs to Earl, and is often used as a toy by Noah Road. The interesting thing about Lero is that he can cast magical powers, but only when Earl gives him the permission to do so. We chose Lero for various reasons but more so for its design aspects.

We don't often come across a character who is a personified umbrella that can inflict pain upon others, and taunt you shortly after defeating you. Most of the time we see swords or magical spells throughout the series but nothing like Lero's. While Lero may not be this overpowered character, the personality that it presents is very quirky and entertaining. Having a pumpkin for a head isn't always easy but somehow Lero makes us feel like being different is great, and to be accepted for who we are is all that matters.

D.Gray-man-wallpaper-20160710235617-572x500 Top 10 Well Rounded D.Gray-man Characters

1. Millennium Earl

D.Gray-man-wallpaper-20160710235617-572x500 Top 10 Well Rounded D.Gray-man Characters

Millennium Earl tops our number one spot on well rounded D.Gray Man Characters because his appearance is unlike any other. Earl is the main antagonist in the popular series, where his goal is to destroy all human existence by turning them into demon creatures called Akuma. His sorcery allows him to manipulate those around him, cast deadly spells upon his victims, and travel through time. We chose Earl as our number one because his character design stands out very well among the rest of the cast. His appearance is grotesque, resembling that of an old Victorian Gentleman, with spectacles and just an abnormally large grin that just sends chills down your spine looking at him. His appearance seems to match well with his personality as we see two sides being shown throughout the series. In most episodes we see that he is cheerful and full of zest, while he shows great affection for Road. On the other hand, he shows no mercy when it comes to the manipulation and sheer sadistic actions he inflicts on his victims.

This reminds us of the realities of humanity in which we all smile and wear a mask, but what lies underneath all of it may be the total opposite. Earl is a creation of the human struggle where we all are living two lives in the same body. The creators did an excellent job to express that through Earl's character and so we most definitely had to vote him on.

D.Gray-man-wallpaper-20160710235617-572x500 Top 10 Well Rounded D.Gray-man Characters

Closing Statement

D.Gray Man is always full of twists and turns which is what really made it stand out in a major way during its initial release. Anime is all about delivering a message whether it be a life changing message, or some form of a lesson that we need to learn this moment. Whatever the premise, anime will always provide an experience like no other. With the new season rolling around very soon, we expect to see a lot more from Allen and his squad and so be sure to tune for it yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section. Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

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