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The world where D.Gray Man occurs is the very definition of a crapsack world. If you are an exorcist for the Church, you have access to an incredible weapon that only you can use, but you are fighting against literally millions of undercover agents of the Akuma, and your own weapon can turn against you if you ever consider quitting. If you are a civilian, things are worse: the Akuma will either kill you for fuel or your loved ones will make a deal with the Akuma to bring you back as an Akuma. And that is not counting that you may randomly become a member of the Noah, who hate humanity.

WHen you put it that way, there aren’t many reasons to want to live in that world, much less to be part of the Black Church. Except, maybe, the eye candy. Because one must admit that, no matter how horribly twisted the Akuma are… many of the exorcists and the Noah are very easy on the eyes.

And thus, in order to celebrate those who just by looking good make the fight against unbeatable evil a bit more bearable, here we have the top ten bishounen in D.Gray Man.

10. Komui Lee

He is the supervisor of the Black Order’s headquarters in London, and older brother of the Exorcist Lenalee. Unlike his sister, Lee doesn’t resonate with any piece of the innocence, which means that he wasn’t forced to become part of the Black Order. At first sight, he is not quite that attractive, but in flashbacks, we can see that he used to be very handsome. He wears glasses and a white uniform –unlike the black robes worn by the exorcists- and is always working on new machines and inventions that can make the exorcists work a little bit more safely.

And that is what makes him more attractive: his absolute loyalty to his family. Because he’s not just working to keep his sister as safe as possible: he is really worried for every exorcist and Black Order member. He may be strict, and he at many times may seem heartless –as when he forbade any of the bodies of the fallen members to be shipped to their families, or even let the families be informed of their deaths- but in the end, he is doing it all to help the fight and try to make sure that this generation of Exorcists will be the one that finally beats the Millennium Earl. And that is why he manages to get the tenth place on our list.

9. Bak Chang

He is the director of the Asia branch of the Black Order, and just like Komui Lee, he doesn’t see action directly; instead, he is tasked with the wellbeing of Exorcists and with finding them different missions. His headquarters is a lot more dangerous than London’s, due to it’s closeness to Japan: Akuma control the island completely. Like Komui, he also sees the Exorcists as people, and part of the family, so he tries hard to make sure they survive and has reacted badly when experiments on people are revealed.

He looks to be in his early thirties, but he is a bit older than that. Blonde and blue eyed, he is one of the most attractive Black Order non-exorcists we’ve met. Unfortunately, he is a bit obsessed with Lenalee, and while that is understandable in Komui, it ends up being a bit creepy for Chang, and that makes him a bit less attractive. His brand of stalking is somewhat harmless, but in a different context would be terribly creepy. And that is why he falls down to the ninth place of our list, despite his handsome features.

8. Nea D. Campbell

A mystery is always attractive, and Nea is the most mysterious character in the series yet. He’s the 14th Noah, which means he’d been working with the Millennium Earl for years in order to destroy mankind, but after a falling out, he and his brother ran away from the family. This makes him a target, as he was the favorite of the Earl, and thus his betrayal hurt the most. Dark skinned and black eyed, we only see him in Allen’s mind due to the very peculiar way the Noah have to survive and keep going.

He has short purple/black hair, yellow eyes and dark skin –like all the Noah-, and at times manifests a stigmata crown, at least, when he’s not controlling Allen’s body. When he is, he looks just like Allen, but we can’t count that as points for his attractiveness, as it’s not really his body. That, and the fact that for a long time we only saw him as a shadow, makes him the eighth on our list.

7. Aleister Crowley III

Vampires are always sexy. That is a rule with very few exceptions, and Aleister Crowley is not one of them; even if he is not a vampire, strictly speaking. While he doesn’t have the traditional bishounen look, his two-tone hair, height and his bad-boy features make up for it. He is also incredibly romantic, and will die for his beloved if necessary, which can make anyone swoon because who doesn’t love a romantic byronic hero?

Not only that, but he is really sensitive. In a world where Exorcists have to close off their feelings, to be less tempted to make a deal with the Earl, Crowley wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s naïve and sheltered, which contrasts with his looks –especially when he is in battle, he can look really scary. All this makes a great combination that is impossible not to love, and thus, he earns the fifth place on our list.

6. Alma Karma

If tortured, broken souls that need an eternity of hugs to make up for all they’ve been through are attractive to you, then Alma Karma would definitely win your heart. As the “First Womb” of the Third Exorcist program, and one of the last survivors of the Second Exorcist program; Karma has the memories of two lifetimes in his head, one of them filled with the torture he and the other Second Exorcist suffered at the Black Order’s hands.

As every second exorcist, he was created by the order by putting the brain of a recently deceased exorcist in a new cloned body. He has short, purple hair that is always unruly. He also has many scars, but the only visible one when he’s dressed, is a scar across the bridge of his nose. Most of those were not from the exorcists and their experiments, but from his last battle with Kanda. And yet, they add to his appearance, and help him reach number six on our list.

5. Lavi

Lavi works with the exorcists, but he’s not part of the Black Order. He is in fact, the successor of the Bookman Clan and thus he is tasked with writing the true history of the world. Unfortunately, he also has a big heart so he can’t stop himself from feeling attached to the Exorcists he has been watching, in particular to Allen and Crowley, and thus risks his life to help them in many missions even when he should just sit back and record everything.

Tall, athletic, and with long red hair, Lavi is also very good looking. Added to that, he wears a patch over his right eye. This adds to his looks, not because he has a sexy scar, but because it is a mystery. He has said it’s not due to an injury, so whatever it is that makes him hide his eye, makes him more attractive. Especially as he has worn it even before the old Bookman recruited him, when he was only six years old.

As he is also very loyal to his friends, and tries to keep spirits high even in the worst moments, he climbs to the middle of our list, in fifth place.

4. Cross Marian

Few names inspire horror in both Akuma and Exorcist alike. Cross Marian is one of those names. He’s one of the Generals of the European Branch, but locating him is one of the biggest problems for them, as he tends to dislike meeting at headquarters. He was Allen Walker’s teacher, and a long time friend –or at least ally- of Mana Walker, and has even managed to turn Akuma against the Earl. This makes him even more dangerous to the Earl’s plans than the other generals.

He’s really tall, and wears a half mask on the right side of his face. Adding to that, he also wears glasses, which makes him even more attractive. The mask may be part of a curse, similar to Allen’s eye, but that is still a mystery, like much of Cross Marian’s past. He’s a gambler, who loves to drink and make extravagant bets that later, if lost, are passed either to Allen or to anyone who may be chasing him, like for example, the Noah.

Because of his mysterious past, and his amazing talent for great entrances, Cross Marian has the fourth place on our list.

3. Allen Walker

Allen is D.Gray Man’s main character, and thus, the one we get to see more often. He’s a young exorcist with white hair and grey eyes. Other exorcists, specifically Kanda, make fun of his height and call him Moyashi, or Bean Sprout. This is not to mean he’s actually short, just that he is short compared to Kanda himself. He has a very strange scar over his left eye that looks like sort of a pentagram on his forehead, and then a line that goes down all the way to his cheek. This wasn’t caused by a wound, but by a curse placed on him by his adoptive father, Mana Walker, and it allows him to see Akuma even when they’re hidden in human bodies, as well as their human souls chained to the Akuma weapon. The same curse changed his hair from its original brown color to white.

Due to his strange hair color, Allen constantly wears hats or hoods, as well as long sleeved shirts and coats that hide his Innocence-infected arm. This doesn’t really help a lot to hide him from Akuma or other Exorcists, but at least it keeps him from calling extra attention to himself. He usually is a very calm and easygoing guy, and he only gets angry when Akuma kill people, or when he’s facing the consequences for his Master’s actions.

Because of his looks, and his unending optimism, Allen climbs to the third place of our list.

2. Tyki Mikk

The Third Noah, representing the Pleasure of Noah. In his human form, he has dark wavy hair, a mole under his left eye, and brown eyes. He sometimes wears thick glasses, although he doesn’t seem to need them. He tends to live as a vagrant, always wearing casual clothes and getting what he needs either by stealing or gambling. However, that is part of a double disguise, as he is Sheril Kamelot’s brother and that implies he has ties with human royalty. When he is a Noah, his skin turns gray, while his eyes become yellow.

Tyki is different from all the other Noah, as he keeps his human mind alive, and separate from his Noah’s personality. He even differentiates them by calling the human “White” and the Noah “Black”. This would imply that one is good and the other is evil, but the truth is that it has more to do with Tyki wanting to keep the pleasures of both lives, as he doesn’t care much about humans, even when he is living among them as a homeless man. This makes him more attractive to anyone who likes irredeemable bad boys and it’s why he has the second place on our list.

1. Yuu Kanda

The last survivor of the Second Exorcist program, who was sent to the European Branch of the Black Order after the Alma incident that ended the Second Exorcist program. He was made in a test tube, and then genetically modified in order to be able to use the innocence of the Exorcist whose brain was used in order to grow his body. Due to said modifications, he has an incredible regenerative power that makes him apparently immortal. He is cold, stoic, and apparently arrogant, as he seems not to care at all for his fellow Exorcists. He lives to kill Akuma and nothing more. This is, in part, due to his experiences with Alma Karma and the Sixth Laboratory.

He’s 19 years old, physically, and mentally, but he is chronologically nine. He’s very handsome, with long blue-black hair, and very dark eyes. This makes Lavi tease him about him being pretty, while Allen tends to insist he has a girly face. And they are right, even if that annoys Kanda. He is the most attractive of the known exorcists. His attitude, his looks, and his absolute devotion to the cause make him the definitive number one in our list.

Final Thoughts

In a world filled with horrible monsters, finding beauty may be the only silver lining. And with a story as complicated and long running as D.Gray Man, it’s good to remember too that it has great characters who are not only visually attractive, but also complicated and intriguing. In a story filled with scenes with horrific body transformations –because the Akuma transformations are nightmare fuel even when they’re not shown in their entirety-, the very attractive characters make it easier to watch.

Of course, the series has many more characters. Between the Black Order’s European and Asian branches, as well as the Noah and some other extras, it is actually hard to make a list of just ten characters. So if we missed your favorite, please let us know in the comments below.

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