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Fairy Gone

Supernatural, Action, Police

Airing Date:
April 8 2019
October 6 2019

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Formerly fairies, they are now weapons...

In this world reside fairies, beings who have a special power that resides in them, which can possess animals. By taking out the organs of these possessed animals and transplanting them into humans, they can invoke the powers of the fairies themselves and fight. They are then used weapons of war by controlling the soldiers within whom the organs reside, and are known as ‘Fairy Fighters’. After the long war has finally ended, their role fulfilled, they had nowhere to go. Some became part of the government, some became part of the mafia, and some became terrorists. They each chose their own path to walk.

Nine years have passed since the war ended. Mariya, the main character of this story, is a young girl who has just been assigned to Terotea. Terotea is an organization dealing with the investigation and subjugation of illegal fairy-related incidents as a fairy management agency. In the midst of an unstable government, criminals bearing horrible pasts and pains from the war, appear and commit acts of terrorism.

This the story of these ‘Fairy Fighters’ resisting disorder in a post-war setting, each of them fighting for their own sense of Justice.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Mariya Noel

Voice Actor: Kana Ichinose

Mariya is a new member of the fairy management agency, Terotea. She can become possessed by a fairy even though she has not undergone the organ transplant surgery. In possession of a unique body, she decides to make the most of this ability. The village she was raised in was set ablaze doing the war and only she and her childhood friend Veronica survived. After being separated, Veronica has turned to a path of revenge as an assassin. Learning of this, Mariya enlists in Terotea, determined to stop her.

Free Underbar

Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno

Free is the Squadron Leader of the 1st Platoon Unit for Terotea. He is the one who persuaded Mariya to join and works frequently with her investigating illegal fairy incidents. He was a Fairy Fighter during the war and is a dual blade user. He has a frank side to him, but he looks after others well and his colleagues look up to him.

Veronica Thorn

Voice Actor: Ayaka Fukuhara

Veronica is Mariya’s childhood friend. After their village was burned to the ground during the war, they were the only two survivors left behind. She swears revenge on the traitorous general Ray Dawn, who was the mastermind behind burning the village to the ground. After doing so, she became a cold assassin who is excellent at hand to hand combat.

Ulfran Low

Voice Actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Ulfran is a fellow Fairy Fighter who fought with Free. After losing his wife and child due to the war, he became depressed about everything and became a terrorist. He’s a pragmatist and does not show emotion, but he does get fired up when fighting.

Celju Tova

Voice Actor: Yoshiki Nakajima

Celju is a member of the fairy management agency, Terotea. He is an excellent shoot, but he’s everyone’s friend and is often loose-lipped, so he’s not the greatest. He often takes unnecessary risks. Whenever Clara isn’t around, he becomes this serious, different person.

Clara Kisenaria

Voice Actor: Ayaka Suwa

Clara is a member of the fairy management agency, Terotea. She is logical and methodical. During the war, she was saved by Nein, a fairy. Due to this, she volunteered to undergo the fairy organ transplant surgery, and joined Terotea. Due to her affinity with fairies, she is often paired up with Celju and Badi, but she’s secretly unsatisfied with this.

Damian Kalme

Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu

Damian is a public fairy researcher. He conspires with Veronica to get their hands on the forbidden fairy book.

Jet Grave

Voice Actor: Hiroki Touchi

Jet is a hero of the Great War, and is one of the seven fairy fighter knights. He also has the unique name, Senkou. He was like a brother to Free and Ulfran, but he died protecting Free. That is when he entrusted Free with his fairy weapon, Virostille.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: KNOCK on the CORE by (K)NoW_NAME
    Still Standing by (K)NoW_NAME
  • Ending Song: Ash-like Snow by (K)NoW_NAME
    Stay Gold by (K)NoW_NAME
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Five fairy scholars
  • Director: Kenichi Suzuki
  • Script: Ao Juumonji
  • Series Composition: Ao Juumonji
  • Character Design: Takako Shimizu
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Original Illustrator: Haruhisa Nakata

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