Top 10 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Characters

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony recently released in the west and everyone is abuzz to see what is going on in the latest edition of the Danganronpa Franchise. Of course, with all the mysteries of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, we are also greeted by a whole new cast of characters who are a little more than interesting. If you’ve finished the game, we call you over to come check out our top 10 Danganronpa V3 characters who absolutely stole the show, Killing Harmony. Well, without further ado, here are our top 10 Danganronpa V3 characters.

Beware of spoilers if you haven’t played the game yet!

10. Shirogane Tsumugi

Shirogane Tsumugi, last place on our most interesting Danganronpa V3 characters list, is the Ultimate Cosplayer. Despite her rather bland appearance and personality, Tsumugi is renowned for her cosplay. She loves anything in otaku culture and you can hear a few fun otaku references coming from her from time to time. Evidently, she has worked many jobs prior to making it big as the Ultimate Cosplayer.

If you’ve already finished with Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, then you know that Tsumugi isn’t the plain Jane that she appears to be. In fact, she’s the one who snuck onto the spaceship and brought Monokuma onboard to orchestrate the 53rd Killing Game. Tsumugi is the 53rd Enoshima Junko, and you know you love Tsumugi just for bringing Junko back into the game. Of course, you have to love that Tsumugi can create a perfect replica of Junko and everyone else. It’s pretty fun to see her change into character to character from the first two games. So while Tsumugi may appear to be a plain Jane, looks are deceiving.

9. Amami Rantaro

Ninth on our list of interesting Danganronpa V3 characters is Amami Rantaro, the first victim in Danganronpa V3. Oh yes, Rantaro is a rather mysterious individual at the beginning and is given the title of Ultimate ??? because even he could not remember his own talent.

Rantaro is one of the more interesting of the 20 Danganronpa V3 characters that were introduced because he cannot remember his own talent but he does know of two words: Ultimate Hunt. Rantaro brings in the most intrigue right from the start of Danganronpa V3 and even in his death, you know you have questions for him! Of course, learning that he is the Ultimate Survivor who managed to survive one killing game and was forced to play another as punishment. This means he killed someone else in the 52nd Killing Game, doesn’t it? Hm...Guess we’ll never know.

8. Momota Kaito

#8 most Interesting Danganronpa V3 character is Momota Kaito who is the self-proclaimed luminary of the stars, and while that would actually imply astrology for most people, to Kaito, it is a great title for his being an apprentice astronaut. Kaito is a rather loud individual who believes in his friends no matter what. This kind of idealistic way of thinking makes it a bit difficult in a game like Danganronpa V3.

Kaito has to be one of our favorite characters from Danganronpa V3 and for good reason. Throughout the game, he kind of acts like a lovable idiot who brings Shuichi out of his shell. Kaito does the same with Maki. And while Kaito is a little bit hotheaded, he does everything for his family and dreams. Let’s not forget the fact that Kaito snuck in and took the astronaut exam illegally while being underaged and managed to get in and become the youngest astronaut ever. Then when Maki attempted to kill Kokichi, Kaito put his own life on the line to save Maki from being the blackened because he didn’t want her to be a murderer. Kaito is a man who pursues everything he wants and lives by his ideals; those traits alone makes him an interesting Danganronpa V3 character.

7. Yonaga Angie

The 7th place entry on our Danganronpa V3 characters list has to be the rather eccentric, Yonaga Angie. Angie is the Ultimate Artist who originally came from an island that she deems The Island. Thus, she tends to dress in more island fashion. Angie worships a god called Atua, who is the deity of her island. Per Angie, she is capable of hearing Atua’s voice and so she communicates Atua’s wishes for them. Angie also states that her body is merely a vessel for Atua to create great art. At the beginning, Angie asks Kaede if she would be interested in giving a blood sacrifice to Atua.

Out of the rather strange cast of Danganronpa V3 characters, Yonaga Angie is definitely one of the strangest (although not that well liked, thus her ranking). She is airheaded and talks to a god in her mind who takes blood sacrifices. At one point in the game, Angie started forming a cult and gathered a good number of students and take control of the school. While you didn’t have to be part of her religion, she sure wasn’t giving you freedom if you weren’t part of it. Let’s just say, we aren’t sorry to see her gone. Who knows what Angie would have done had her cult grown.

6. Tojo Kirumi

Coming in at 6th place of our Danganronpa V3 characters list is Tojo Kirumi who is also known as the Ultimate Maid. Kirumi is a rather mild mannered individual who is focused on fulfilling the needs of those who need her. She has been the maid of many notable people throughout Japan and while she is deemed as merely a maid, Kirumi is more than capable of accomplishing any task so long as it is within her means. Even within the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, Kirumi is more than happy to see to the needs of her classmates to the point that they call her “Mommy” and take advantage of her services.

Tojo Kirumi is yet another favorite of ours because of her calm nature and desire to help others. She is beyond interesting from her past feats including helping out powerful families and saving girls from hostage situations. While Kirumi bears the title of Ultimate Maid, she really has talent in all aspects. She’s even one of the only Danganronpa V3 characters who we’ve seen had people cheer for her to escape her execution so that she could find freedom over punishment for her crimes.

5. Iruma Miu

And now we have our foul mouthed, golden brained beauty, Iruma Miu, as 4th place on our list of Danganronpa V3 characters. Miu is a rather loud mouthed young girl who is always boasting about her body or how popular she is. Most of the Danganronpa V3 characters have a hard time listening to her as much as they do Kokichi. Despite all of that, Miu is quite talented and is given the title of Ultimate Inventor.

Oh Miu, how could we ever forget you? She’s quite a loud individual who is constantly talking about how popular, sexually, she is amongst the boys. However, Miu has her reasons and her own situations that make her who and what she is. Despite her crassness, she does go through the trouble of helping her friends and inventing things whenever asked. Even when Miu didn’t like Kokichi, Miu was still willing to make things for him, although she should have watched her back a little, if you know what we mean.

4. Gokuhara Gonta

Our little wild child, Gokuhara Gonta, takes 4th place in our list of interesting Danganronpa V3 Characters. As a child, Gonta was raised by wild animals and now, in his teens, he wishes to repay his animal parentage by becoming a true gentleman. A lot of times, Gonta is driven by this desire to become a gentleman. Gonta is a real sweetheart who wants nothing more than to ensure his friends’ survival and peace. Since Gonta did not have friends growing up, he befriended bugs which has led to his becoming the Ultimate Entomologist.

Gonta is a riot with his large and muscular physique yet gentle demeanor. He may seem quite docile for the most part, since he knows he’s “dumb”, Gonta can get very excitable when it comes to his bugs. He ended up kidnapping everyone and keeping them hostage to have a bug meet and greet so that people would like bugs! Oh, but let’s not forget his kind hearted nature and how he was willing to commit a murder in order to save everyone from suffering from the awful truth of their circumstances. He’s such a lovable beast that you know his execution crushed you!

3. Harukawa Maki

Harukawa Maki first introduces herself as the Ultimate Child Caregiver in the demo and at the start of the game. Maki states that she doesn’t actually like children, but they seem to gravitate towards her. At the start, Maki is a bit cold towards Kaede and distant from the others.

Ah, the kuudere Maki is one that we shall not forget about. Maki is in fact the Ultimate Assassin who wanted to hide her identity in case it made people nervous. As such, she even guarded her research lab extensively to ensure no one would find out her secret. Maki is so guarded at first, but later, she begins to open up more and talk about how she was never given a choice to choose her victims, good or bad. Maki had to do all of the dirty work and never got to kill for her own reasons until she met Kaito. Her love to Kaito was so sweet as you see this little kuudere open up little by little and put her all towards her love towards Kaito. It was heartbreaking after Kaito’s execution, but Maki uses that as leverage to do greater things in the 6th trial. That’s why Maki stands at #3 of our top 10 interesting Danganronpa V3 characters.

2. Shinguji Korekiyo

2nd place for our top interesting Danganronpa V3 characters is Shinguji Korekiyo, the Ultimate Anthropologist. Korekiyo states he has a great interest in human beings and how their customs and traditions fall into place. He finds it interesting to see how many cultures come up with certain lore and still come up with lore that are similar to each other. Korekiyo is very effeminate in appearance and has stated that he takes a long time on his appearance every morning.

Right off the bat, Korekiyo is a weirdo. He’s creepy and his research lab is located on the creepiest floor with the eeriest background music. Korekiyo gets excited by the things humans do, even if it’s fighting for survival or killing people. And then, to top it off, he likes to perform seances and believes that his older sister’s soul inhabits his body after one seance, so he speaks to it and appears to be quite schizophrenic as he switches back and forth between characters. Let’s not forget that Korekiyo murders girls who he deems as worthy of being friends with his sister in the afterlife. Yeah, he’s definitely an interesting character.

1. Oma Kokichi

Oma Kokichi is a rather mischievous young boy who calls himself the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Or so he says, as Kokichi likes to laugh it off later. Kokichi does state that he is the leader of an evil underground organization with a thousand people at his disposal, but he has also stated that he is the head of all mafia organizations and organized crime syndicates because without him, everyone would destroy each other.

Right from the start, Kokichi is a chronic liar and a trouble maker. He makes things difficult by creating turmoil in the courtroom and messing with crimes. Then during the 4th trial, we all hated Kokichi for his hand at dealing Gonta’s fate. Kokichi manipulated Gonta to kill Miu and then helped Shuichi discover Gonta was the killer just for his own amusement. Afterwards, Kokichi took the credit as being a Remnant of Despair and took control of the school using the Exisals just for his own amusement. However, Kokichi’s personality becomes even more interesting when he laments about being trapped in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and asks Kaito to participate in his suicide to create a crime that even Monokuma could not figure out.

Final Thoughts

And that, folks, is our top 10 interesting Danganronpa V3 characters! Man, it was difficult but we someone managed to pick just 10 Danganronpa V3 characters. For those of you out there checking out this list, have you played the game yet? Who’s your favorite character? Are they on this list? Please feel free to share all of your thoughts about the Danganronpa V3 characters in the comments below!

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