Top 10 Danganronpa Executions

People love the Danganronpa series for a multitude of reasons. Some love the dark survival game stories and others love to play for the mystery solving gameplay. However, one of the things we love seeing—and we know we’re not alone here—is the new outlandish executions. Who will die next and how will Monokuma punish the guilty killer once you solve who it is? The executions in the Danganronpa games are always interesting and while there are loads haven’t you ever wondered which are considered the best of the series?

Well, wonder no more, reader. Here at Honey’s Anime HQ, we have re-watched all the executions—which was kind of painful, at times, we won’t lie—to figure out which of them were the absolute best. Spanning from the very first title to the more recent Danganronpa: V3, we created a list and have dubbed it the Top 10 Danganronpa Executions. We hope you enjoy this list as much as it filled us with both hope and despair writing it.

10. Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia Ludenberg begins our list of the Top 10 Danganronpa Executions in grand old fashion. Celestia, known for being the Ultimate Gambler, wasn’t one of the most developed characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc but that didn’t stop her from leaving quite a large impact on fans. Wearing goth clothes and being cute but rude, Celestia was just one of those girls you came to either love or hate though many would feel for Celestia once she was given the punishment for killing off Hifumi. Let’s face it, Celestia’s death wasn’t for the faint of heart.

Monokuma using his sick sense of humor mirrored Celestia’s execution based on her gothic appearance. Mirroring the famous witch hunts/trials, Monokuma had Celestia face The Burning of Versailles Witch. Tied to a stake and placed upon a pyre, Celestia was forced to endure being burned alive. Thus, Celestia was killed in a fashion fitting of her dark personality. We’re pretty sure this is a good indication of how dark some of these executions will be.

9. Leon Kuwata

other student of Hope’s Peak Academy and of the first Danganronpa game, Leon Kuwata was another murderer who would face a deadly execution. Leon was known as the Ultimate Baseball Star though his talents wouldn’t help much after performing the first murder. After Leon killed Sayaka Maizono, he would then use his baseball skills and try to throw the evidence away. Though thanks to many pieces of evidence being left behind at the crime scene, Leon would be tried and judged as the first to face execution in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc—if you don’t count the headmaster’s execution during the intro.

Leon’s execution—dubbed 1000 blows—would be a sick joke on his baseball legacy. Leon would be strapped up and placed in front of a batting cage pitching machine. We here at Honey’s Anime have gone to batting cages before in the real world and have felt the pain of a rogue ball hitting a shoulder or arm and how much it hurts. Now imagine being hit by 1000 baseballs at full speed. All we can say is that we legitimately cringed seeing Leon’s execution and we know we weren’t alone in that feeling.

8. Gonta Gokuhara

anganronpa: V3 was filled with some rather shocking and sorrowful moments. Though for us here at Honey’s Anime, one of the worst was seeing Gonta Gokuhara—the Ultimate Entomologist and gentlemen—being convicted of a murder he committed while being manipulated. Gonta, who was manipulated by Kokichi into killing Mio, knew the fate of his new friends if they should leave their imprisonment and see what awaited them on the outside. While Gonta’s reasons for killing were kind in nature, he still murdered someone and when he was revealed by Shuichi and tried as the blackened, his fate was sealed.

As per usual with the executions, Monokuma had a fitting death for Gonta and his love for the bug world. Tied up to a post in what looked to be a western-like town, Gonta was shot by Monokuma. However, the gun didn’t shoot bullets but instead shot insects that slammed into Gonta and began to inject him with their stingers. After a volley of these insects stung poor Gonta, he then faced a large mechanical bug that stabbed him in the chest. The lovable giant we had come to know in Danganronpa: V3 faced a death that was cruel on multiple levels and truly hurt all that loved him in both the game and real world.

7. Korekiyo Shinguji

If there’s one thing we’re sure of in the Danganronpa series, it’s that there will always be a slew of odd characters. Case in point, we direct your attention to Korekiyo Shinguji from Danganronpa: V3. Wearing a strange military uniform and acting very withdrawn and to himself, Korekiyo just creeped us out from the moment we saw him. Though things got even stranger when we learned of the past of Korekiyo when he faced his final moments as he represented two souls, his own and his deceased sister’s. Though its Danganronpa so strange should be expected right?

Korekiyo’s strange execution—titled the Cultural Melting Pot—showed Korekiyo being literally spun around and thrown into a pot to be killed. Though you would think this execution wouldn’t make our list when it seemed his death was done in literally one minute. No, the reason why Korekiyo is on this list comes in the form of what happens once he does die during the execution. Here Korekiyo’s soul flies into the sky and gets reunited with his sister’s soul. While at first it seems touching, it ends abruptly when Monokuma appears and exercises his spirit causing him to melt into oblivion. Weird, spooky and oh so strange makes Korekiyo’s execution one of the weirdest in Danganronpa: V3 and possibly the whole series of games.

6. Peko Pekoyama

With her might blades and tough demeanor many would have bet Peko Pekoyama from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair would have made it all the way to the end of the game. However, Peko wouldn’t make it beyond Chapter 2. Peko would die because she decided to obey her master Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu despite the severe consequences that would follow. With her master’s order in her mind, Peko killed Mahiru and thus, was doomed to be executed. Though Peko wouldn’t go out without a bang making her execution a fun thing to watch.

Fitting of an execution called the One Woman Army, Peko was placed above a cliff top and was forced to fight off tons of Monokuma samurai robots. Peko continuously destroyed one robot after another and we legit watched thinking maybe she could do the impossible. Maybe Peko could survive her execution through sheer willpower. Though things got worse when Fuyuhiko was thrown into the mix. While she continued to destroy robots that grew in size, Peko accidentally sliced her master injuring him. Cradling him in her arms, Peko was stabbed in the back and thus, finally perished. Though, at least, we learned Peko—alongside several others from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair—was only in AI form and was brought back to life in the anime series. Though we won’t forget how awesome it was to see Peko kill all those robots and why she took a spot on our list.

5. Kirumi Tojo

While Kirumi Tojo and Peko might come from two different entries in the Danganronpa series—Kirumi hails from Danganronpa: V3—they both share executions that make them truly awesome girls. Titled the Ultimate Maid, Kirumi wouldn’t seem like the tough girl type. Kirumi proves us wrong when she begins to dive into her backstory. Here we learn Kirumi’s past as not only a supremely loyal and awesome maid but also a powerful bodyguard and political shadow who worked behind the scenes of Japan’s Prime Minister. That’s why when Kirumi realized her death was imminent after being outed as the killer of Ryoma Hoshi, she didn’t let herself get killed without trying to escape.

With the shouts of her classmates behind her, Kirumi tried to escape her death. Kirumi tried to make an escape climbing up a thorn rope that seemed to lead to freedom. As she climbed the rope, Kirumi was hit by sawblades that tore through her skin and clothes. However, Kirumi survived those pains and made it to what looked like a light above. Unfortunately, Monokuma doesn’t allow such simple escapes in his executions and the light was actually just a painting of a sky and thus, Kirumi then plummeted to the ground when the rope broke. Kirumi might have died at the end of her execution like many others, but you can’t say she didn’t try to escape.

4. Kaede Akamatsu

Danganronpa: V3 was filled with surprises. Though one surprise in particular was when we learned of Kaede Akamatsu being the first to be fated for execution. Yes, our protagonist of Danganronpa: V3 was going to be the first killed off via a Monokuma execution. To make matters even worse was that Kaede’s execution was even more painful to watch seeing as how she was the protagonist we thought she was going to be for the entire game. Let us talk more about Kaede’s death and why it lets us place her on our Top 10 Danganronpa Executions list.

Seeing as how Kaede was the Ultimate Pianist, her execution was again another fitting one courtesy of Monokuma. Dropped from the faux courtroom, Kaede slammed onto a giant piano and seemed uninjured. Though Kaede’s pain was soon to come when she was roped by the neck and was used to hit the keys of said giant piano. Eventually, Kaede’s pain would cease when the song was finished and she was slammed by the piano’s cover filled with spikes. Kaede’s execution was both painful to see and to deal with seeing as how we had lost a girl we had just begun to come to love as our female protagonist.

3. Mondo Owada

ondo Owada known as the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader takes the 3rd place on our Top 10 Danganronpa Executions list. Coming from the first Danganronpa game, Mondo’s execution was easily one of the most brutal we’ve seen in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Realistically, Mondo’s execution could be considered the most visceral in all of the games if we really think about it. We have the proof to back up this claim by the way folks so give us a moment to explain.

Mondo, after killing Chihiro, was destined to a rather large execution thanks to Monokuma. Mondo would face the execution courtesy of a giant ball titled The Cage of Death. Here, our Ultimate Biker Gang Leader was tied to a motorcycle that continued to spin around the ball. You might be thinking this seems overly simple in comparison to the outlandish executions the Danganronpa series is known for but the ending is where things get extremely dark. A strange machine connected to the giant death ball spews out a small package which says Mondo Butter on it. We can only presume this is Mondo who has become like butter after being spun at such high speeds but what’s even creepier is seeing Monokuma then use said Mondo butter to eat a stack of pancakes. Once again Monokuma used Monodo Butter to eat pancakes. Do we need to say anymore?

2. Chiaki Nanami

Over the course of the several Danganronpa games that we’ve played, we have cared for a slew of females and males alike. Though Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair gave us one of our all-time favorite females known as the Ultimate Gamer. Chiaki Nanami was Hajime’s strength and love throughout the second game, and we understood why. Full of calm energy and kindness, Chiaki just made you feel like everything would be okay as long as her smile was there to greet you after a trial. Though Chiaki’s smile wouldn’t last and in turn, would pose to be one of the Top 10 Danganronpa Executions just because it hurt us so much to witness it.

After killing Nagito by accident, Chiaki faced her judgment as the guilty soul and faced execution. Monokuma’s planned execution for Chiaki—dubbed Please Insert Coin—fit her Ultimate Gamer status. First Chiaki was thrown into a room that represented Space Invaders and from here was shot by a tank that burst into the scene. Running for her life got Chiaki nowhere as she was then locked into yet another room where Tetris pieces were dropped alongside of her. This led to Chiaki’s space being left open for a straight piece where we then witnessed it being dropped on her and the area around exploding. Like the straight Tetris block, the fans of Chiaki had our hearts plummet to the ground thus making her execution one of the hardest to witness in all of the Danganronpa games.

1. Junko Enoshima

For those who have played all Danganronpa games, no one could argue that Junko Enoshima takes the top spot for having the worst execution of all the main games. The mastermind behind everything in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc—and basically all games after in some form or another—Junko’s execution was the literal sense of irony. Why you might ask? Well, assuming you might have forgotten, let’s explain why Junko’s punishment is the literal worst and best of this list.

After being tried in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc as the last to be deemed guilty, Junko was more than eager to accept her punishment. However, like everything else Junko does, it had to be done in style. Junko literally took every execution from the first game and made it into one grand execution. That’s right, folks, every execution in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc became Junko’s execution. What’s even scarier is that during these executions, Junko never once cried or got emotional. Instead, the living embodiment of despair smiled all while being set on fire, hit with baseballs, being smashed by machines and so forth. Needless to say we doubt anyone will disagree with us that Junko Enoshima’s execution in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc deserves to be on the top of our Top 10 Danganronpa Executions.

Final Thoughts

Some might think making a list of different executions might be a tad dark. However, executions have become a staple of the main series of Danganronpa titles. It is here we get to see the stories best art and most interesting moments as the character about to perish faces his or her last moments. What do you think about the Danganronpa executions list? Feel free to sound off in the comments down below and for more articles like this one—or ones less dark—keep stuck to us here at Honey’s Anime as our writers keep publishing more for you to enjoy!

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