Top 10 Characters in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

The sequel to the hit video game Danganronpa showcases 16 brand new characters who will participate in the revamped killing game. With fear and trepidation at every corner, the participants must hold on until 2 of them are left. However, a bigger mystery looms above them. With no memory of the prior selves, the lives of these 16 Ultimate students rests solely on themselves. Will they overcome despair and the urge to kill or will the conspiracy of Jabberwock Island claim their lives first?

Danganronpa 2, like its predecessor, is a critically acclaimed game that is showered with positive reviews. This mystery series has managed to always capture the viewer's interest, keeping them in suspense. What makes this series particularly dreadful is the fact that anyone could just die off. You think you just found yourself a favourite character? Well good luck, he/she may be the next to die off. No one is safe from the Mutual Killing Game. With that, we will count down the top 10 iconic characters of Danganronpa 2. Be cautioned as they will be spoilers so don't read on if you have not completed the game lest you fall into despair.

10. Sonia Nevermind

She is dubbed the Ultimate Princess. Hailing from a small European country, it was her destiny to one day ascend the throne in her country. Although she has a heavy responsibility on her shoulders, Sonia yearned to one day be accepted as a normal person with normal friends. Despite her nobility, Sonia has a down-to-earth mentality. However, she still has an aura of a princess as shown whenever she commands. Everyone who heard her commands will be captivated and will give her their undivided attention. Generally, she is a kind and thoughtful girl and cares deeply for her friends, no doubt to be accepted as one of them in the future.

Sonia is perhaps the only foreigner in this series which makes her a little unique. Due to the fact that she is not Japanese, her mannerisms when she tries to be Japanese is quite comical. Sonia can also be quite an airhead as shown when she often falls prey to Teruteru's perverse remarks. However, her naiveté is what lightens the tension in a tense environment. Often cool and collected in the game as well, it is no wonder that Sonia caught the attention of more than just a few people.

9. Akane Owari

Akane has a fiery personality and often acts in a masculine manner. Despite being the Ultimate Gymnast, she loves to fight. She is actually very nimble which aids her fighting style. As a result, Akane gets along well with Nekomaru Nidai. Aside from her active lifestyle, she is also shown to be quite a glutton, loving food above anything else.

The character concept of Akane is actually quite a simple one. Most of her Killing School Life revolves around two things: fighting and eating. That's... pretty much it. Even in trials, Akane is quite susceptible to the lies of others and can be taken aback if they revealed that they are lying. However, her enhanced senses have aided the investigation phase a number of times which makes her a valuable ally. Due to her laid-back nature, Akane is quite popular too!

8. Peko Pekoyama

Peko is the personal hitman and bodyguard of Fuyuhiko. She was raised from a young age in the Kuzuryuu household. Since she was young, Peko was trained to be merely a tool at the expense of Fuyuhiko with little regard to herself. She speaks in a formal manner and comes off as stern and unfriendly. Little is known about Peko except that she really does love animals.

Peko is the Ultimate Swordswoman and is unparalleled when it comes to the sword. Her knowledge of the sword is so immense such that she utilizes it in the most unorthodox of ways to clean up traces of her murder. What makes this character so particularly poignant is the relationship that she has with her master. Recognizing herself as a tool and nothing else, Peko paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of her master. Wanting him to be free from the island, she misdirected the flow of the trial proceedings so that Fuyuhiko would be blackened and be allowed to be set free. Her plan would be a success had Fuyuhiko seen her as her tool but as he didn't, it only led to her untimely and tragic death.

7. Mikan Tsumiki

Mikan is a timid and meek woman. Her low-self esteem is usually what causes others to prey on her. Her complex is at such a level that she would rather suffer the abuse of others than face loneliness. Although people do treat her nice at times, Mikan would misjudge their intentions as an attack, causing her to apologize profusely. Yet, Mikan does care for her friends deeply.

Her meek nature often captures the sympathy of the viewers. To that, most find Mikan to be lovable. As the Ultimate Nurse, Mikan had used her talents to provide the necessary care to her fellow students showing her loyalty to them even if some of them had treated her unkindly. In the end, everyone has their limits and when she was exposed as the culprit in the trial, Mikan’s personality took a drastic change. But even then, it only shows the extent of the injuries she had suffered in the past and just how much she is repressing making her one of the more pitiable characters in the series.

6. Hajime Hinata

Hajime was introduced to be a realist. Practical and pragmatic, he is shown to be sceptical as well, which is reflected in his prowess in the class trials. Logical and smart, most of the pivotal moments in the trials can only be achieved due to his efforts. He is also a direct person who often speaks what he thinks. However, he is shown to be quite compassionate, regretting the singling out of a culprit in a trial. Slowly, Hajime becomes more considerate and kind to his classmates such that many enjoyed his company.

Of course, the main protagonist deserves a spot on this list! Hajime's undoubtedly the character that we are the most used to. Hajime is the Ultimate Hope and of course, carries a significant amount of responsibility on his shoulders. Ultimately, he is still an Ultimate Despair but before that, Hajime is a person of many talents. He is shown to be quite caring despite having an aggressive attitude. Not to mention that the breakthrough of every case is also due to Hajime!

5. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

Fuyuhiko is the Ultimate Yakuza. The title alone can be quite intimidating. It does not help that he prefers to exude the aura of a lone wolf and is rude whenever someone interacts with him. Fuyuhiko even openly declares his non-intention to make friends and will not hesitate to kill anyone should they get in his way. After the death of his retainer, Peko, Fuyuhiko started to change as he realized everything he was doing was wrong.

What makes Fuyuhiko so memorable is his change after the death of Peko. It is through this one singular event that we see that he is not as cold and heartless as we all thought originally. Due to the title that he was given, he assumed an identity that he cannot uphold. It was never his intention to become a yakuza leader as he has his own values. This is shown when Fuyuhiko changed and becomes more open to others, even accepting their criticism of him. Truly, Fuyuhiko had a strong facade and no one would have known just how much his capacity to love is.

4. Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki is the Ultimate Musician. She is often seen as very energetic and upbeat. She is prone to doing crazy stuff and is just downright eccentric in general. Ibuki loves to talk and can jump from topic to topic so that she forgets the original conversation. Her eccentricity is sometimes too much to bear such that the others just deem her as weird.

Ibuki's personality is what makes the daily conversation interesting. She will pop in at the most unexpected of moments and inject her quirky dialogues. Ibuki also tends to break the fourth wall which is as always, quite amusing to watch. Perhaps the reason for her popularity is just her eccentricity and her ability to make any dialogue interesting. Really, when Ibuki appears on her screen, sometimes you can be in total disbelief at the things she says…

3. Gundam Tanaka

Gundam is the Ultimate Breeder. He is shown to have a deep connection with animals. Gundam names his personal pets the Four Devas of Destruction and calls himself the Dark Lord. He shares the same level of quirk as Ibuki but on a darker side. Though, we think that Gundam is just suffering a bad case of chuunibyou.

Gundam ranks high in the character polls. There is so much to love about this guy. Sure, we can see his chuunibyou but this character reeks of mystery. He never states his intention and is not keen on interpersonal relations. One of the most endearing moments in the game would have to be the aftermath of his execution in which his love for animals can move even simple-minded creatures such as hamsters to mourn his demise.

2. Nagito Komaeda

Nagito is the Ultimate Lucky Student. His talent is just well... being lucky... Due to his luck, Nagito even managed to get out of a number of tricky situations. Originally, he is shown to be quite optimistic and easy going. In the later part, Nagito is shown to have a distorted perception of hope such that it borders despair. However, the final piece of the mystery surrounding the academy was discovered by Nagito along with his intention. His intention was to have someone recognize him, to respect him and be called the Ultimate Hope.

Throughout the entire game, Nagito's actions have always been shrouded in mystery. Any action he does is not by chance and there is always premeditation involved. This portrays Nagito as a shrewd and calculating individual who is not as simple as he appears. Even towards the end, no one could understand his intentions and feelings as he had to reveal it himself. In the end, this enigma of a person is just as simple as all of us, Nagito simply wants the approval of others.

1. Chiaki Nanami

Chiaki usually appears to be sleepy and quiet. She is the Ultimate Gamer and her skills lie in playing a myriad of video games. She often uses gaming terms due to her talent and can doze off in the middle of a conversation (possibly due to late night gaming.. Chiaki is shown to deeply care about her friends and can be very observant as well of the behaviour of others. Although Chiaki seems to be quite knowledgeable, she lacks basic information on ordinary topics such as romance.

Why Chiaki tops this list would have to be the fact that she is the traitor of the whole program. However, being a traitor to a malicious software would just mean that she is the true embodiment of hope. After the rest was revealed to be Ultimate Despairs, Chiaki makes a return in order to motivate the protagonist, Hajime to not give up hope and lead the rest to freedom. In the end, she strongly believed in her schoolmates to the end. Chiaki will later take on a bigger role in Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou Hen where the truth behind her existence and her faith in her friends are revealed.


So that's our take on the Top 10 Danganronpa 2 characters. We understand that having your favourite character dying off is not very pleasant. However, that makes the character so much more significant and symbolic towards the story. After all, every character has their opinions on the way things should be run and their personal backstories contribute to the overall plot. So do tell us, which Danganronpa 2 character do you adore the most and why? Were you elated that they made a return in Danganronpa 3? Is your character not on this list? Tell us why they should be included in this list! Until next time!

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