Top 10 Dark Skinned Anime Girls

Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

It doesn't matter how you call it, black, brown, dark, tanned or chocolate – I’m talking about dark skinned characters in anime. They’re hard to spot if you’re not looking for ‘em but when you look closely, they’re not as rare as you’d think. Honestly, I’m always keeping an eye out for dark skinned characters, especially girls. Heh, no, it’s not some kind of Yuri fantasy, don’t jump to conclusions! Simply put, I’m dark skinned myself so sometimes I want to cosplay as the characters.

Sadly, tanned girls never receive much spotlight and almost never make it to the main character list. Regardless, many people still love these sun kissed beauties and I hope that’s the reason you came here! Once you go black, you never go back they say! You tell me after you see this list of choco-coated babes!

10. Miyuki Ayukawa from Basquash!

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 3, 2009 to October 2, 2009

Oh, it hurts me to put such a great character in the 10th position. Miyuki is well designed, and has great charisma. She’s a well balanced character, beautiful, and even part of the main cast! But sadly... in a really, really bad anime. Sorry fans.

A quick review: Basquash! is an anime about robots playing basketball, no joke, really. It’s as thought out as that sounds. It has lots of black people who’re fans of basketball living in some sort of ghetto from the future. Worn-down graffiti-filled basketball courts, people talking in strange accents, police chases and the ending song... oh... the ending song had to be a terrible wanna-be of Beyoncé’s first albums. I don't know if they studied Afro-American culture to the point of wanting to capture it all at once or if it was a plain insult. Whatever the reason, I felt a little dagger in my heart seeing Miyuki be part of this, and honestly, I dropped this anime after the first 5 episodes and skipped to the end.

But let’s focus on the character. Out of all the dark skinned characters in Basquash! I think Miyuki stands out the most because she’s literally, really black. No blue eyes, no cute fluffy attitude. She’s even matched with purple, pink and white! The colors that most matches dark skinned girls; I think the character designer really studied well to create her. She knows all about Bigfoots (the robots), fixes and modifies them. She’s a teaser; with double meaning conversations from the start, not only spicing up the basketball games but her advances on the main character too. In the end, she has very honest feelings towards Dan and she’s been keeping them to herself since her early puppy love days with him. In my opinion, this anime wouldn't have advanced if not for her.

9. Tatsumiya Mana from Negima! (Japanese: Mahou Sensei Negima!)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: January 6, 2005 to June 30, 2005

So before you guys kill me for choosing her over Kuu Fei, let’s get something straight. Fei is Chinese, get over it. The real and accurate dark skinned one here is Mana because she’s half Puerto Rican! Ehm, no, this has nothing to do with me being linked to this in any way. Okay. She’s not so popular but she does hit the target; those who’ve met caribbean dark skinned people can agree. I mean, exorcist plus guns and lots of cash involved? You can't get more latina than that, haha. Her attitude can be cold and scary, but that’s accurate too. I read somewhere that she made a comeback in a manga called UQ Holder! and in some fan fiction called Kuro Arashi, but since I’ve never read those, I won't even go near that! I hope she’s doing good!

As for the anime, she plays a supporting role in all of the Negima! metaseries. Negima! is about a 10-year-old boy who is a wizard and as his final test to obtain master wizardry status is to become an English teacher at an all-girls high school. Of course, these girls will make his life impossible. Why does this anime fall under Ecchi, Romance and Harem? Why does Maya always carry weapons? Guess you’ll have to see it now, huh?

8. Arumi Asahina from Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai (Abenobashi Magical Shopping District)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 4, 2002 to June 27, 2002

Main character in Abenobashi, Arumi is Sasshi’s best friend. She is the daughter of the owners of a restaurant called Grill Pelican. The story starts to shape up with the news that the family restaurant is leaving Osaka’s Abenobashi shopping district for Hokkaido. Due to an accident with a sacred statue that had some sort of influence on the balance of reality in Abenobashi, Arumi and Sasshi are transported through different worlds. The strange thing about these worlds is that they look like something out of Sasshi’s otaku imagination!

Arumi captures your heart from the start with her strange accent and her simple-but-cute ways. She’s always saying that having your health is the most important thing for people. She doesn't mind spending the day with Sasshi even though he’s a lazy otaku. She does seem to mind when he goes peep-perv with women and she hits him with the closest thing to her. Even if she looks so serene and calm, Arumi’s reactions are as funny as Sasshi’s.

7. Kaolla Su from Love Hina

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 19, 2000 to September 27, 2000

One of the many girls living in the Hinata house. She comes from the Kingdom of Molmol and she has a special power known only to her people of becoming an adult for one night a year. Her appearance changes and her attitude as well; but we all love the hyper cuddle monster better anyway. This eighth-grader is wild, hungry and always seems to have something up her sleeve. She almost only wears her school uniform barefoot (unless she transforms).

In the anime, she’s Shinobu’s friend and classmate. She serves mostly as a comedy relief but we’re always uneasy when it comes to her background story. She always makes it so obvious that she’s not Japanese; where on Earth is her country? Why can she transform? And why does a 13-year-old ask a grown man to kiss her? Her room is a jungle? What the hell could this girl be hiding? Watch this crazy girl in Love Hina and find out!

6. Rosé Tomas from Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: October 4, 2003 to October 2, 2004

If you have seen Fullmetal Alchemist, you know who this girl is. Rosé is the girl the Elric brothers meet in one of their first missions in the city of Lior. She seems a very religious well-mannered girl that is madly in love with her boyfriend. Well, it gets freakier than that. To put it better, she is blindly following Cornello’s teachings because she was promised she could bring her dead boyfriend back. She sort of tried to kill herself but Al saved her. Seems like a round ending for this character... or so we’d wish. Oh Rose, the things you’ve done girl! If you want to find out what happens to her, you’d need to see FMA and Brotherhood. I promise you, her story will leave a little scar on your heart.

In the second version of FMA, Rosé’s skin color is sort of white, what’s up with that? We all know she looks way better as a dark skinned gal! I don’t know if you’ve noticed the pattern between white clothes and tanned skin? Rosé’s clothes are of course, white and pink most of the time. Better go ahead and buy those purple shaded contact lenses, Rosé is our third character on the list with purple coloured eyes.

5. Mihoshi Kuramitsu from Tenchi Muyo!

  • Episodes: 26+
  • Aired: April 2, 1995 to September 24, 1995

No other character describes ditzy like Mihoshi. This sexy galaxy police girl is a main character in all Tenchi Muyo! series. Going from the top ranks to an almost isolation state in the police, she is sent to do easier jobs as a demoted officer as punishment because of all her mess-ups. She still messes up her job and ends up being saved by Tenchi, then, by impulse she moves in with him. Her simple-mindedness causes causality to go on her favor which comes in really handy later in the series.

This character is full of contradictions, she’s lazy and loves to sleep but she does the best house work and remarkable detailed field reports. She’s a klutz but also possesses the power to defeat the mighty Washu? What on earth is happening with this girl? ‘Ya better watch all the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries; her story changes or gets revealed little by little in all of them.

4. Choi Mochimazzi from Tamako Market

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 10, 2013 to March 28, 2013

Another barefoot tropical girl. Choi is polite and kinds towards others but when it comes to Dera, she is rigid and bossy. She’s mad because Dera is fat and that comes in the way of her fortune telling. She’s a fortune teller that uses royal birds for her work; she plays a bird shaped flute and the bird is supposed to inspire or ‘tell her’ the fortune’s target, even if Dera is too fat for the job, her predictions are accurate. She comes to Japan in search of a bride for the prince of her land but secretly, she loves the prince.

She’s so freaking moe and adorable! In her first appearance, for some reason we can see her exposed buns but who cares? Most of the time she’s wearing white clothes too! Though, that school uniform makes her look more obviously foreign than anything. Choi makes a comeback in the film Minami no Shima dera-chan where we can see how her daily life is with the Prince.

3. Urd from Aa! Megami-Sama! (Oh! My Goddess)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 7, 2005 to July 8, 2005

The eldest sister of the goddesses, well, half-sis. That would explain her skin color. She’s a mix of angel and demon, black and white… well you get it. Her devil side is more prominent, most times appearing more naughty and bad tempered than her heavenly sisters. In the anime she came down from heaven to break up the relationship of Belldandy and Keiichi but because of some troubles she ends up stuck on earth and flirting with they guy. She would never go too far with that flirting tease, because she loves her sisters more than anything and has a special connection with Belldandy.

She looks more like a sex god than a holy one, and she knows this all too well with the way that she dresses and the things she suggests. And let's admit it, her skin color also plays a good part of that sexiness. In her demon form, Urd’s dress is as sexy as her regular form but I prefer her with the hair down and dark purple dress. The beauty of a goddess with a dash of demon attitude, yes please.

2. Ikumi Mito (Nikumi) from Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 4, 2015 to September 26, 2015

The tanned girl “Nikumi” really worked her way up in our top 10 list. At first I thought she was “that” character that would only show cleavage shots or that Erina follower we’d grow to hate. Due to her stubbornness, it took me by surprise that she turned into Souma’s friend and a sweet Tsundere so fast into the series. What I most like about her is that she’s American and black! And also, blonde and green-eyed but with a tropical touch. It’s like they took both sides of U.S. citizens and mixed it into an accurate character.

I loved how she was named Mito, besides the “meat” part I wonder if her color has something to do with meat as well; like fried chicken or something. That or they just wanted to go with the fake tan thing. In my opinion she’s the female character that stands out the most in this anime. Besides her flashy clothes she really has a character going on. Talented, confident, competitive, cute and sexy... she’s too good to end up with Souma, someone please find her a real man!

1. Iris from Pokemon Best Wishes! (Pokemon: Black & White)

  • Episodes: 84
  • Aired: September 23, 2010 to June 14, 2012

From Unova region’s Dragon Village comes our first in the list, Iris. Her name is based on a flower native to Africa and North America, so she was bound to be dark skinned. She may not be sexy or as cute as the others but she is one of the best Pokemon characters so far. Besides having more screen time than the rest of the girls on the list, she is also a very popular girl among Pokemon fans, second only to Misty.

She loves dragons and is already strong enough to become a gym leader despite her young age. She’s a gym leader in the Pokemon Black and White games and one of the best trainers of Unova tournaments. Her goals are set and reached, unlike the childlike Ash (Satoshi). Besides dragons, she likes berries and the wilderness (ugh, another “wild” girl) and dislikes Ice Pokemon just like dragon types do.

For her attire, she has all the colors of the previous characters: white, pink, purple and yellow, but keeping her eyes brown; at least that part is realistic. Her trademark is hiding Pokemon in her hair and is the only person known to do so. In the series, she changes clothes many times, the best ones being her school uniform, shrine maiden outfit, or her green dress (the latest being a possible reference to the dark skinned Disney princess Tiana, who also wears a dress of similar colors and tiara). In Pokemon BW 2 she becomes the Pokemon League Champion. She looks older and her main clothes change to a pink shaded gown, which looks epic.

Villeta Nu (Code Geass)

I’m sure not many will disagree with my selections since good dark skinned female characters are hard to find. So this time I want to try something a little different in the comment box. You guys go ahead and list all the dark skin girls you can think of and help everyone find these rare delicacies! I know there’s one in Punch Line, in .hack and a few more within the anime I picked these girls from. Where else could we find ‘em?? For now I’ll hoard white clothes, purple accessories and blonde wigs for my cosplay of dark skinned girls.

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