[Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Fate Grand/Order Waifus (Japan Version)

With over 12 million downloads on the Japanese server, Fate/Grand Order has become one of the most popular JRPG mobile games to date. Expect to see at least 5 Fate/Grand Order cosplays at a convention or cosplay meetup. This JRPG always keeps you busy with an intriguing main story, fun and addicting events, plus top tier waifus. For this list, we’ll be counting down the best FGO waifus on the Japanese server only. Check out our Top 10 Fate/Grand Order Waifus North American version list when you have the time.

At the time of writing, the following best girls are only in the Japanese server, with a release in the NA server forthcoming. We’ll be looking into each waifu’s stats, design, and personality. If you play the NA server only, there will be slight spoilers. So if you don’t want to know any of the upcoming servants, please look into our previous list once again. With all that said, let’s get onto the list.

10. Katsuhika Hokusai

Hokusai is the newest servant on this list. Hokusai is a limited five star servant from the latest class, Foreigner. Oh, do you think we’re talking about the pretty maiden? Although the lovely lady you see before you is the main fighter, Katsuhika Hokusai is actually the cute little mascot floating next to her. In the exact same situation as Orion, Hokusai was originally a male human. But after being summoned as a heroic spirit, he was turned into an octopus, so his daughter, Katsushika Oi, stepped in to take care of the fighting. But since Hokusai’s name is on the official summoning card, none of us can help but call his daughter Hokusai as well.

A lot of thought went into Hokusai’s design. Each ascension card, attack card, and her noble phantasm animation is inspired by the real Hokusai’s paintings. Hokusai always gives it her all, making sure she lives up to her father’s expectations. The two make for an adorable duo, as they argue about art and the like. Hokusai’s stats aren’t bad either. She has a max attack of 12,100 and max hp of 13,230. Meaning she can fight for long periods of time and pack a punch.

9. Oda “Nobu” Nobunaga (Berserker)

When Nobu first appeared, she was summoned (or rather, given to us for free) as an archer in the GUDAGUDA event. Two years after her debut, Nobu was given a berserker form and a swimsuit! Now we get to see what’s underneath that military uniform; rage and a killer body! Not only that, but berserker Nobu changes skins with each ascension, unlike her archer counterpart. And each one more epic than the last. Nobu wields a large guitar that’s also a chainsaw, plus it summons a giant skull to kill her enemies.

Her stats are pretty average for a 4-star berserker, but it’s her skills that really do the damage. Particularly her first two skills. Nobu’s first skill gives her an evade for one turn and increases her buster card attack for 3 turns. Nobu’s second skill gains her more critical stars for 5 turns, recovers party’s HP for 5 turns, and charges party’s NP gauge by 3% for 5 turns. That alone is a pretty overpowered skill. Even better is that Nobu has a high star generation rate, so she can deal even more damage. Unfortunately, Nobu is an event servant, and can only be summoned during the summer event. Hopefully you were able to grab this flaming gal.

8. Tomoe Gozen

Have you ever met a person who seems nice on the outside, but is actually hurting on the inside? That’s who Tomoe Gozen is. Tomoe suppresses her fury and rage behind a loving disposition. On her bond profile it states “The physical strength to pluck a human head barehanded--- is there.” With all that suppressed anger, we’re surprised that Tomoe wasn’t summoned as a berserker. Instead, Tomoe is a 4-star archer servant. Her deck is made up of mostly buster and arts cards, and has a buster noble phantasm.

Tomoe’s skills not only increase her damage, but HP as well. Her first skill increases her party’s attack and her own NP damage for 3 turns. Tomoe’s second skill increases her star generation and absorption rate even further for 3 turns. And her final skill gives her guts for 5 turns and increases her max HP for 5 turns. Tomoe’s skills match her lore perfectly, and it only makes us want a berserker form even more. Honestly, with skills like these, we’re surprised Tomoe isn’t a 5-star.

7. Osakabehime

Osakabehime is the very definition of waifu goals. She’s a total fujoshi who spends most of her time buying figurines. Osakabehime is probably the most relatable servant. She’s an introvert, has poor social skills, only shops online, has no friends in real life, and wears a long hooded bunny cloak. Although she’s a hikikomori, Osakabehime does have friends online. Ever since the beginning of the Fate/Grand Order story, Kiyohime and Tamamo no Mae have referenced a third “e-pal”. Two years later during the third Halloween event, Osakabehime was revealed to be that friend.

Osakabehime is a 5-star assassin servant. Her deck is mostly filled of quick and arts cards with a quick noble phantasm. Osakabehime is one of the highest star generators in the game at 24.6%. So if you do a quick chain along with her quick noble phantasm, be prepared for a one-hit kill with all those crit stars she generated. Unfortunately, Osakabehime’s skills aren’t very useful with the exception of one. Her second skill, Chiyogami Manipulation, can charge any ally’s noble phantasm gauge and increase their critical star generation for 3 turns. She may not be the strongest servant, but Osakabehime has a lovable personality and can provide your team with a good amount of crit stars.

6. Mysterious Heroine X “MHX” (Alter)

We laughed at the hilarious Mysterious Heroine X during the Saber Wars event. An assassin servant with a “saber face” whose mission was to destroy any other saber face. She was a decent servant, but give her madness enhancement, and you’ve got MHX Alter. Most alter forms have the servant looking evil, and wearing a very sexy outfit. MHX Alter on the other hand, looks innocent, and even covers half her face (at least with her first ascension). In fact, she’s not even considered to be evil, but neutral.

Like her assassin form, MHX Alter wields a lightsaber-like excalibur. In her first ascension, MHX Alter wears a school uniform and a winter coat. With her second form, MHX Alter sports a school gym uniform. And with her final form, MHX Alter wears a Darth Vader like outfit, with thigh high socks and garters. Now that MHX Alter is a berserker, she can deal heavy damage to all classes. But MHX Alter is still on a mission to wipe out all saber faces, therefore she deals extra damage to saber class servants. Who knew something this cute could be so terrifying.

5. Queen of Sheba

Come on, you know she’s a top tier waifu since “queen” is in her summoning title. Unlike the majority of the servants on this list, Queen of Sheba is not limited. You can summon her anytime you want in the story gatcha after you complete the Salem story. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Queen of Sheba is gorgeous. Her rich dark skin, flowing purple hair, curvy body and revealing clothing make everyone swoon. Her personality, on the other hand, is not very attractive.

Queen of Sheba is a very greedy woman. Even though she’s already rich, Queen of Sheba has tried to buy off King Solomon for his knowledge and riches. However, King Solomon was able to see through the lies, and because of that, Queen of Sheba took a liking to him. Queen of Sheba is a very interesting servant. While her stats and skills aren’t worth noting, since they’re very poor for a 4-star servant, she has a unique personality that makes her memorable.

4. Nero Claudius (Caster)

We already love the loud and proud 4-star saber version of Nero. We whaled hard to summon the 5-star saber servant, Nero Bride. But when Nero caster comes to the NA server, just about everyone will be spending their life savings in hopes of summoning this op servant. Nero doesn’t have a weak form. Whether she’s on offense or defense, Nero will always be able to contribute to the team. But caster Nero is able to do both. Caster Nero is able to heal herself, increase her attack, and do the same for one ally.

Nero loves to boast about her beauty, so of course each ascension outfit screams “Here I am, world!” Since she is a summer event exclusive servant, Nero wears a striped red and white bikini. Nero then changes into a red dress and is equipped with two giant gold water guns on her back. Finally, Nero wears the same swimsuit from the first ascension, while wielding the water guns and a sword, but has a long white cover-up that she leaves open. Nero is without a doubt one of the most powerful casters in the game, so hopefully you plan to summon her in the NA server.

3. Minamoto no Yorimitsu “Raikou”

Commonly referred to as Mama Raikou for being a woman that takes charge. Already have a powerful 5-star berserker like Cu Alter or Sakata Kintoki? Although they are powerful in their own right, both Cu Alter and Sakata Kintoki have single target noble phantasms. Mama Raikou has an AOE noble phantasm, and a broken one at that. Raikou was made to obliterate any and all enemies that stand in her way. This makes her an ideal farming servant as well as the perfect boss killer.

Raikou also has skills that enhance her attack toward certain enemies. Her third skill, Mystery Killer, allows Raikou to deal a special attack to magical enemies and servants with earth or sky attributes for 3 turns. Being a berserker class servant, she can die easily at any moment. But Raikou comes out on top by having a skill that not only increases her buster card damage but supplies her with an evade. Basically, Mama Raikou is the exact definition of a powerhouse.

2. Ishtar

We all love Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night. She’s a tsundere, she’s smart, has stunning legs, and makes the cutest blushy faces. But Rin is a master, so the only way for her to enter the world of Fate/Grand Order is to become a pseudo servant. Off screen, Rin got possessed by the goddess Ishtar. Even though Rin’s loveable personality is gone, we at least see her physical body.

Ishtar acts a lot like Nero but in a more bratty way. Ishtar thinks shes better than anyone else, and looks down on humans. But maybe she has a right to, being that Ishtar is one of the top 10 most powerful servants in the game. Ishtar’s max attack (without being grailed) is 12,252, and has a max HP of 13,965. Ishtar has a buster AOE noble phantasm that you can use in a buster brave chain. On top of that, Ishtar has two skills to buff her attack, and one skill that’ll grant her an 80% to be invincible. Yeah, Ishtar is pretty OP.

1. Musashi Miyamoto

Musashi is all about buffing herself to make her even more powerful than she already is. Her deck is filled with mostly buster cards, and has a buster noble phantasm. Her skills further increase her damage by adding extra hits to her normal attacks and strengthening her buster card. Plus her own noble phantasm boosts her NP damage. Sounds like we’re talking about a berserker, right? But Musashi is actually a saber.

Musashi stands proud and always has a smile on her face. She dual-wields two flaming katanas, and can summon a beast who wields four katanas. Although Musashi sounds like a stone cold killer, she has a very soothing demeanor. With each ascension, Musashi adds to her already gorgeous kimono with sleeves and length. Musashi is fierce, yet friendly, and that’s a combo nobody can turn down.

Final Thoughts

We’re so excited to see these amazing servants come to the North American server of Fate/Grand Order. But if you play the Japanese version, have you summoned any of these waifus? Who are your waifus of Fate/Grand Order? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as we can. Till next time!

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