Top “10” Fossil Pokemon

In one way or another, everyone has heard of Pokemon, whether they have a passion for it or not. Even if you do have a passion for Pokemon, you may have an interest in one or more aspects of it. Maybe you have a strong desire with collecting the many Pokemon cards that have been made. Maybe you really enjoy watching the Pokemon TV show, still going strong to this day. Maybe you’ve really gotten into Pokemon Go, the newest take on the Pokemon phenomenon. Or maybe you grew up with and still have a strong desire to play the handheld Pokemon video games.

One of the reasons the handheld Pokemon video games are still going strong is the unique battle system the games operate on. With unique combinations of Pokemon teams to create based off the strengths and abilities of certain Pokemon, there are all kinds of debates as to what the best strategy is as well as the best team to win with. Among all the different types of Pokemon there are, the Fossil type is unique in the sense that the selection is very small; there are currently only 11 Fossil Pokemon spanning the 6 generations thus far. There may be some Pokemon that are similar to this type; for example, Genesect was revived from a fossil (even though it’s not by you). However, in actuality, there are only 11 Pokemon actually classified as “Fossil”, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are the Top “10” Strongest Fossil Pokemon.

11. Bastiodon

  • Generation: IV
  • National Pokedex: 411

It’s generally agreed that when it comes to Fossil Pokémon, Bastiodon just can’t cut it as opposed to the others. Bastiodon’s greatest assets are a strong Defense and Special Defense, but there’s a reason as to why he’s considered to be at NU tier; those are the only strengths he has. His typing isn’t really good since both Rock and Steel aren’t exactly the best (not to mention he struggles against many common moves), and both his Attack and Speed are not at a level where he can reasonably be competitive. Often times his movepool usually revolves around his defense, such as Roar, Stealth Rock, Magic Coat, and Toxic, and that can be decently effective. In addition, Bastiodon can also be difficult to revenge kill because of his defenses as well as his Sturdy ability. Apart from that, however, Bastiodon does not have that much going for it in terms of typing, speed, and offense.

10. Aurorus

  • Generation: VI
  • National Pokedex: 699

Aurorus is a solid Pokemon to use in terms of the NU tier. His Refrigerate and Snow Warning abilities (depending on your preference), Ice typing, and significantly high HP can result in some interesting strategies. Some interesting moves to consider include Frost Breath, Hyper Beam, and Ancient Power for the attack as well as Protect and Blizzard for the defense. However, the attack set would be the be the better option to consider, as a weakness to the attacking types commonly used, as well as a bad defense in general, leave Aurorus with a weak movepool to consider from in the first place. An interesting choice to consider, but limited options.

9. Armaldo

  • Generation: III
  • National Pokedex: 348

Armaldo is a solid Fossil Pokemon to consider if done correctly. He has good Attack stats, a high Defense, he is a solid NU spinner, and he has some good abilities to choose from, such as Stone Edge and Battle Armor. His movepool is also solid; some of the best moves to consider are Swords Dance, Earthquake, and X-Scissor, especially if you’re thinking of building him as a tank. However, a common weakness that he shares with the weaker of the Fossil-type Pokemon is that being both Rock and Bug, he’s susceptible to fairly common types/attacks, and he has no recovery move that he can rely on. That being said, depending on your strategy, Armaldo can still serve as a solid Tank on your team.

8. Carracosta

  • Generation: V
  • National Pokedex: 565

Being a Water/Rock type, Carracosta is definitely an unusual Fossil Pokemon, especially given the fact that Swift Swim or Solid Rock are abilities to consider for him. With a reasonable Defense, Toxic is a move to heavily consider for Carracosta, especially since his Attack and Speed leave him at a disadvantage. You also can’t go wrong with Earthquake as well. However, Carracosta’s typing, while unique, is unfortunately poor against many opponents. In addition, Carracosta can be revenge killed without any effort. That being said, with a solid Defense as well as movepool to choose from, all hope isn’t lost with this Pokemon.

7. Omastar

  • Generation: I
  • National Pokedex: 139

Another Water/Rock type, Omastar is very similar to Carracosta: a solid Defense with several abilities to consider, such as Weak Armor or Shell Armor. Omastar is also strong when it comes to using the Shell Smash technique, in addition to Ice Beam, Hidden Power, Ancient Power, and Toxic. However, Omastar is also similar to Carracosta in terms of weaknesses; Omastar’s typing isn’t the best, and while it’s Attack and Speed aren’t necessarily bad, there are definitely better choices, especially when it comes to Fossil Pokemon. Still a solid choice to consider overall.

6. Rampardos

  • Generation: IV
  • National Pokedex: 409

Rampardos is definitely reverse of what the Fossil Pokemon at the bottom of this list are. Rampardos’ Attack stat is very high, and with great moves to choose from such as Earthquake, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, or Brick Break, Rampardos is a great powerhouse to use. What’s more, Rampardos’ Mold Breaker ability is certainly an advantage. However, being a single type (Rock) isn’t an advantage, and Rampardos’ Defense and Speed strongly contrast his Attack, leaving it to be easily revenge killed after getting off its attack. While Rampardos may not go the distance in battling, it certainly has the strength to do some serious damage.

5. Kabutops

  • Generation: I
  • National Pokedex: 141

Kabutops can be deadly if used correctly. Another Rock/Water Fossil-type Pokemon, Kabutops serves as an example that can be a powerhouse if powered up correctly. With his Swift Swim ability as well as moves such as Rain Dance or Swords Dance to power up his other moves such as Waterfall or Aqua Tail, Kabutops’ attacks can make up for his subpar typing, Defense, and Special Defense. Another example of a Pokemon who can be a great addition to your team in terms of attacking power, Kabutops can also last longer due to having a more solid Speed and Defense than other Fossil Pokemon.

4. Archeops

  • Generation: V
  • National Pokedex: 567

Archeops is definitely a Fossil Pokemon to legitimately consider if you’re tactic is to hit your opponent fast and hard. With an extremely high Attack, great Speed to compliment it, a Rock/Flying typing, and moves such as Acrobatics, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, and others to choose from, Archeops is a Fossil Pokemon you can certainly rely on in terms of getting the first blow in and having that blow do some serious damage. Were it not for its Defeatist ability (stats are lowered when Archeops HP is half or less) in addition to an already weak defense, Archeops would certainly be vying for the #1 spot on this list. As it is however, when it comes to Fossil-type Pokemon, Archeops is one of the best.

3. Tyrantrum

  • Generation: VI
  • National Pokedex: 697

Tyrantrum serves as a great example of a Rock-type Fossil Pokemon who is solid across the board in terms of its stats but at the same time has some legitimately great stats as well. With a solid Attack, a solid Defense, good abilities to choose from such as Strong Jaw or Rock Head, and moves such as Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Crunch, and others to choose from, Tyrantrum can simply dominate if its ability compliments its moveset effectively. Its only weakness mostly deal with not having a high enough Speed, resulting in opponents getting off their attacks first. Were it to have a much higher Speed, Tyrantrum could be considered the best Fossil-type Pokemon.

2. Cradily

  • Generation: III
  • National Pokedex: 346

Cradily is the ultimate defensive Rock-type Fossil-type Pokemon; its purpose in battle is to stall. With a solid Defense and Special defense as well as a moveset that includes Toxic, Stockpile, Sandstorm, Rock Slide, and Giga Drain, Cradily can be the bane of your existence if you are forced to face it and your ace in the hole if you know how to use it properly. This is before considering its Storm Drain or Suction Cup abilities as well. It may be lacking in the Attack department and have some weaknesses to manage, but overall, there’s just no getting past the fact that Cradily can be the ultimate defense if utilized properly.

1. Aerodactyl

  • Generation: I
  • National Pokedex: 142

A Rock/Flying Pokemon, Aerodactyl is without a doubt the strongest Fossil-type Pokemon thus far. Speed is a crucial stat to have, and Aerodactyl’s Speed is superb. Not to mention the moveset to choose from: Aerodactyl can not only have powerful attacks such as Earthquake, Aerial Ace, or Fire Fang, it can also specialize in attacks that can cause flinching in opponents, such as Crunch, Iron Head, and Rock Slide. This isn’t even considering the fact that it has a Mega evolution that only enhances its Speed, Attack, and techniques. It may not be the best when it comes to Defense or abilities to use, such as Pressure, but it’s advantages far outweigh its disadvantages enough for it to be considered the strongest Fossil-type Pokemon.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about Pokemon is that is no right answer when it comes to the strongest Pokemon team to use or the best way to win. Offense? Defense? Both? There are so many abilities, attacks, and other info to consider, ad Fossil Pokemon are no different. That being said, here are the top “10” Strongest Fossil-type Pokemon. What do you guys think? Should certain Fossil Pokemon have been higher? Are the top Fossil Pokemon overrated? Let us know in the comments!

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