Top 10 Game Thursdays [Weekly Chart 09/08/2016]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome to our weekly Thursday gaming charts based on the sales ranking from Famitsu here in Japan! What's worth playing? Find out here!
  • Last week we saw a rush of new games enter the chart, but Tales of Berseria still remained one of the best-selling games. How are things looking now? Well, we have a few familiar titles, that's for sure...
  • So what's Japan playing this week? Check out the chart below and tell us if you've found anything new you want to play!


Yo-kai Watch Sushi/Tempura (3DS)

Yo-Kai Watch 3- Sushi


Tales of Berseria (PS4)

Tales of Berseria PS4

3. UP

Puzzle & Dragons Kami no Shou/Ryuu no Shou (3DS)

Puzzle and Dragons Kami no Shou

4. NEW!

The Witcher Wild Hunt (PS4)

The Witcher Wild Hunt (PS4)


Tales of Berseria (PS3)

Tales of Berseria PS3

6. UP

Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)

Pokemon Omega Ruby

7. UP

Minecraft Wii U Edition (Wii U)

Minecraft Wii U

8. UP

Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)

kirby robot planet 3ds


The King Of Fighters XIV (PS4)

The King of Fighters XIV

10. UP

Splatoon (Wii U)

Splatoon WiiU

Source: Famitsu

honeys anime character
Woah, lots of comebacks this week! Splatoon, Kirby, Minecraft and Pokémon fanbases are only getting stronger!

honeys anime character
Only one new game this week and I don't want to play it... Guess I should stick to the almighty Yokai Watch!