Top 10 Games Ranking [Weekly Chart 08/18/2016]

Puzzle and Dragons Kami no Shou

What You Need to Know:

  • Hear ye Hear ye! What's hot and what's not this week in games? Well there is only one place to check, the gaming charts! That's right, every week straight from the famistu ranking charts in Japan, we bring you the top 10 selling games.
  • Last week, we saw Etrian Odyssey and Dragonball Fusions toppel the might Yokai Watch and it's servant Puzzle & Dragons. Well what about this week?
  • It may surprise you as we only have one new game on the charts this week! Let's take a look below and see who is on top and where everyone falls.


Yo-kai Watch Sushi/Tempura (3DS)

Yo-Kai Watch 3- Sushi


Dragonball Fusions (3DS)

Dragonball Fusions (3DS)


Puzzle & Dragons Kami no Shou/Ryuu no Shou (3DS)

Puzzle and Dragons Kami no Shou


Ratchet and Clank The GAME

Ratchet and Clank the Game PS4


Etrian Odyssey V (3DS)

Etrian Odyssey V (3DS)


Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)

kirby robot planet 3ds


Minecraft Wii U Edition (Wii U)

Minecraft Wii U


Toukiden 2 (PS VITA)

Toukiden 2 Ps vita


Pokemon Green, Red, Blue & Yellow Digital Release (3DS)

Pokemon Virtual Console Release Official


Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)

Pokemon Omega Ruby

Source: Famitsu

honeys anime character
Huh... I am surprised that Yo-kai Watch is back on top. That being said, you can still see the effects of Pokemon GO with both of the bottom two selling almost 10000 copies each this week alone.

honeys anime character
Puzzle and Dragons is so much fun! I cannot wait to get my hands on Ratchet and Clank though.