Top 10 Hilarious Hatsukoi Monster (First Love Monster) Characters

Everyone loves a good rom-com. You have the classic boy meets girl scenario and hilarity ensues from there. However, Hatsukoi Monster takes the hilarity and multiplies it by ten. That’s why we’re here to show you ten of the funniest characters from this wacky comedy. Seriously, who would’ve thought a seemingly innocent shoujo anime would have the vulgar humor of a seinen series. Since comedy is subjective, we’ve based this list on which characters had the most jokes. With all that said, let’s get onto the list.

10. Daikoku Nikaido

Kaho’s older brother is unique to say the least. At first glance, Daikoku acts like a loving older brother. Then, we notice that he’s a little bit overprotective. Finally, we see his brotherly love go overboard as he obsesses over Kaho. He’ll collect items that Kaho used and seal them in a plastic bag.

Daikoku was introduced late into the series and doesn’t show up much even after he’s introduced. Before we met him, Kaho said that Daikoku was studying in America. She’d call and write to him, and tell Kanade how nice he was. Sadly, Kaho never realized how strange her older brother really was.

9. Kaho Nikaido

Kaho comes from a wealthy family. She was given the world, but wanted to become independent. Therefore, Kaho moved away to live in a dormitory. Kaho is a very sweet girl, and a cutie to boot! She may sound bland to some, but what makes Kaho funny is her reaction to the craziness around her. Kaho is the normal one out of the wacky cast, but she’s also clueless.

Depending on the situation, Kaho will either freak out or not realize that something is off. For example, Kaho is shocked to find out that Mafuyu has an unhealthy obsession with Kanade’s dad. But Kaho doesn’t pay any mind to the strange antics of her boyfriend and older brother. Kaho’s reactions are both adorable and hilarious.

8. Chiaki Yokochi

Unfortunately, Chiaki doesn’t appear too much throughout the series’ runtime. But Chiaki left a huge impression on us. Like Kaho, Chiaki’s humor comes from her reactions. Only Chiaki will react with witty remarks and violence. For whatever reason, Chiaki is Arashi’s girlfriend. We don’t know why someone as smart as her would go out with a creep like Arashi. When these two are together, Chiaki usually yells or harms Arashi for making inappropriate remarks at girlish looking boys.

Although this is pretty mean, we cannot help but laugh when Chiaki brutally insults Shinohara. Sometimes, she’ll just flat out embarrass him for laughs. With a personality like this, we’re surprised that Chiaki isn’t going out with Taga. Chiaki always has the perfect comeback, so if you try to tell her off, you’ll end up crying with Shinohara in a corner.

7. Kota Shinohara

Shinohara is another cutie from Hatsukoi Monster. He’s shy, nervous, but also adorable. Very quickly, Shinohara develops a crush on Kaho, but never works up the nerve to confess his feelings. Sadly, Shinohara is bullied all the time. Whether it be by Taga, Chiaki, or even the children, Shinohara is never left alone. Even in the end credit skits, Shinohara is made fun of for being a virgin. This makes for a lot of heartbreaking moments, so where’s the comedy?

Again, this is a little mean, but the laughs come out whenever Shinohara is thrown into one of Kanade’s schemes. Kanade uses Shinohara as his personal plaything. He’ll have Shinohara wear girl clothes, or participate in strange games. Even though Kanade is way younger than Shinohara, he can’t build up the courage to say no.

6. Atsushi Taga

Let’s just get this out of the way; Taga is super handsome. Sure, he was a total jerk in the beginning, but that didn’t stop us from falling in love with him. Taga will use his looks to meddle in Kanade’s plans. Taga also likes to tease and belittle others for his own amusement. But we get our assument by seeing how smug he can really be. Not making much sense? Take Kazuma from Konosuba; someone who is also a jerk, but still makes us laugh for being so mean to others. It’s a little odd when you point it out, but hey, we can’t help it.

During Hatsukoi Monster’s second half, Taga grows into a more caring person rather than a bully. He’ll get all tsundere if you point it out, but at least he changed into a better person. Instead of trying to toy with Kanade, he’ll watch him and his friends to make sure they’re safe. If Kaho is in danger, Taga will come out to protect her. He’ll still make a snarky comment or two, but at least that’s better than the alternative.

5. Kazuo “Kaz” Noguchi

Unlike his friends, Kaz actually looks like a fifth grader. Unlike his friends, Kaz doesn’t play pranks, or cause trouble. Kaz likes to spend his time reading, studying, and keeping his friends in check. Even though Kaho is older than him, Kaz will give advice to her. It is hilarious seeing a fifth grader be so serious towards everything. Heck, Kaz doesn’t dress like a child at all. Instead, Kaz looks like a character from Black Butler, and wears Victorian coats and boots.

We’re not sure how a mature child like Kaz befriended a bunch of delinquents, but we’re glad at least one of the children has their head on straight. But this doesn’t mean Kaz never gets roped up in wacky scenarios. One time, Kaz developed a crush on a mysterious woman who ran down the hall. Little did he know that the beautiful maiden was Shinohara in a crossplay! And let’s not forget all the times Kaz called the police on Arashi for sexual harassment.

4. Mafuyu Hayashi

If this were a “Top 10 Craziest Hatsukoi Monster Characters” list, Mafuyu would be number one without a doubt. She only appears twice in the show, but has an entire episode dedicated to her. Mafuyu first presents herself as a beautiful young lady, with a soft voice and consideration for others. But this is Hatsukoi Monster, so there’s gotta be something off about her. Mafuyu is only acting like a normal girl in front of Kanade’s dad. When he’s not around, Mafuyu’s voice changes to a deeper tone, and curses like a sailor.

Mafuyu will steal Kanade’s dad’s underwear, and go ballistic if you tell her to stop. By ballistic, we mean completely transforming her body into something out of The Exorcist. She’ll jump out when you least expect it and threaten to kill you. Mafuyu also grows in strength, and will toss crates at you. Unfortunately, Mafuyu doesn’t see anything wrong with her “love” for Kanade’s dad, and continues to steal his underwear.

3. Kanade Takahashi

Kanade is a fifth grader, but doesn’t look like one at all. He’s taller than the rest of his classmates, and has the voice of a teenager. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” as they say. Even if he doesn’t look it, Kanade acts childish all the time. He’ll try to look cool in front of his girlfriend, and even save her like he’s a prince, but Kanade loves to pull pranks on the residents at the dorm. Kanade also loves to go to the candy store, play with his food, and make jokes about his “wee-wee” as he puts it.

Kanade lost his mother not too long ago. With no motherly figure in his life, Kanade developed a crush on Kaho and rescued her like a princess. The most important lessons he was taught were from his mother. At times, Kanade will quote his mother and follow through with her teachings. These moments are the few times we see Kanade maturing. He may be a fifth grader, but we can see how he was able to sweep Kaho off her feet.

2. Ginjiro “Gin” Sannomiya

Out of the four fifth graders, Gin is definitely the strangest. We’re not sure why, but Gin has taken quite a liking to pole dancing. When playing at the park, Gin will always slide up and down on the pole, and even do tricks on it. He also likes to wear a red bow tie without a shirt, and booty shorts with suspenders. But the strangest thing of all is his deep voice. We’re not kidding when we say that Gin’s voice sounds like the Japanese equivalent of Barry White.

Besides stripping and pole dancing, Gin likes to make wee-wee jokes with Kanade. He’ll also make jokes about sex and prostitutes. How does a child his age know about all this? We have no idea. Gin is neither smart nor stupid. Just because he wears glasses, doesn’t mean he’s a genius like Kaz. Gin will help out with Kanade’s plans, and anything else his friends need. He may be odd, but at least he’s not a bad kid.

1. Arashi Nagasawa

We hyped up this character throughout the list to prepare you for this. Arashi is Chiaki’s boyfriend, yet he openly admits that he desires little boy-girls. AKA, he loves little boys that have a girlish figure. Arashi gushes over preteen trap idol RenRen. He goes to all of RenRen’s concerts and collects all of his merch. But Arashi’s desires don’t stop there. Throughout the series, Arashi is constantly hitting on Kaz. And he’s not subtle about it either. Arashi will make phone calls to Kaz and ask what underwear he’s wearing or breath deeply for 30 seconds.

Sometimes, Arashi will go to the park and spy on the children playing there. Still not weirded out? Then what if we told you Arashi went to Kanade’s school sports festival to take pictures of the boys running? To make matters worse, RenRen was there. Although this all sounds very creepy, try to believe us when we say that Hatsukoi Monster presents these themes in a hilarious way. Of course, it would be nice to see Arashi go to jail for his actions, but at least we get a good laugh.

Final Thoughts

Hatsukoi Monster is a zany anime with even zanier characters. If you’re not easily offended, then you’ll have a great time with this anime. If you’ve seen Hatsukoi Monster, let us know who your favorite character is. Did you agree with our list? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as we can. Till next time!

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