Top 10 Impossible Pets in Anime You Wish You Could Have

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A lot of us have pets at home, furry or scaly creature companions that we love to take care of.
But being anime fans, we know that your average cat or dog is not nearly as awesome as some very special non-human characters from our favorite series. Thanks to anime, we would much rather have a robot buddy or mythological beast by our side rather than your typical cute but boring house pets.

Here’s the list of top 10 pets that anime makes us want, whether it’s possible or not.

10. Unit 01 from Neon Genesis: Evangelion

evangelion DVD

Unit 01 is a very special type of companion. And by special, I mean volatile.
With the best combat record of all the Evangelions, Unit 01 would be the perfect pet for impressing your friends and that special lady you’ve been hoping to go on a date with.

However, Unit 01’s berserk mode is too dangerous and impossible to contain. Also, did we mention Unit 01 was born from Lilith and houses the soul of Shinji’s mother?

If you ever had the chance to own Unit 01 as a pet, you’d be opening a serious existential can of worms. Also it’d probably kill you. You’ve been warned.

9. Monokuma from Danganronpa


Monokuma would be a pretty awesome but scary pet. As long as white personality is in control, he’d be cute, polite and a joy to have around!

However, once his black personality awakens, prepare for all hell to break loose. A great pet for those with their own split personalities, there is never a dull moment with this sadistically cute teddy bear. Keep his left side in check and you will have a great time, unless you’re into the evil stuff of course.

He’s the perfect pet for the sadist in all of us, just be careful not to disobey him.

8. Ryuk from Death Note


Who wouldn’t their very own Shinigami?
Ryuk would be a perfect pet; all you have to do is feed him apples and he will pretty much do anything you’d want him to do. He is a little selfish however, and he only acts on his own self-interests, but it’s his chaotic nature which makes him so great - that, and the fact that you would be the only one who could see him.

Unfortunately, to summon Ryuk as a pet, you’d have to find a death note lying around somewhere, which hasn’t happened in real life yet.
Keep your eyes open for one though and you can end up with your very own apple-loving Shinigami!

7. Moro from Princess Mononoke

mononoke hime

Who wouldn’t want a 300 year old wolf Goddess as a pet?
Moro is the perfect furry companion for the environmentalist. Not only does she use her divine power to protect the forest, she will also kill anyone who threatens it. She can also understand and speak human languages, so you would never wonder what she is thinking.

However, if there is one pitfall with having Moro for a pet, it’s that she hates humans, San being an exception, since she raised her as her own child.
Word to the wise if you ever find yourself face to face with the white wolf herself: Don’t let her catch you littering at your local park or you will be in for a painful surprise.

6. Kon from Bleach

Bleach Movie2 dvd

The second teddy bear to make the list, Kon actually can take a few forms.
It’s the cute lion plushie form that we’d want as a pet. Hilarious all the time, Kon would add a dash of laughter to nearly any situation you could find yourself in. He’s a blast at parties and everyone would love him! Just keep him away from the girls. He’s a little perverted and is not afraid to pull any tricks to see a little action.

If he takes his pill form, swallow him up and gain enhanced speed and strength, perfect for whenever you find yourself surrounded by thugs on your walk home.

5. Migi from Parasyte


Migi is the parasitic lifeform that eats Shinichi’s right hand and takes its place, giving Shinichi his very own alien pet…sort of. Migi is forever attached to his right arm, living off of his blood but at the same time protecting Shinichi from any and all danger to ensure its own existence.

Why would we like to have our very own Migi? That’s an easy one: it’s intelligent, can turn into a weapon, and can even bring you back from the dead! Migi is also cute in a weird, creepy monster sort of way.

Too bad the creature that would lead to us having our own Migi don’t exist, and even if they did, they’d much rather take over your brain, killing us.

4. Mewtwo from Pokemon

pokemon chronicles dvd

Mewtwo is the original legendary pokemon. Created by Dr. Fuji for Team Rocket to be a pokemon capable of military domination, vows to destroy humanity after realizing he was merely synthesized as a tool for destruction.

His debut in Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back showed all of us just how powerful Mewtwo truly is. We aren’t saying you should want Mewtwo for your own world domination schemes, but if there was one pet possible of helping you achieve such goals, Mewtwo would be your best bet.
Capable of both telekinetic and telepathic abilities, Mewtwo’s sheer might and intimidating look make him a no-brainer for this list. Looks like we’re going to have to find a master ball!

3. Sheng Long from Dragon Ball Z

dragonball z shenron
dragonball z dvd 03

Sheng Long, the Dragon God, is an all-powerful deity that has the ability to grand any one wish to whoever possesses all seven of the dragon balls.
Anyone in the Dragon Ball universe would love to have that power at their side, and so would we. Benefits of having Sheng Long as a pet would be riding him around through the sky and having the strongest being in the heavens to protect us.

Although because of his size and omnipotence, along with the fact that he lives within the fires found in the center of the Earth, he would be a very hard pet to tame.

2. Senketsu from Kill La Kill

kill la kill

Just because he’s the least practical pet on this list, doesn’t mean he’d be the worst.
Senketsu is a kamui, a special piece of clothing that gives its wearer ultimate power in exchange for the wearer’s blood. There’s nothing cooler than a sentient school uniform, right?

He even cares enough about you to save your life from time to time! The only catch is that Senketsu is a girl’s school uniform, and when it transforms, it leaves nothing to the imagination. This would not be a great fit for a guy by any measure.

Your best bet is to find a good tailor to refit Senketsu into something a little more appropriate for your gender, unless crossplay is something your into.

1. Canti from FLCL


Friendly, dependable and even polite, Canti would be the perfect robot to have around.
Canti can help do the chores; everything from moving heavy boxes to doing the dishes, the blue-clad android is an all-around good guy. With some special help (usually from Naota) Canti can even transform into an anti-tank gun and wield a Gibson bass guitar like a baseball bat to destroy your enemies!

Only problem is he needs to kind of absorb you to do so, and afterwards he expels you like a giant, swirly turd.
Other than that, he’d be the perfect pet for around the house…if we had the tech to build such an awesome robot.


There you have it. What do you think about the picks for the Top 10 Ten impossible pets in Anime?
Do you agree with these choices?

If you think we missed a character that should be on this list, let us know in the comments below!

by Paul Sensale

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