Top 5 Supernatural Pets in Manga

If cooking has salt and pepper that can make any dish taste better, then there is also something similar in manga. The charm and allure these creatures add make any manga more entertaining and more charming. Yes, we’re talking about pets, and it’s better if they have some sort of twist. “Pets in manga” is a rather flexible term: it’s not limited to the typical domestication of cats or dogs. It can stretch as far as including a literal god of destruction. Actually, we find that part more tantalizing. We’ve gathered 5 of our favorite supernatural manga pets in the hopes that you’ll love them too. Here they are!

Contains Spoilers!

5. The Giant Spider from Owari Nochi, Asanagi Kurashi (Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale)

A giant spider is highly likely not the kind of pet most will wish to have. That is understandable as the small versions of this creature already make the hair on the back of our neck stand up, more so if it’s a giant version of it. The giant spider in Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale isn’t exactly aesthetically cute either. The reason it manages to make it to our list is the fact that its gentleness is directly proportional to how terrifying it initially seems. This humongous nightmare turns out to be a gentle giant, which makes it a perfect daily companion, be it in the normal world or a post-apocalyptic one. Heck, it’s actually the perfect pillow to sleep on.

4. Pochita from Chainsaw Man

Loyalty will always have a special place in our hearts. Perhaps the creatures that are most esteemed for this trait are dogs. They are, after all, dubbed as man’s best friend. Pochita proves that dogs, even devil ones, are extremely loyal. Pochita has voluntarily sacrificed himself in order to save Denji, even if that means turning himself into a half-devil. Accompanying that sketchy, scary title is incredible power. Thanks to Pochita being a chainsaw devil, Denji becomes the titular Chainsaw Man. And what’s better than a good boy? A good boy that grants its owner powers!

3. Hawk from Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)

Hawk, the mighty pig from Seven Deadly Sins, is hands down our favorite character in the entire manga. Compared to Hawk, all of the other characters aren’t even worthy of being mentioned. Known as the Captain of Leftovers, there is no leftover or spillage that can escape Hawk’s hawk-like eyes. This value for food is charming, to say the least. However, that isn’t all that Hawk can offer. During the latter part of the story, Hawk turns out to be a rather capable fighter as well. He can absorb whatever he eats, as long as it has magic power, and transform accordingly. In addition to that badassery, Hawk is also a good comic relief, making him an ideal companion in all settings. If things go from bad to worse, he’s also a good emergency food supply.

2. Bond Forger from Spy x Family

Bond Forger, the adopted dog of the Forger family, is an adorable floof. That is a fact. However, being huggable is just one of his desirable quirks. Bond is a very smart dog, which he has proven time and time again. In fact, he has even helped the highly capable Agent Twilight more than once. While very smart, he’s also very kind. He’s shown this by using his precognition ability to help others, especially a curious little kid (read: Anya) who always gets herself in the dodgiest situations.

1. Magu from Hakaishin Magu-chan (Magu Chan: God of Destruction)

When Magu, the God of Destruction, lost most of its powers, it was rendered as nothing more than a ticking time bomb. While that is still a very scary thing, it only has just a tiny fraction of its original power. Because of this, it is stuck to having an octopus-like body. Even though its powers have dwindled, its pride and ego remains the same. It constantly reminds Ruru who the superior being is, while also constantly demanding offerings (read: food). This superiority complex is somehow fascinating rather than annoying. Actually, we don’t mind voluntarily submitting to Magu-chan, since it’s basically just a more dangerous cat.

Final Thoughts

While pets may technically not be essential for a manga to be good, their existence makes any manga better. Just like ordinary characters, the pet characters also have varying traits, temperaments, and whatnot. But unlike the other characters, we find all pet characters to be adorable. We wonder if you also feel the same. If so, do tell us in the comment section below. Oh, and make sure to mention your favorite manga pet too!

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