Creepy Cat Volume 1 Review [Manga] – Seems Like a Typical Cat to Us

Seems Like a Typical Cat to Us
  • Mangaka : Cotton Valent
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Cats, Comedy, Full-Color, Supernatural
  • Published : October 19, 2021

Cats are probably some of the most prideful creatures in the animal kingdom. They seem to be convinced that they are on top of the food chain at any and every occasion. Not only that, these arrogant balls of fur are pretty certain they have humanity working under their paws. While we cannot necessarily refute that, there’s a certain struggle owners—err, slaves of these superior beings share, and Creepy Cat does a good job showcasing that. Here’s our review of Creepy Cat Vol. 1.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Creepy Cat has its roots as a webcomic that readers have been enjoying since 2014. The original webcomic is titled Meawbin the Creepy Cat, which features the beloved titular feline. This kitty comes back in full-color and with brand new adventures in this graphic novel series. It starts from the day Flora inherits a spooky mansion and an unexpected new companion, Creepy Cat. The series then continues to share their supernatural day-to-day misadventures.

Why You Should Read Creepy Cat Vol. 1

1. The Chronicles of a Cat Parent

Creepy Cat is officially a ghostly cat, thus it has menacingly convenient supernatural powers. However, typical cat parents will still be able to relate to Flora’s annoyances even if they’re just taking care of supposedly ordinary felines. Take for instance, the fact that these beings can sense a can opening no matter where they are seems inscribed in their DNA. After all, these creatures seem to possess powers bestowed by the ancient gods... or perhaps they are the ancient gods. Either that, or they receive special training while in the womb. Whatever their methods are, they know how to make everything work in their favor. Just like when that tiny kitty gives a thief a good beating. That being said, readers may find themselves frequently nodding in understanding as they witness Flora’s struggles.

2. Adorable and Cute

Despite being a menace, it’s undeniable that Creepy Cat is an irresistible ball of fur. Or maybe “balls of fur” is more appropriate. Anyway, this is evident as Flora has a mini-breakdown when Creepy Cat suddenly goes missing. And it’s not just Flora - even a vampire meets his end after succumbing to Creepy Cat’s cuteness. Creepy Cat has this indescribably allure emanating from that stoic face and uncaring attitude. If we’re going to be honest, that basically explains most, if not all, members of the feline species. If you don’t want to be bewitched by a digital ghostly cat, then go on your way and never look back. On second thought, this may be the only bewitching you may want to ever experience. Yes, it’s worth it.

Why You Should Skip Creepy Cat Vol. 1

1. You are Heartless and Hate These Divine Creations

Please put down your stakes and pitchforks; we were forced to write down that title by you-know-who. Kidding aside, Creepy Cat is all about the beauty of living together with a cat, albeit a supernatural one. It eloquently showcases both the joy and struggles of everyday life with these creatures. From behaviors as trivial as being surprised by pickles to the path of destruction they leave in their wake, it’s always a misadventure. There’s rarely any plot, and when there is, it still revolves around cats, albeit paranormal ones. Simply put, readers who are not so fond of them may not appreciate what this graphic novel has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Creepy Cat is basically a diary of a cat parent in graphic novel form, and it’s certainly an entertaining one. It tells the story and struggles of Flora as she goes through each day with the titular ghostly cat. Cat lovers will definitely enjoy reading as they relate to Flora, but others who can’t care less may not enjoy it as much. If you’ve read Creepy Cat Vol. 1, tell us your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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