Top 10 Magical Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride) Characters

Chise Hatori was abandoned when she was just a child. Looking for any sense of home she could find, Chise gave herself to be bought at an auction when she was just 15. She is bought by a mysterious man for five million pounds and given away. The unusual man introduces himself as Elias Ainsworth, a magus. He takes Chise to his countryside homestead, where he reveals that he has intended for Chise to be his apprentice, as well as his bride! Chise’s life will never be boring again, as she meets new magical friends and discovers her own self-worth alongside her mentor.

Mahoutsukai no Yome is easily one of the best anime to air in the past few seasons! The plot is compelling, with plenty of separate smaller adventures adding up to the larger emotional tale of Chise and Elias.

With so many different arcs in this series, each one introduces new magical characters for us to love. And for an anime that is all about its magical setting, these characters are all important! We’re going to take a look at some of the best magical characters from Mahoutsukai no Yome, based on how powerful and unique their magical abilities are. If you haven’t watched the whole series yet, be forewarned that there may be some spoilers!

10. Redcurrant

We don’t know too much about Redcurrant, as she is only seen in a few episodes during Mahoutsukai no Yome. This leannan sidhe meets Chise during a random encounter one day in town. Redcurrant currently haunts an older gentleman named Joel Garland, a writer who has been widowed for some time. She finds herself unable to feed on his life in the typical manner of her kind, instead living with him even though Joel was only able to see her one time. However, Redcurrant’s presence in Joel’s home still ends up draining his life, though without the usual bestowed gifts that the leannan sidhe give their victims. Redcurrant was given her name for her eyes, which are the same color as the redcurrant’s berries growing in Joel’s garden.

Redcurrant’s story is one of the sadder arcs in Mahoutsukai no Yome, as she ends up realizing that she is in love with Joel too late. She had initially refused to acknowledge her love for him, living with the older man indefinitely even though she was not behaving in the normal fashion of her species. Chise helps the two of them, giving Joel a fairy salve just before he dies so that he may finally see Redcurrant for real. Though Redcurrant is not as involved in the series as the other characters on our list, she is still an interesting magical character. The leannan sidhe are seen as a sort of vampiric creature, draining the life of their victims but giving them an amazing talent in return. Redcurrant is an interesting example of the leannan sidhe, as we meet her when she is refusing to use her gifts and learning about what love means.

9. Silky (Silver)

Silky has all the appearance of a common housekeeper caring for Elias’ home. However, she is a type of a fairy known as a silky, hence her current name. She was once a banshee by the name of Silver, left alone when her clan died out. Wandering aimlessly with no one to turn to, she happened upon Spriggan, who transformed her into a silky and sent her to Elias’ home. Silky is an excellent housekeeper, tending to everything that Elias needs, and is also quite fond of Chise.

A caring member of Chise’s new family, Silky is a reliable and kind character. Though she doesn’t have the magical prowess of Elias or Chise, Silky is able to help those she cares about in her own way. Her own magical abilities seem limited, but what we do see of Silky’s house-changing magic is quite impressive! She manages to provide for her charges with whatever they might need, all while never uttering a single word. Silky’s place in Chise’s life is an important one, even though her efforts might be simple background noise to most.

8. Ruth

When we first meet Ruth at an ominous cemetery, we feel just as unsure about him as Chise is. Yet Ruth is a vital character to Mahoutsukai no Yome, becoming Chise’s familiar to endure her hardships alongside her. Though he is sometimes a person and sometimes a dog in form, Ruth is always loyal to Chise. He can hear her thoughts and feelings, and tells Chise things she may not want to voice herself at times. Ruth is always near Chise after becoming her familiar, either in physical form or hiding in her shadows.

Chise arrives at the cemetery to find Ruth waiting for his former owner Isabel, who died many years ago. And that is where we discover that Ruth is, in essence, a dog with a few interesting magical abilities. Of course, his part as Chise’s familiar is essential to her growth, aiding her in their mental link and his link to her magical abilities. However, as interesting as Ruth is and as much as we like him in Mahoutsukai no Yome, his place on our list is further down simply due to his lack of personal magical abilities.

7. Mikhail Renfred

One of the characters we know the least about, Mikhail Renfred is a sorcerer. He shows up first as an opposition to Chise, though we later discover that he was working for Cartaphilus by force. He seems to be one of the most powerful sorcerers based on other characters’ reactions to his presence, though we never really see him in action. He is a stern and fierce man, showing little emotion. His one concern seems to be his apprentice Alice.

Renfred has lost quite a bit protecting Alice. The scar across his face was from a cursed book Alice opened and he lost his arm to Cartaphilus, who he was forced to work for out of threat to his apprentice. We included Renfred on our list because of the respect he earns among the magical community and the few talents we see him show off. He must have quite a bit of magical power for characters like Cartaphilus to want his help! However, because both Renfred and Alice do not prominently show off their sorcery in Mahoutsukai no Yome, we have included Renfred on the lower end of our list.

6. Angelica Varley

A powerful artificer and mage, Angelica helps both Elias and Chise with the items she is able to craft. Angelica is one of the few humans that Chise interacts with, though her workshop attracts fairies of all kinds. A wise mentor for Chise, Angelica often has sound advice for the young girl, along with plenty of magical items to help. She has a young daughter of her own who is training as her apprentice of sorts, along with a non-magical husband.

Though Angelica doesn’t make a huge impact in Mahoutsukai no Yome, she is a vital part of Chise’s magical development. Her gift of creating magically enhanced items is valuable to any mage, especially one that is just starting out! Angelica comes to treat Chise as a second daughter over time, becoming concerned for her. Even though she is ancient and has been around for a long time, Angelica is still quite proficient in her abilities.

5. Cartaphilus/Joseph

Cartaphilus is the main antagonist in Mahoutsukai no Yome. Cartaphilus and Joseph are actually two separate entities, one being an ancient being over 2000 years old and the other a young sorcerer who used to have a kindhearted nature. This powerful sorcerer specializes in creating chimeras and often manipulates others in order to harvest body parts. Cartaphilus was cursed with an immortal life, though his body does decay over time. Because of this, when he and Joseph merged, the new form required a constant supply of new body parts to renew the decaying ones. Cartaphilus hates Chise because her personality is similar to Joseph’s, though he wishes to use her for his own purposes.

Cartaphilus is easily the most powerful sorcerer in the series, with plenty at his disposal to cause mayhem. He is unable to die due to his immortality, though he can still be hurt or decay. He has the ability to use necromancy, summon centipedes, and take control of another person’s body in addition to his sorcery skills. However, a great deal of Cartaphilus’ strength comes from borrowed techniques or information. Though he is a dangerous enemy, Cartaphilus often relies on manipulating others to get help in his goals, which puts him a bit lower on our list.

4. Lindel

Being an important part of both Elias’ past and Chise’s training, Lindel is a mage who has taught many others about magic. He resides in the Dragon’s Aerie, living there as a caretaker for dragon-kind. Though he appears youthful, Lindel has been alive for quite some time and is a wise master of magic. He is kind and usually calm, though he enjoys tormenting his former apprentice Elias from time to time!

What makes Lindel so powerful is his magic, used in the form of song. Though he doesn’t always reveal this true strength to everyone, he does eventually share his gift with Chise as he helps her create her wand. Lindel used to wander as a nomad, choosing to avoid humans for the most part, though he would step in to perform healing in exchange for food or shelter. He has an innate connection to nature, as he used to raise reindeer with Elias and now serves as a caretaker to the dragons. He spends most of Mahoutsukai no Yome as a mentor for Chise. However, when he does use his magic, Lindel is a force to be reckoned with!

3. Oberon

The King of the fae, Oberon is certainly a whimsical and mischievous character! Husband to Titania, the two rulers appear quite young, though they are both ancient beings. Oberon resembles a satyr, complete with deer horns and hooves. Though Oberon seems rather silly, he is smarter than he lets on and much more dangerous.

Oberon and Titania are prominent beings in the world of magic, since they rule over all fae creatures. As such, both of them have immense pull over mages, especially with their strong magic. Oberon is seen waking Chise from her sleep early on in Mahoutsukai no Yome, though we rarely see him using magic again. However, even Elias follows along with Oberon and Titania’s wishes, which indicates their true prowess.

2. Chise Hatori

Chise Hatori seems rather unassuming and quiet at first glance. However, she is actually a “Sleigh Beggy,” a mage with the ability to gather large amounts of magic. Chise was left by her parents when she was young, making her believe that she is worth nothing. Although she was nervous that Elias might abandon her as well, over time Chise has learned to trust that he will always be there for her. She often gets into unfortunate situations due to others’ desire of her Sleigh Beggy status, but due to this, she has learned some powerful magic.

Chise goes through a lot in the course of Mahoutsukai no Yome, but with the help of her friends she is able to learn much along the way. She wants to live up to the potential placed upon her – and she usually succeeds! Chise is a kind person despite all the trials she has faced and extends that kindness to her magic. This is even true for those she considers her enemies, like Cartaphilus. Despite being young and inexperienced in magic, Chise’s quick advancement in her studies makes her a formidable mage, especially with her Sleigh Beggy abilities.

1. Elias Ainsworth

Elias Ainsworth is a powerful mage, an unusual being that is both human and fae. We first meet him when he buys Chise from an auction, where he takes on his usual appearance of a tall gentleman with a horned skull for his head. Elias is Chise’s master, teaching her magic through study as well as experience. He has a great many magical talents, most of them leaning toward shadow manipulation or thorns. Despite welcoming Chise into his home, Elias is reluctant to let her in emotionally, often trying to keep his secrets and problems to himself rather than have her worry about him. His past is unknown, though it appears to be dark, and he is younger than many of the other mages Chise meets, but still quite old.

We don’t know much about Elias when Mahoutsukai no Yome begins, but as the series goes on, we discover how powerful he actually is! He has a calm demeanor most of the time, but whenever Chise is in danger, he is sure to act. We see this especially when Chise is stabbed during the first fight with Cartaphilus. Elias loses control of his emotions and transforms into a beastly form, which appears to be his more natural appearance. We never truly find out what Elias Ainsworth is, and that leaves him full of potential in magic! Throughout the course of the series, he does many unpredictable things to help Chise and their friends – and it is clear that he is a well-respected and powerful mage.

Final Thoughts

Magic is an inherent part of Mahoutsukai no Yome. Whether it’s the magic of natural life or the gifted abilities of a few mages, this series really impressed us with its wide range of charm. While the most powerful mages might be intimidating in their strength, that doesn’t make them any less relatable. We all have a bit of magic in our lives!

So do you agree with our list of the most magical characters? Who was your favorite character from this series? We can’t wait to hear what you thought of this anime. Feel free to comment below!

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