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Mahoutsukai no Yome

Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance

Airing Date:
October 7 2017


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Chitose Hatori is fifteen years old. She has nothing, no place to call home, no reason or means of surviving. She only has one thing - a special power she was born with.

One day, a strange-looking sorcerer named Elias takes her in as an apprentice, and his future bride. Whilst living a sorcerer’s life, eternal and close to nature, Chise starts to recover that which is dear to her, little by little...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Chise Hatori

Voice Actor: Atsumi Tanezaki

A fifteen-year-old girl who is bought by Elias for her innate power.

Elias Ainsworth

Voice Actor: Ryouta Takeuchi

A non-human sorceror who bought Chise for £5,000,000. An elusive English gentleman.


Voice Actor: Kouki Uchiyama

A grave guard dog who helped Chise when she was being chased by monsters in the church’s graveyard.


Voice Actor: Aya Endou

A housework fairy that is living at Elias’ mansion. She manages everything in the household, from cooking and cleaning to laundry.

Angelica Burley

Voice Actor: Yuuko Kaida

A magical machinery engineer. An old acquaintance of Elias, she makes tools to reign in Chise’s power.

Other TitleThe Ancient Magus Bride
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Here by JUNNA
  • Ending Song: Wa-cycle- by Hana Itoki
Main Staff
  • Director: Norihiro Naganuma
  • Script: Aya Takaha
  • Series Composition: Norihiro Naganuma
  • Character Design: Hirotaka Katou
  • Sound Director: Shouji Hata
  • Music: Junichi Matsumoto

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