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We just passed Halloween, but who cares? Some of us enjoy our supernatural anime in frequent doses. This article is especially for vampire lovers, because who among us didn’t find Vampire Knight fascinating? This story did a good job setting the rules for a super cool school, a romantic triangle, dangerous adventures… and suddenly turning everything upside down. And again. And again!

Vampire Knight is the brainchild of Matsuri Hino, who did the manga version from 2005 to 2013. While the anime just ran through 2008 and didn’t cover the whole story, it was great to see our beloved trio on this version: handsome vampire Kaname, brave human Yuki and melancholic human friend Zero. Vampires and their comrades are naturally mysterious, don’t you think? So, let’s remember who were the most mysterious among the characters!

Warning: this article has occasional spoilers along the way. Proceed with caution or chose another article to read instead.

10. Hanabusa Aido

Hanabusa is a handsome vampire that is idolized by the Day Class girls from Cross Academy. He is constantly careless in his attitude and flirting, so he is almost always on the edge of revealing his true identity. This attitude causes Hanabusa trouble with Yuki, who is trying to protect the vampires. And yet, there is more about Hanabusa than meets the eye.

See, his careless attitude is the perfect way to disguise his intelligence. Hanabusa notices anomalies in the people around him. Nevertheless, he does not go boasting about i. He fully confides in Kaname, to whom Hanabusa sweared loyalty and protection. That is why Kaname gives him special missions that he quietly dispatches with other royal vampires.

9. Ruka Souen

Meet another of the most faithful allies of Kaname! Ruka is part of the Night Class in Cross Academy, which means she is a vampire, but this lady was raised in novelty, thus her tendency to reflect disdain in her face. That point makes her mysterious especially to the Day Class guys. Ruka looks like a very distant beauty to them!

The first time we see the vampire side of this beautiful girl is when Yuki encounters Kaname drinking her blood. This gives us a hint that Ruka is very close to Kaname. She is very loyal to him, but in one occasion, Ruka kept the fact that Senri is possessed by Rido Kuran in secret. Ruka might not be the most mysterious of our characters, but especially for normal humans, she has a certain unexplained allure.

8. Senri Shiki

Senri is yet another member of the Night Class in Cross Academy. He is kinda mysterious at first because his role is not relevant on the first episodes of Vampire Knight. He is shown to be a model and not a fan of visiting his family home. One could say that maybe Senri will be revealed as important later. So, we just waited.

And the wait paid off! Senri turned out to be the illegitimate child of Rido Kuran, one of the main antagonists in Vampire Knight. Poor Senri becomes possessed by his father, who targets Yuki (one of our protagonists). In one of such attacks, the possessed Senri wounds his best friend Rima. With this, Senri stopped being mysteriously apathetic and started to stand up more for himself. Looks like being mysterious isn’t always a good thing, right?

7. Juri Kuran

Meet Yuki’s long lost mother. Juri Kuran is a pureblood vampire from a noble family who married her brother, Haruka. Although physically very similar to her daughter, Juri has a completely different personality. She is loud, happy and straightforward.

Juri Kuran is one of the few characters in Vampire Knight that states clearly what matters for her. She always had the dream of vampires and humans coexisting in peace. We consider Juri as mysterious because we don’t know much about her at first. Also, despite the fact that she died and was forgotten for so long, her influence is what made Cross Academy possible. It was Juri’s power which let her daughter Yuki live as a human without memories of her previous life as well.

6. Kaien Cross

Kaien is Yuki’s handsome father! Ok, not really. Kaien adopts her, so he somewhat counts as her father. This guy is also Zero’s guardian, the Cross Academy headmaster and the head for the Vampire Hunters Association. Kaien is a Jack of all Traits, right?

Nevertheless, what stands out about Kaien is that he misleads us easily with his happy and easy going attitude. Kaien has a lot of secrets, like the truth about the vampires in the Night Class and Yuki’s origin. He is also abnormally talented as Vampire Hunter, meaning that he has a high amount of vampire DNA. The reason for that… is something that makes Kaien understand Zero 😉

5. Ichiru Kiryuu

Once upon a time, the now orphaned Zero had a family. Ichiru is his twin brother. Born in a family of Vampire hunters, the twins had a curse. This means that, while Ichiru is sickly and weak, Zero is very skillful as Vampire hunter. But Ichiru left the household without explanations just before Zero’s parents were killed...

Some four years later, Ichiru joins the Day Class of Cross Academy. Although he at first wears a mask to hide his identity, Zero recognizes him easily. Ichiru is not easy to read unless he acts. Sometimes it is difficult to clarify if he loves or hates his brother. Besides that, Ichiru made a pact with Shizuka, who killed his parents. He wanted to become stronger, so he was Shizuka’s servan. It is even implied that maybe he fell in love with her! We can see how mysterious Ichiru is, as his loyalty and motifs are not clear throughout the series.

4. Shizuka Hio

Meet another of the antagonists from Vampire Knight. Shizuka’s story is interesting and not straightforward. We meet her as the evil vampire who killed Zero and Ichiru’s parents. Shizuka also bites Zero to make him a vampire and manipulates Ichiru. The girl is playful in a bad way. She hides her soul in a weak relative of hers named Maria Kurenai.

Posing as Maria, Shizuka enters Cross Academy to find Zero, but finds Yuki alluring. Planning to use Yuki to kill Kaname, Shizuka keeps making the lovely Maria’s personality switch to manipulate the people around her. Everyone is puzzled, but Zero and Kaname slowly figure out who is behind Maria and do what is necessary to stop her. Although Shizuka’s story and reasons for killing Zero’s family are discovered eventually, that does not take away the fact that this evil lady was an unusual and mysterious addition to Vampire Knight.

3. Zero Kiryuu

What is better than a kind and protective best friend? Well, a best friend that is also a vampire! And a vampire hunter! Confused? Yes, we can understand Zero’s story makes him fascinatingly mysterious but not easy to comprehend. Believe us, he is the first one that suffers the consequences.

We already know he was born in a family of vampire hunters. In the beginning of the story, Zero is generally distant with other human beings except Yuki. Then, because of certain revenge, Shizuka bites him and transforms him in that which Zero hates the most: a vampire. To finish out his luck, Yuki is also revealed to be a vampire. Thus, Zero grows cold and aggressive towards her. Is he a friend or a foe? Will Yuki ever recover her friendship with him? That is a great question :s

2. Yuki Cross

Here we have our female protagonist, the serious, brave, collected and kind Yuki Cross. With no memories of her past, she is saved in her childhood from a vampire by Kaname, who entrusts her into Kaien Cross´ care. That is why Yuki grew up as the number one fan of Kaname, despite the fact that she knows he is a vampire. She even protects/guards the Night and Day class in Cross Academy from one another.

One of the best mysterious points she has, is that Yuki is a vampire. And not just any kind of vampire! Yuki is a Pureblood princess, pursued by many vampires and vampire hunters with hidden agendas. Although most of the story is told from her point of view, there are moments when we are not sure if she is going to “go with the flow” or do something unexpected to protect those she cares about. She apparently is more emotional and connected to humans than other vampires.

1. Kaname Kuran

We are finally arriving to our number one. The super handsome and mysterious Kaname! Yes, we knew he was a vampire all along, but the anime reveals secret after secret about him… in small doses. Deadly small doses.

We meet him as some kind of protector for Yuki. For a fleeting moment, we thought this was a “notice me senpai” case. But no! Kaname was always thinking about Yuki in a romantic way. And the reason is not discovered until she goes back to being a vampire. These two had a long story together, but Kaname has heavy duties with the Pureblood Kuran family ancestry. In order to protect Yuki’s happiness and human life style as long as possible, this guy was always reticent and mysterious. That is why he is our number one!

Final thoughts

Vampires and mysteries go so well together that Vampire Knight had some of the most complex and mysterious characters in an intriguing story. Full of action, romance and shadows from the past, the battles between the vampires and vampire hunters will keep living in our hearts. But do tell us, which is your favorite Vampire Knight character? Don’t forget we are open to all your comments. See you soon!

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