Top 10 Vampire Romance Anime [Best Recommendations]

Vampire anime are usually well received because of their take on supernatural abilities, immortality, and unique romances. Regular people have enough trouble maintaining love, so you can imagine that immortal beings suffer more heartbreak and tragedy than any normal person could ever feel. But, they can also experience more passionate love and different types of emotions than humanly possible.

For those reasons, finding a good romantic, vampire series can be enjoyable but hard to do. The following is a list of anime that showcases unique relationships involving vampires and humans that we think you’ll enjoy.

10. Karin

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Nov 2005 – May 2006

Karin is a very unusual girl. She is a young vampire. But, she is also unusual by vampire standards because she has a rare condition. Vampires usually suck the blood out of their victims. But, Karin’s body produces an excessive amount of blood. It’s more than her body can handle. So, once a month she has to give out her blood to others. She has had this condition her whole life and has learned to live with it relatively well. That is until Kenta joins her class.

The relationship between these two is odd at first. Kenta’s unusually depressed mood causes Karin’s body to overproduce blood. She can’t deal with this comfortably, so she takes it upon herself to cheer him up and become his friend. He becomes the only person who knows Karin’s secret and true nature. Because of this a bond forms between them and romantic feelings start to develop.

9. Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct 2004 – Mar 2005

Hazuki is vampire girl and Kouhei is a young man who works as a photographer. He specializes in photographing the paranormal. Hazuki is currently sealed up in a castle, in Germany, due to a special object. She notices Kouhei’s fascination with the supernatural and she tries to bite him and turn him into her slave so that she can escape. Unfortunately, due to Kouhei’s mysterious background, this didn’t work out quite as planned. But, Kouhei still agrees to help her escape her confinements. Once they leave together their adventurous story begins.

Due to Kouhei being oblivious to paranormal spirits and his innate protection against vampires, Hazuki is drawn to him. Also, she can’t control him (like she can other people she’s bitten) so they share a heated relationship in that regard. Their time spent together in Kouhei’s home in Japan nurtures a bond between the two. Together they fend off attempts from Hazuki’s father to retrieve her and return her to her imprisonment in the castle. They grow closer as a result and develop a mature romantic relationship.

8. Dance in the Vampire Bund

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2010 – Apr 2010

There is a “special district” off the coast of Japan that has been made into a haven for vampires. The ruler of all vampires, Mina Tepes, is planning to make an announcement to the world about the existence of her kind. However, this goes against over a millennia of vampire politics and culture. Many of them do not want this to happen. Besides rival factions there are terrorists and other organizations that do not want this announcement made. The person most responsible for protecting her is Akira Kuburagi. Her well-being is vital if they are going to make this transition into a new world where vampires and humans live together.

Akira met Mina at a very early age and since that time has made a promise to always protect her. Coincidentally, it was later revealed to him that he would be appointed as her bodyguard. His protection goes beyond his job, he deeply cares for her as a person.

Luckily, he was born from a clan of werewolves. So, he has great regenerative capabilities. He needs them since he is always putting himself in harm’s way for her. Especially since her often sides with the vampires and is shunned by humans because of this.

7. Kurozuka

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct 2008 – Dec 2008

The story starts in 12th century Japan. We are introduced to a legendary swordsman named Kurou Minamoto. He is on the run from assassins. They were sent by his brother who had recently become the ruler of Heike. While on the run, Kurou meets a beautiful woman named Kuromitsu. The two quickly fall in love. But, like most “love at first sight” stories, there is a huge problem. Kuromitsu is actually an immortal vampire.

Their love story crosses centuries and betrayal. After their initial time together, Kurou’s transformation into an immortal being is interrupted and he wakes up hundreds of years in the future. He then is forced to fight the Red Army, who have oppressed the citizens of Japan. All the while he is searching for answers as to Kuromitsu’s whereabouts. Though his true love left him for dead, he hasn’t given up on their relationship. He continues to fight to reunite with her.

6. Rosario + Vampire

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan 2008 – Mar 2008

Tsukune Aono was miraculously accepted by the Yokai Private Academy. Unfortunately for him, this is an institute attended exclusively by monsters. While he contemplates running away from this obvious mistake in acceptance, he happens to meet Moka. She is one of the most popular girls at school and one of the most beautiful as well. With her in attendance, he feels that maybe life at Yokai Private Academy may not be so bad. However, he doesn’t know that Moka has a secret contained in the rosary she always wears around her neck. A rosary that he is somehow connected to.

She is the first person Tsukune meets at Yokai Private Academy. Even though she receives a lot of attention from male students she only gives Tsukune the time of day. She appreciates being able to have a friend who is a normal human. They quickly fall for one another. They grow even closer once they realize Tsukune is the only one capable of removing Moka’s rosary and unleashing her true form. Later on, he creates friendships with other girls at the school. They all become interested in him romantically, but he gracefully declines their offers while he remains in love with only Moka.

5. Fortune Arterial

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct 2010 – Dec 2010

Fortune Arterial’s main character is Kouhei Hasekura. He has just transferred to a prestigious Western-style six year academy. He’s optimistic about this change in schools and location (the school being located offshore from mainland Japan). However, immediately things become troubling when he notices that one of the other students in his grade is a vampire.

This vampire’s name is Erika Sendo and she is the student council vice-president. At first, their interactions are awkward because she always backs away and becomes uncomfortable in his presence. But, this is simply because she is attracted to him and especially the scent of his blood. Though she always fights her urges to sink her teeth into his neck, it takes all of her willpower to do so. On one particular night, Kouhei agrees to let her bite him because she looked to be physically suffering from her inner turmoil.

It’s at this point that she starts allows herself to feel comfortable around him and she falls in love. This was a big moment for Kouhei as well. He had stopped allowing himself to grow close to others because he was always moving and transferring to other schools. But, at that particular moment he let down his walls and accepted Erika into his heart as well.

4. Blood+

  • Episodes: 50
  • Aired: Oct 2005 – Sep 2006

Saya Otonashi is a member of her school’s track and field club. She has a pretty normal life, except for one thing… she has no memories of her life beyond this past year. Suddenly, she finds herself having to fight monsters known as Chiropterans. It appears that she is the only one capable of defeating these abominations. Things finally start to make sense once it’s revealed that she is in fact the Chiropteran Queen!

Haji is one of Saya’s oldest friends. He first met her when he was twelve years old. At first they had an antagonistic relationship because Haji had been purchased by Amshel, taken from his family, and forced to live with Saya. But, the two of them grew closer over the years and Haji grew up into a man (Saya doesn’t age).
After a dangerous incident, Saya turns Haji into her only chevalier, meaning he imbibed her blood and developed abilities. He has shown an enormous amount of loyalty and patience. This was demonstrated when Saya had lost her memories and Haji was able to make her fall in love with him again as she slowly regained them.

3. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: August 2000

This OVA follows a half-human, half-vampire hybrid known as D. He is on a mission to find Charlotte Elbourne who was abducted by an extremely powerful vampire named Meier Link. She is the daughter of an affluent family and her father has put out a handsome bounty for her return. The Marcus brothers (or Marcus Clan) are vampire hunters who have accepted the same bounty. D has to outsmart the Marcus brothers, defeat Meier, and return Charlotte back to her family in one piece.

Charlotte and Meier share a love that is forbidden by society. Eventually, the two run away from Charlotte’s family so that they can be together. She proves to be extremely loyal to Meier, even offering to die rather than be separated from her lover. Meier in return continually fights his bloodlust urges to bite her. His admiration and compassion for her always overcomes his thoughts of biting her. They face many challenges along the way, but they always do whatever it takes to return to one another.

2. Trinity Blood

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Apr 2005 – Oct 2005

In the distant future, the Vatican is the only line of defense against vampires. One of their most revered warriors is a priest who is also a crusnik, or a vampire who drinks the blood of other vampires. This man’s name is Abel Nightroad. While traveling, he meets Esther Blanchett, a nun who decides to join Abel on his voyage and aims to train at the Vatican. Soon after, they make contact with the Rosenkruez Orden and Abel’s twin brother, Cain. Their objective is to cause a war between the Vatican and the Empire. It’s up to Cain and “AX” (a special operations group) to prevent them from inciting a massive war.

Various characters harbor romantic unrequited romantic feelings. First, there is Ion who has feelings for Esther. Fans commonly “ship” these two together in fanfiction. Second, Esther has an awkward crush on Abel early on. But, it seems to fade away as the story progresses and turns into appreciation and friendship. Third, Caterina Sforza, the founder of AX, possesses one-sided feelings for Abel. She shows jealousy towards his relationship with Esther.

Next, there is Noelle Bor who confesses her love to Abel. Which he accepts but gracefully declines. The last one I’ll mention is Abel’s undying love for his deceased lover, Lilith Sahl. After her death, he mourned the loss for over nine hundred years. He still thinks about her to the point of not being able to develop romantic feelings for anybody else.

1. Vampire Knight

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr 2008 – July 2008

Cross Academy is a very unique school that caters to a special type of student body. The regular students are kept separate from the elites. There is the Day Class (regular) and the Night Class (elite). These elite students are actually vampires. So, the regular humans have to be kept separate to maintain order and a certain amount of safety.
One of the students who helps keep order during the transition of classes is Yuuki Cross. As her name states, she is related to the Cross Academy’s chairman. She is adamant about completing her responsibilities in an efficient manner. But, she also enjoys her position because it allows her to interact with her crush, Kaname Kuran.

Yuuki and Kaname’s first interaction happened ten years prior to the events of this series. At that time Kaname saved Yuuki from an attack made by another vampire. Since that time, Kaname has always been kind and caring towards. She doesn’t understand his feelings for her, because he is such a well-respected pureblood vampire. He even shows jealousy towards her relationship with fellow school guardian Zero Kiryu. So, even though Kaname and Yuuki harbor feelings for one another, they are not equal because she feels inferior to him. It’s not until the climax of the Rido Kuran Arc that revelations are made and they see each other for who they really are.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

There’s our list for the top 10 Vampire Romance Anime. Of course, the common thread between all these shows is vampires. But, it’s interesting to see all the different ways authors have come up with for showing love between vampires and humans. It’s a shame that a lot of these shows didn’t continue their run because their manga versions go more in-depth into these complicated relationships. I hope these selections sparked your interest in vampire romance anime. Let us know what you think about these in the comments!

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