Top 10 Parody Anime Movies [Best Recommendations]

Nobody loves the parody genre more than anime fans. Whether it’s poking fun at our own beloved stereotypes or turning a serious concept into a chibi-sized laughing stock, we just love a good comedy. What’s in a parody anime, you ask? Generally, parody anime involve something getting exaggerated or made fun of. For example, chibi forms are exaggerated versions of a character and when they’re shown in the actual series, they tend to be making fun of a recurring behavior or personality trait. Like in Prince of Tennis, they have whole chibi episodes spent just exaggerating their behavior found in the rest of the show.

Sometimes we don’t have time to sit down and watch a whole series, though, or we’d like to just watch a stand-alone one-shot in the form of a movie! Parody movies are gold because it’s 60+ minutes of anime with the sole intention to make you laugh as much as possible. What better way to watch anime than watching a one-time movie length feature film? You can even watch them back-to-back!

Down below is a list of Honey Anime’s top ten parody anime movies, we hope you enjoy them!

10. DC Super Heroes vs Taka no Tsume Dan (DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon)

  • Aired: October 2017

Do you love superheroes? Do you love anime? Do you love weirdly crossed-over series that clash in art styles, ensuing all kinds of hilarity? Then DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon is perfect for you! The story follows the DC characters to Japan as the Joker wants to steal the Eagle Talon’s secret weapons, but Batman is having a bit of an existential crisis, and the production budget grows thin as the movie goes on. So it’s a race to save the day before they max out their budget!

Its all-star cast keeps things going with quick, hilarious banter between characters and the animation art is comical. The different characters have different art styles, but it all melds well together to form a well thought out package. It’s a definite must see!

9. Lupin the III vs Detective Conan

  • Aired: December 2013

You could never miss a classic cross-over such as this! The famous thief Lupin the III vs the great Detective Conan? It’s a match of the century against the world’s favorite versions of both thief and detective. It’s set to take place after the television special with the same name. Lupin is suspect to have stolen the jewel, Cherry Sapphire, and Conan is out to catch him

This is a great parody of each character and how they’d react put into each other's worlds, as well as playing with what we, as the audience, would love to see in such a crossover! Who does one even root for in this scenario? Dashing thief Arsène Lupin the III or our classic childhood Detective Conan? Tell us who you want to win in the comments!

8. Gintama Movie 2 Kanketsu-hen - Yorozuya yo Eien Nare

  • Aired: July 2013

Gintama is a long-running series, but here’s a short recap: Gintoki and company live in a feudal Japan where aliens have invaded, making for a very strange mixture of technology and culture. The movie, Yorozuya yo Eien Nare, is extra funny because it involves character and setting recreations starting with Gintoki getting sent 500 years into the future. He runs into his team, both ravaged by war and grief, and they set forth on a new mystery.

If you’re looking for a funny parody movie but don’t want to sacrifice storyline for a laugh, definitely watch this movie! Even though it’s a parody comedy, it still delivers those Gintama moments that keep you on the edge of your seat.

7. Fate/Zero Cafe

  • Aired: July 2013

The Fate series never fails to deliver their offerings in all sorts of packages, this one being in entirely chibi form! There’s just something about the Fate series, despite it being a serious storyline that strings your emotions along, it’s incredibly cute and laughable.

The Fate characters open up a cafe with Saber as their manager, so you can only imagine the shenanigans that ensue. What better way to make fun of the Fate series than in a cafe setting!!

6. Glass no Kamen Desu ga the Movie: Onna Spy no Koi! Murasaki no Bara wa Kiken na Kaori!?

  • Aired: June 2013

If you’ve never heard of Glass no Kamen before, it’s a beautiful story about a girl who finds a passion for acting and learns the trials of the acting world. Overall it has serious overtones and is a drama, which makes Onna Spy no Koi! even better. If you have watched Glass no Kamen and you’ve never heard of this parody movie, you absolutely must watch this movie!

It consists of similar story elements to the actual series, but with a crazy parody spin and animation that’ll give you whiplash and leave you very, very confused for a while. In time you’ll learn to just accept what it is and laugh hysterically. Seriously, it’s hilarious.

5. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Movie: Gyakushuu no Milky Holmes (Milky Holmes’ Counterattack)

  • Aired: October 2017

Milky Holmes returns in this cute movie that opens with the four members going on a study trip and running into trouble. The Thief Empire is back up to no good and they go to war; using none other than their Toys and brains, of course! Then comes in Genius 4, a lightning strike, and a loss of abilities. Whatever are our heroines going to do!?

Milky Holmes really brings it home in this movie, reminding us all why we fell in love with it, to begin with. It’s adorable, witty, and has a similar plot style from the original. Overall it’s a great watch and easy recommendation at number 5 on our list!

4. Prince of Tennis: A Gift From Atobe

  • Aired: January 2005

Prince of Tennis has always been a good shounen with a mix of light-hearted comedy thrown in, but this movie takes it up a notch. Or three. Atobe never fails to deliver laughs on how incredibly egotistical he is, yet we can’t help but be a little smitten with him nonetheless.

Enter in another of his put-together, the first tennis carnival, Super Tennis Festival, and all our favorite regional teams are invited. There’s games, food stands, and the same fierce competitive nature between everyone participating so this movie does not fall short of our expectations in the least bit. As per usual, though, Atobe always has some schemes up his sleeve! This movie and the series behind it is a big parody of the trope that is the sports genre.

This movie is truly A Gift From Atobe.

3. Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Beginning

  • Aired: September 2012

Tiger & Bunny, does anything more need to be said? There’s a movie, it’s about Tiger & Bunny, and you need to go watch it. In all seriousness, this movie is highly rated and is a great explanation of the series. If you’ve never seen Tiger & Bunny but want to know what all the fuss is about, this movie is a great intro to the franchise.

If you like the hero and comedy genre, it’s definitely well worth the watch. Even if you’ve already seen the series and aren’t into retellings, this movie has so much more! On top of being a director’s cut, it also has a lost episode and quite frankly, a better telling than the first few episodes of the series.

2. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie: Take On Me

  • Aired: January 2018

Our beloved chuunibyou is back in this movie entering her third year of high school. What do you do when our heroine is going to be uprooted and taken away to Italy? Why marry her of course! Both Yuuta and Rikka venture on to the journey that is...running away and eloping!?

This movie is as precious and comical as the series, with the added theme of sudden elopement that brings something new to the table of this genre. This movie parodies the anime as well as youthhood and how teens react to reality sometimes.

1. Seitokai Yakuindomo

  • Aired: July 2017

It’s as if this movie was made last year to be in this list’s number one spot because it is the epitome of a parody movie. It completely parodies slice of life anime and pokes fun at all the cliches and tropes of the genre, but with the addition of very adult themes! Because, you know, when you mix the two genders at a new school previously dominated by girls, everyone tends to go a little crazy with hormones!

Our protagonist enrolls in a formerly all-girls high school and feels the male voice needs to be heard! Naturally, he becomes vice president of the student council and immediately finds himself surrounded by strange, somewhat risque council members that seem to do everything but work. This VP must navigate his new life with these rambunctious council members and actually...get something done!?

Final Thoughts

And there you have it folks! The top ten list of parody anime movies! This past year has been great for parody anime movies and we hope to see this trend continue into the future. We all had a good laugh at these comedic gems, but did you? Is there any parody movies that you’ve come across and felt that should’ve been on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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