Top 4 Poison Pokemon in Sun and Moon

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With the debut of Sun and Moon you already know that there is going to be a debut of new Pokemon. Some good, some bad, regardless, we cannot wait to get into them.

Poison-types are actually doing well for themselves this time around. Status Kings and Queens, they usually are good for throwing up a round of Toxic Spikes or Toxic before falling. They too are now Fairy-type checkers and are gaining strength. Now, in Sun and Moon, Poison Pokemon are gaining power through good typings, powerful moves, and good stats. Let’s take a look at the best Pokes that have debuted in Generation Seven!

4. Muk

  • Pokedex: 89

Muk was normally a mono Poison-type and while it did have decent stats, it did not always stand up the greatest due to its weakness to Psychic and Ground-types. Now, Muk has been given a new look, a new face, and a new typing! Alolan Muk is now Poison/Dark in typing and it is deadly. With the addition of the Dark typing, Muk loses all of its weaknesses save for Ground-type moves. For Abilities, it gets Poison Touch or Gluttony, which are fairly standard, but a new one has been created called Power of Alchemy. This ability allows Muk, in the instance of double and triple battles, if an ally faints, to get their ability. So… it could be for your benefit to throw out a Gastly or bird Pokémon that has levitate, and then knock it out making Muk weakness-free.

For stats, nothing has changed for Muk. But in case you were wondering, it boasts a 105 in HP and Attack and a 100 in Special Defense. So, it can be around to throw a few punches. As for moves, Gunk Shot with Crunch are great for your STAB white Return and Brick Break are there for you to get more coverage and deal with those Ground-types. Explosion is always a fail-safe but why would you? He’s good this round.

3. Toxapex

  • Pokedex: 748

Amoonguss meet your cousin, Toxapex. Now get along, you two! Toxapex is broken. In fact, with that Regenerator Ability if you are up against this Water Pokemon, be ready to be in there for a while and to see it multiple times. Toxapex has to worry only about Electric, Psychic, and Ground moves. Other than that, it is a fortress. Toxapex has a 152 and a 142 in its Defense and Special Defense. Like we said, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The rest of its stats are terrible. The next best one would be its Attack at 63. Stall, stall, stall, your way to victory. Toxapex learns Recovery as well as Toxic. If you don’t feel like Toxic, then Toxic Spikes are another option. Also forget Protect as Baneful Bunker does the same thing and poisons your foe! If you want an STAB move, then go for the Water-type Liquidation move. You can really get a lot done with Toxapex on your team while your foes cannot do anything! Be sure to get this one. Even if it does hunt down and eat Corsola.

2. Nihilego

  • Pokedex: 793

Nihilego is the first Ultra Best of this list! It is also the last. Nihilego has a very unique typing as do most of the Ultra Beasts as it is Rock/Poison. Nihilego is the first Ultra Beast you see in the game when you lay waste to it in Aether Paradise. With its typing, it comes with a lovely slew of weaknesses; namely Water, one of the most common setups in the game, Ground, yet another move, and Steel. It too comes with Beast Boost as its ability which takes this jellyfish-looking creature, and raises its highest stat when it knocks out a foe. Speaking of, its best stats are the following, Special Defense at 131, Special Attack at 127, HP at 109, and Speed at 103. Its Attack is negligible *hint hint*, and its Defense is a pitiful 47. While Nihilego will be able to pack a punch, it really has a problem with its speed which leaves it in a bit of a tight spot. While it is Decent at 103, there are still many Pokémon with type advantages that can check it very fast. Let’s see what we can do with it in battle.

It does learn some decent moves such as Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Mirror Coat, but you are playing a dangerous game if you are wanting to gamble it all with Mirror Coat. You can teach it really great moves like Sludge Wave for STAB, Grass Knot for Water types or Charge Beam to boost your already insanely high Special Attack, and Power Gem for its other STAB move. Again though, that Speed is going to leave you in a tight spot where you have to be careful. Nihilego is best set up as a bit of a suicide lead. Throw down a layer of Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, and if you think your health will hold, you could fire off Thunder Wave first to ensure that you are always given a second turn with a Choice Band. Sad that an Ultra Beast has come to this, but it is what it is. Regardless of what you do, Nihilego will still pack a punch provided it can land one.

1. Salazzle

  • Pokedex: 758

It may not be as bad as trying to catch a Feebas in generation III and IV, but trying to get your hands on a female Salandit to evolve into a Salazzle can be just as frustrating. Speaking of, oh hi! Welcome to the last pokemon on this list: Salazzle! Salazzle is Fire/Poison in type and has a very unique ability; Corrosion. This allows her, we can say her because ONLY female Salandits evolve into Salazzle, to poison any type of Pokémon including Steel and other Poison types! You now have a 100% hit rate Toxic. Her typing makes her weak to Water, Ground, Psychic, and Rock, but she resists 8 other types. So, tl;dr she is pretty badass and worth it. Let’s peek at Salazzle’s stats. Her only good two to note are her Speed at 117 and her Special Attack at 111. The rest of her stats tragically are in the 60s range. So she is good for one thing: Special Sweeper.

Right before you get Salazzle, Salandit learns Nasty Plot at level 32. This is up to you personally, but chances are, Salazzle will not be KO’d unless it is by some extremely powerful Pokémon leading her to be very useful. You could replace Nasty Plot with Toxic if you really want, but be aware that you will not be doing damage that round. Instead, it would be better to give her the STAB attack of Sludge Bomb from TM 36 which has a 30% chance of Poison status, or Sludge Wave, 5 points stronger, from TM 34 that has a 10% chance of Poison status. She learns Flamethrower naturally, but Fire Blast is an option if you want to take the risk with Accuracy, or Overheat if you are willing to risk losing your superb Special Attack stat. The unique thing about Salazzle is that at level 56, for its last move, it learns Dragon Pulse which essentially means that it can hit everything for at least normal damage with a Fire STAB, Poison STAB, or Dragon STAB move. Even Fairy-type Pokémon are not safe with that kind of coverage! It does by the way, learn the unique Venom Drench, which if played on the correct team with Toxic Spikes, it can come in and use it on all poisoned Pokémon lowering both Attack stats and Speed as well. It would pair well with Nihilego assuming that you do not get murdered too fast.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use Poison-type Pokémon or not, there are quite a few that you should keep your eye on this time around. Sure, there are other pokes that we all know from previous generations, but it is great when Game Freak actually cooks up something good and worthwhile that you can use. Are you using any of these toxic pokes? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Tell next time,

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