Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Anime Movies [Best Recommendations]

The future is an unknown concept. For millennia humans have tried to predict what will await both the human race and the earth itself and it has led to something interesting ideas. Those ideas have been adopted into books, comics, and of course, anime. Today though we at Honey’s Anime have wandered the vast wastelands and fought against bandits to bring you an epic anime list of movies. Specifically we look at the top ten post-apocalyptic anime movies ever created.

The following ten films have humans dealing with a variety of world ending issues ranging from robots to looking for limited resources. Our protagonists down below will have to struggle in a world that once thrived and is now a shell of its former self, but in turn will bring entertainment to the viewers. With that we implore you to take a trip into these very surreal like predictions of a possible future landscape with us in these top 10 Post-Apocalyptic anime films.

10. Kaze no Na wa Amnesia (A Wind Named Amnesia)

  • Episodes: 80 mins
  • Air Date: Dec 22, 1990

What if one day you woke up and had all of your memories erased? Add to that question what if others in the world had the same experience as you? Kaze no Na wa Amnesia poses that very question by having a giant wind somehow sweep the memories of all humans away. Years pass and humanity has reverted to a savage like mindset. One man named Wataru however decides to travel across America to learn more about the current state of affairs and find his own inner enlightenment.

Created by studio Madhouse, a very well-known anime studio in today’s generation, Kaze no Na wa Amnesia is an interesting look at one of their earliest anime film. Fans of the sci-fi, action and dementia genre will appreciate Kaze no Na wa Amnesia’s take on the future. The animation still is strong despite being a classic and the story presented proves to be a very unique take on a possible future landscape. Hopefully we don’t lose our memories in the future, might make writing top ten lists a bit harder.

9. Megazone 23 Part 1

  • Episodes: 4 (67 mins per episode)
  • Air Date: Mar 9, 1985-Dec 22,1989

In Megazone 23, a four part movie series by studio Artland, AIC and Artmic, we see the world of Shougo Yahagi go from normal to nightmarish. When Shougo and his crew of motorcycle enthusiasts find a strange bike that he will learn is no ordinary bike. Worse off, Shougo will soon learn that all that he knows is an illusion. Shougo will get wrapped up in a giant conspiracy that will lead him and his friends to learn the truths that the government and military wanted to keep secret for so long. Mecha, space, romance, mystery and sci-fi are the genres awaiting for those who wish to watch this four part movie series for themselves.

Megazone 23 might be four movies long but we focus on the first entry because honestly it sets the whole mood for the entire story. Shougo’s tale of realities shattering and conspiracies are the things that any enthusiast of post-apocalyptic movies want. While this series boasts older animation, it will amaze fans with epic motorcycle scenes and great music throughout. While Shougo may have a false reality, we are fooling you when we say you should definitely give this movie series a try.

8. Vexille: 2077 Nihon Sakoku (Vexille)

  • Episodes: 110 mins
  • Air Date: Aug 18, 2007

Vexille: 2077 Nihon Sakoku an anime where the world is beginning to see the end in sight if things continue on their current path. In an alternative world, society has made large advancements in the world of robotics. With these advancements, people have begun to have issues establishing where the line starts and ends in terms of those who augment their bodies using technology from Daiwa Heavy Industries. Issue arise in the year 2077 when Japan seems to have isolated themselves from the world leaving SWORD, a police agency from America to have to investigate. What will they find, and is the world in such a bleak scenario?

Vexille is the more plausible theory of our world going towards ruin. Helping create the immersion is beautifully done CGI where characters move in a realistic like sense and the action has a stronger feel. Studio Oxybot did an incredible job overall and Vexille becomes that much more worth a watch for it. We recommend you join the SWORD police force to witness this incredible movie for yourselves. Trust us you won’t regret it.

7. RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio (RahXephon: Harmonic Convergence

  • Episodes: 116 mins
  • Air Date: Apr 19, 2003

Based off the hit anime series, RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio is an alternative take on Kamina Ayato’s story melding a more romantic feel on top of the giant mecha battles. Once more Ayato faces the world beginning to have odd occurrences. Alongside him is his girlfriend Haruka Mishima who also seems to notice the shift, but neither one of them is able to stop it when a giant robot appears and Ayato’s life is changed forever. This alternative take on the anime series will leave viewers in awe just like the anime but allows for a new perspective and story to be told. Let humanity’s Harmonic convergence begin.

RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio is such a breath of fresh air. We get a whole new story of love and tragedy among a world falling apart around Ayato’s very existence. Studio Bones, loved by all for their other excellent mecha anime, handles Ayato and Haruka’s romantic tragedy very well and fans of the series will enjoy this nearly two hour film. Even if you’re new to the series and haven’t watched the anime you can fully enjoy this movie as it doesn’t spoil anything from the series. RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio allows for an outsider to take in full enjoyment and that’s always a smart move.

6. Wonderful Days (Sky Blue)

  • Episodes: 83 mins
  • Air Date: July 17, 2003

The year is 2142 and the world has faced almost complete and utter destruction. Humanity is nearly extinct and the world is full of pollution making the world nearly uninhabitable. However, a city called Ecoban is formed and it gives humanity a fighting chance to survive. Ecoban is very hesitant to accept new people however and the ones in the city are either elites or workers with no room for anything in the middle. This makes workers nearly slaves to keeping the city alive despite dangerous work conditions. Shua, our main character, wishes to find a new life for himself but there are those around him who may not allow that to happen. Thus we enter our tale called Wonderful Days, an ironic title indeed.

Studio Gainax proves their skill by creating a truly wonderful post-apocalyptic film. Viewers will really want to learn what Shua can do to change his current fate and will love the amazing animation that highlights the story being told. Boasting some incredible action, a nice amount of romance between Shua and a female who we won’t spoil, there isn’t much negative about this movie. Possibly the only thing viewers will hate about Wonderful Sky is that after its one hour and twenty three minute run time, there won’t be more to watch. That to be honest always brings a tear to our eyes here at Honey’s Anime.

5. Giniro no Kami no Agito (Origin: Spirits of the Past)

  • Episodes: 94 mins
  • Air Date: Jan 7, 2006

Giniro no Kami no Agito or Origin changes the trend a bit. When humans make a terrible DNA strand that affect plants, those plants then spread across the Earth laying waste to it. Humanity facing certain annihilation communicates with the plants of the forest and are allowed some chance at living. We enter the eyes of Agito who one day find a sleeping girl named Tula who has the key to maybe saving the human race from their now rulers the forest itself. What happens next will be you watching the film to get the full answers.

Origin is such an incredibly well done movie. With a unique, almost bordering on horror, sci-fi story viewers will be in for a real treat if this give this movie a go. Music and animation are left in very capable hands thanks to Studio Gonzo who allows this dark future a true chance at being realized. Origin will intrigue you in many ways and will make you almost take a second look at treating the plants on Earth badly ever again. Remember, even plants have intelligence and life, just some food for thought.

4. Appleseed Saga Ex Machina (Appleseed: Ex Machina)

  • Episodes: 104 mins
  • Air Date: Oct 20, 2007

Appleseed is an older manga series that has had some success in the anime film industry producing several movies. With Appleseed Saga Ex Machina or just Appleseed Ex Machina, that trend continues. Once again viewers will step into the eyes of Briareos and Knute Deunan as they continue to be part of the elite team called E.S.W.A.T. On their latest story they find themselves facing a new threat in the form of an experimental Bioroid named Tereus. Can they handle the new situation or will the two partners face a challenge even greater than their own inner struggles?

Appleseed has always continued to impress us here at Honey’s Anime. Each film has been handled well and Digital Frontier has once again done well with Appleseed Ex Machina. CGI has always been a strong way to preserve the Appleseed look in a post-apocalyptic anime film setting. Luckily it has continued to improve here. If this is your first time enjoying an Appleseed film, don’t fret as each one handles explaining the current world and its terrible environment well enough that no previous knowledge is necessary.

3. Akira

  • Episodes: 124 min
  • Air Date: Jul 16, 1988

We here at Honey’s Anime are very positive this title needs little introduction. Having become a staple to anime films of the sci-fi post-apocalyptic genre, Akira is by itself a behemoth. In Japan a terrible explosion caused by a young boy with psychic powers destroys most of Tokyo and leads to World War 3. Despite the chaos, the military is able to capture this young boy and he becomes just a footnote in the world. Years later in Neo Tokyo, created to keep Tokyo alive, gang violence and terrorism are at an all-time high. Shoutarou Kaneda leader of a gang called the capsules ends up running into a psychic user during a battle with a rival gang. Shoutarou’s best friend Tetsuo ends up having latent powers form during this encounter and the government scrambles to stop this new possible threat from mimicking the past. What awaits Shoutaro and his friend Tetsuo will be a battle unlike any other.

Akira has garnered fame for being one of the best anime films of all time for a reason. Despite this movie being almost thirty years old, it has been enhanced and re distributed never fading from the mind of anime fans worldwide. Akira has been a living statement to what animation could do way back since its release. Even today Akira still looks amazing and has an epic story. No post-apocalyptic list would be complete without Akira somewhere on it.

2. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa

  • Episodes: 117 min
  • Air Date: Mar 11, 1984

Studio Ghibli has created some wonderful movies since its conception. Breeding some of the greatest adventure and fantasy stories one could almost forget about one of the greatest post-apocalyptic films of all time. That tale is called Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa. We enter an Earth that has faced a nuclear war titled the “Seven Days of Fire” which bought almost all living life to an end. Now the world is ravaged by giant bugs and poisonous winds from the trees new spores. However, there exists a kingdom of peace called the “Valley of the wind” and it seems like the inhabitants, including a young princess named Nausicaa have found a true refugee. Yet an airship from an evil kingdom shows up and attempts to retrieve and revive an old weapon, Nausicaa will have to race against time to save her family and her kingdom.

With incredible animation, stunning music and an incredible English and Japanese cast of voice actors it’s no wonder why Nausicaa has been credited as such a great Ghibli film. Fans of this studio’s work will find that this is very deserving of such accolades and will be pleased that we at Honey’s Anime agree on how amazing it truly is. We suggest watching this film because you won’t be disappointed. Plus the fact that this is a nicer take on the whole post apocalypse setting is a nice thing too. Now we move on to the final number on this list.

1. Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

  • Episodes: 112 min
  • Air Date: Jul 27, 2009

We end this list with another great titan in the anime world Evangelion. From studio Khara we look at Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance the second film of the re start to the great series. A mixture of recap from the first dozen episodes, the first movie was meant to show fans and newcomers the story of Shinji Ikari and the world of Evangelion. Movie 2, You Can (Not) Advance, is meant to finally show the anime in a different story and light. Mecha action at its strongest, Khara has done an amazing job with stellar animation and character designs that mimic the original source material. It’s not hard to see why this stands above the rest on this list.

Evangelion 2.0 may be the second movie, but of the three out currently it is the best. Fans will love the new tale of Shinji and newcommers will enjoy it because it allows for no prior knowledge to the Evangelion world. We do recommend watching the first movie for the whole experience, but once you do you’ll see why the second is so incredible. Now we have to wonder when the series last entry will be released. Hopefully our world isn’t in a post-apocalyptic setting by the time that happens.

Final Thoughts

The future indeed seems to be a scary but intriguing world. While these films do use an over exaggerated look at our world in the future, they do make you stop and think about what if this could be our fate? Hopefully you enjoyed this list of post-apocalyptic anime movies and found something you’d be interested in partaking. However, we at Honey’s Anime do know we could have missed one or two examples and would love for some feedback down below in the comments. Until then folks, please enjoy more articles like this and we hope you don’t have to worry about fighting any giant robots anytime soon…even though we do think that seems kind of cool.

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