Top 10 Shoujo Anime Heroines We'd Like to Be!

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Who didn't wish to switch lives with their favorite anime heroine at least once in their lifetime? Having superpowers or being constantly surrounded by good-looking boys - daily life in anime just seems much more exciting than reality.

Well, you are not alone with this wish. We have put together a list of our personal heroines that we would like to switch lives with for a day.


10.Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino

Let's be honest, which little girl didn't want to be Sailor Moon once she grew up. The story around teenage girl Tsukino who can transform into Sailor Moon in order to fight crime together with her friends has captured the hearts of girls all over the world.

Sailor Moon's life is filled with adventures and unusual encounters. She lives a life divided into being a normal high school student during the day and fighting evil at night. Being part of a group called the Sailor Soldiers is another major plus in my eyes. And who didn't have a crush on Tuxedo Mask?

9. Hikari Hanazono from Special A

Special A Hikari Hanazono
specialA DVD

Next, I present to you Hikari Hanazono from the romance comedy anime Special A. It shows the life of Hikari, a top student at Hakusenkan. Even though she always gives 110% both in her studies and her private life, she still comes second to her personal rival, Kei Takashima. Little does she know that Kei actually holds feelings for her.

Living as Hikari for a day, I would finally know how it feels like to be one of the top students of my class. Hikari is a girl committed to her studies and you cannot help but root for her in her competitions against Kei. The friends at her side are truly unique as well. Having a life filled with competition, passion and motivation certainly sounds like fun.

8. Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara

shugo chara DVD

This girl is one of my personal favorites: Amu from the Shugo Chara series. The idea of the anime is similar to Sailor Moon; heroine Amu gets her own Shugo Charas that help her transform into different characters. With this new power she fights against evil in order to protect the unborn dreams of children.

Again, we have a strong heroine with pretty amazing superpowers. The different costumes might look a little bit cheesy or over the top at first, but you will get used to them. Most importantly, her life is more adventurous and fascinating than the ones of normal teenagers and I wouldn't mind taking her place for a day.

7. Lydia Carlton from Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy Lydia Carlton
Earl and Fairy DVD

Lydia Carlton lives in a world where humans and fairies coexist. As one of the last fairy doctors she acts as a bridge between the two worlds. Yet, it is not until the mysterious Edgar appears and takes her on an adventure that her life gets turned upside down.

Personally, I envy her most for the world she lives in. She's surrounded by fairies, kelpies and other mythical creatures. I cannot help myself but be reminded of the fairytales of my childhood. Being able to live alongside fairies and talking cats - being Lydia Carlton for a day surely sounds exciting.

6. Kyouko Mogami from Skip Beat!

Skip Beat! Kyouko Mogami
skip beat DVD

Skip Beat! is one of those anime that entertain you from beginning until the end even if you're not especially interested in the topic itself. Kyouko Mogami is a happy-go-lucky girl that will make you smile in each and every episode with her struggles to fulfill her new dream of becoming an actress.

The most admirable characteristic of Kyouko is her strength. Of course, she had to face hardships in her life, but in the end everything turns out better than expected. I cannot help it but envy her for finding something that she feels passionate about.

5. Haruka Nanami from Uta no Prince-sama

Uta no Prince-sama Haruka Nanami

The music fans of you should already be familiar with Uta no Prince-sama. The story revolves around heroine Haruka Nanami who enrolls in Saotome Academy, a school for composers and future idols. Haruka strives to become a composer herself and while doing so starts working together with a group of guys trying to become superstars.

Why I'd want to be Haruka? One just has to look at the faces of the guys around her to get the answer. Haruka is a sweet and innocent girl so of course she doesn't realize it, but she's surrounded by gorgeous-looking superstars. Moreover, she gets to attend a school especially designed for studying music. I don't know about you but at least I wouldn't mind going there instead of a normal high school.

4.Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club

HaruOuran High School Host Club hi Fujioka
Ouran High School-DVD

Speaking of schools I'd like to attend, next up is Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club. The heroine of this anime has to join the student's Host Club at the Ouran High School in order to repay for a valuable vase she broke by accident.

I'm sure that a lot of you out there fantasize about being the center of a Reverse Harem anime. For me, this was definitely the case while watching Ouran High School Host Club. The guys of this constellation are interesting characters and great friends. Unlike some other anime, none of the boys are threatening or dangerous. Their feelings for Haruhi are pure and sincere and every girl can dream to find guys like that.

3. Tsukushi Makino from Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango Tsukushi Makino
hanayori dango DVD

Next up is an anime that might be too old for some of you, but is one of the classics of Shoujo anime. The story of Tsukushi Makino is most likely better known through the various adaptations into Asian drama series. Coming from a poor family, Tsukushi is glad to be accepted into Eitoku Academy, a school usually reserved for the rich and famous. Her life would be simple if it weren't for the Flower Four (or F4 for short), a group of boys that run the school.

As accepted from a Shoujo and romance anime, feelings start developing between the guys and Tsukushi. Suddenly she's pushed into the world of the rich and famous. Being able to choose between two equally rich yet sincere men is something that I'd be ready to experience any day.

2. Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita Nanami Momozono

Nanami finds herself at a low point of her life: Her father runs away from his gambling debts and she is left behind without a family or house to return to. Rescue comes in the form of Mikage who offers her to live at his home. Little does she know that his home is in fact the local shrine and that she just agreed to be its next residing god.

Not only does Nanami have good-looking Tomoe by her side, but she also gets turned into a goddess. What I think is truly admirable is the fact that this doesn't grant Nanami any superpowers. Instead, she manages to resolve issues with her own strength and tackles one problem after the other with her cheerful attitude.

1. Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Kaichou wa Maid-sama Misaki Ayuzawa
kaichou ha maid sama DVD

Misaki Ayuzawa is one of the first girls being admitted into Seika High, a former all-boys school. In order to survive in this environment, she had to create the appearance of a tough and boy-hating student. But she has a well-kept secret: In her free time she works at a Maid Café and thus has to serve mostly male customers in a Maid costume.

Explaining why most of us would want to be Misaki for one day is easy: Takumi Usui.

Those shiny eyes, his smile, his honesty - who wouldn't want to be next to him even if it was only for a day. Even though Misaki is able to fight for herself she still has someone like Usui to look out for her. Besides, Misaki's life never gets boring and at least I wouldn't mind getting into troubles with Usui by my side.

kaichou wa maid sama wallpaper 02

I am sure that there are many other characters out there that make us feel envious of their lives. This is a personal list of the characters that we personally wouldn't mind switching places with for a day.

Who did you always want to be? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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