Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Magic

Fairy Tail is a widely popular and long running series full of interesting characters and more importantly, cool magic. Indeed, one of the things that we shonen fans love more than the hero’s last stand is the reveal of uber cool abilities that just dominate the battlefield at their debut. Coincidentally, Fairy Tail is full of a large variety of magic that will dazzle, awe and entertain anyone who has and will ever watch it.

Join us as we count down the Top Ten Strongest Fairy Tail Magic!

10. Celestial Spirit Magic (Lucy Heartfilia)

First introduced through Lucy Heartfilia, Celestial Spirit Magic allows the Celestial Mage to form a contract with the Celestial Spirits of the Spirit World. With the contract established, the mage is able to summon the specific spirits using their keys. The type of spirits can vary from a minotaur with brute strength, a mermaid that can cause tidal waves to a pair of Gemini twins that can replicate any person they see.

The strength in this magic comes from the variety of keys available to the user. The more keys the mage has, the more he or she has to choose from to fit the situation. Need to break down a door? Summon Taurus the Minotaur. Infiltrate a guild? Summon Gemini the copycat twins. Some mages can even summon multiple spirits at once, providing them with an army at their disposal. Truly, a Celestial Spirit Mage is never alone.

9. Take Over Magic (Strauss Siblings)

The next one our list also involves otherworldly creatures, but this time instead of summoning them to fight, the user is able to take over (hence the name!) the creature and assume not just its form but its abilities as well. The three most well-known users in the series that utilise this form of magic are the Strauss siblings of Fairy Tail, each possessing their own version of it.

One uses a form called Beast Soul, where he assumes the forms of beasts he has previously taken over and becomes huge, hulking and monstrous. When he does so he is able to blow away the opposition. Another called the Satan Soul, allows the user to turn into a demon, capable of not just power but finesse as well. There are more, but we’ll keep it to ourselves and let you guys witness the cool factor of the other types within Fairy Tail yourselves!

8. Devil Slayer (Gray Fullbuster)

It is often said that the power to slay a devil can only be held in the hands of a divine being, but the users of these magic have found a way to turn their internal energy into the weapon that they use to slay demons. Often, these devil slayers are associated with an element. So far the only known Devil Slayer is one who uses ice.

The Ice Devil Slayer is able to turn himself immune to his own element to the extent of being able to consume it to restore his own power. Furthermore, he is also able to turn himself part Devil, allowing him the same resistances to dark magic that a devil has. With the element at his disposal, he is capable of large amounts of wanton destruction. Not many can stop a Devil Slayer!

7. Requip: The Knight (Erza Scarlet)

Requip, also known as Ex-quip, allows the user to store a certain amount of objects in their hammer space (read: Pocket Dimension), giving them the ability to recall the items at will and have easy access to equipping them instantly. Most users use this magic for convenience, keeping things like clothing or weapons tucked away so that they don’t have to carry them.

But the user we are concerned with is none other than Erza Scarlet, The Knight.

Known as one of the most prominent users of Requip, Erza’s style of combat has been dubbed The Knight. Instead of using the magic for convenience, she uses it for battle. Within her pocket dimension, she has stored a multitude of different armours that have different capabilities. If she’s fighting a fire user, she uses the Flame Empress Armour. Or if there’s a large amount of kinetic force headed her way, she Requips the Adamantine Armour. Paired with her prodigious fighting skills, it is easy to see why her fighting style has been dubbed The Knight.

6. Dark Écriture (Freed Justine)

While not reality bending, the user of this magic has the ability to use a letter form of magic to do all sorts of things like setting a rule for a location. Essentially, the user could say “No one above the age of one” can leave and it would be so. Albeit it can still be broken through by the most powerful mages, but it’s definitely not going to be easy for them.

It also has a large variety of uses like teleportation, transformation, poisons or simply causing pain. While it doesn’t have the awe inspiring power of most other magic, it’s sheer versatility and uses in the right user places it on this list.

5. Arc of Time (Ultear Milkovich)

Arc of Time is known as a form of Lost Magic. Lost Magic are the kind that were so powerful and dangerous that all knowledge of it was wiped from the world, or at least that’s what was believed. The reason Arc of Time was considered to be such a danger is because it does what it says on the box, it controls time.

No it can’t be used to time travel, or forcefully age a person to death, but it can affect any other object around the user. Someone who has the smarts to utilise this properly could decay the ground under their opponent, causing them to fall to death. Or even throw an object at them and accelerating the time of the object, making it go at super speeds. Arc of Time marginally beats of Dark Écriture because it can not only bend reality to an extent, but it could fast forward the “rules” of the rune based magic, rendering it null.

4. Crash Magic (Gildarts Clive)

When we are first introduced to Gildarts Clive, the only known user in the series of Crash Magic, it is to the sound of alarms blaring through the town. An entire town, filled with commerce, trade, residential buildings, slums and even the guild of Fairy Tail is immediately put on high alert. The whole town works together to split every single building into two different groups, forming an unobstructed lane for him to walk through. Such is their fear that he would simply destroy everything in his way by accident, that they go to such lengths to not hinder him. That said, what does Crash Magic actually do? Simple.

It crushes everything completely.

3. Fairy Law (Makarov Dreyar)

One of the signature magic of Fairy Tail (the guild AND the anime), Fairy Law is a magic that is passed down from Guild Master to Guild Master. Based on an earlier version called Law, another Armageddon level magic, Fairy Law was made by the first Guild Master of Fairy Tail to act as a deterrent, much like nuclear warheads.

When Fairy Law is first used in the series, it is by Makarov Dreyar against one of the top ten most powerful wizards in the land. Within one usage of the magic, his opponent and the entire opposing guild are rendered unconscious from the heavy amounts of damage that they took. Yet, the comrades in Fairy Tail are left unharmed. Fairy Law can be considered an Armageddon level magic with such a wide scale attack, yet it is not discriminatory. The magic only attacks those that the user deems to be their enemy in his heart, and leaves his allies and innocents alone. Fairy Law is the epitome of what the guild of Fairy Tail presents. Power tempered by kindness.

2. Ankhseram Black Magic (Zeref)

There is only one person in the entire series capable of this magic, Zeref; the most hated and feared mage around. It is a magic so vile and hated, that even its user has shunned its use. Having gained it by upsetting the balance of life and death, Zeref was cursed by the God of Life and Death, Ankhseram to have this form of magic. It only has one purpose. To kill everything it comes into contact with. And unlike Fairy Law, it doesn’t discriminate. All life disintegrates at a touch. Plants, animals, humans and any other living thing would just decay into nothing. And the only one who can withstand it is the user itself, forcing him to live a lonely life.

1. Dragon Slayer (Natsu Dragnell)

You all knew this was coming! How could we not put the most prominent magic of the whole series on this spot of the list? Dragon Slayer is the first form of “Slayer” magic we are shown, hence it shares many properties with the other “Slayer” magic as well. The user of Dragon Slaying magic is able to fully utilize the element he is attuned to, in addition to being immune to it and being able to consume the element to boost their strength.

Utilizing their element, Dragon Slayers are able to fire a beam of their element, like a beam of fire in the case of a Fire Dragon Slayer, to obliterate the enemy. Other uses include coating their arms, legs or any part of their body with the element. Really, as long as they can imagine it, they can do what they want with the element. Some creative uses have popped up throughout the series. The Iron Dragon Slayer is able to harden the skin of his body to the likeliness of iron and take attacks relentlessly. The Sky Dragon Slayer is able to support their allies with healing and boosting their abilities.

But the most fearsome aspect of Dragon Slayer is Dragon Force. Once within the land of Fiore, Dragons were so terrifying and awe inspiring that they were known to be Gods to the people of the land. The only ones who could kill them were other Dragons, or Dragon Slayers taught by the Dragons. Dragon Force is the act of imbuing the users with the power of a Dragon. It is essentially turning them into a humanoid Dragon, the creatures known to be Gods of the land. With the power of a Dragon at their disposal, is it any wonder that Dragon Slayers are some of the most powerful characters in the series?

Closing Paragraph

We’ve seen all types of magic throughout the series of Fairy Tail, from useful to silly to outright destructive. But the ten above are some of the most versatile, destructive or even civilization killing types of magic that propagate throughout the series. Each and every one of them, if used by the right person, has the potential to change the world whether for good or bad.

And when these magic are in the hands of both good and bad guys in the series, is it any wonder that the conflicts between them get so entertaining. We hope you’ve enjoyed the list. Please tell us what your favourite magic in the series is down below!

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