Top 10 Video Game Couples

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is on the minds for a majority of people. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime are releasing various articles for Valentine’s Day so you could read up some lovey dovey articles. Our articles range from anime to video games, but today they focus on romance to fit the day of love. Today, we want to share with you video game characters that mirror the real-world lives of men and women by being couples within their respected games. Welcome everyone to our Top 10 Video Game Couples list.

Now, the word “couple” can mean a lot of things in the video game world. They might be an official boyfriend and girlfriend paring, a husband and wife and/or just two people with signs of love in the air around them. We scoured through tons of games to find this list and we think you’ll like the end result. Now, get ready to have some nostalgic and heart filled moments as we begin our Top 10 Video Game Couples list down below.

10. Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside from Resident Evil- Code: Veronica

  • System/Platform: Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, PSN, XBLA
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Feb 3, 2000

Since Raccoon City, Claire Redfield has never once stopped searching for her brother Chris. With intel given to her, Claire heads out to Paris. Within the city of love, the Umbrella Corporation has set up a facility and apparently Chris has last been seen within the area. However, things go very wrong when Claire goes to the facility and she finds herself captured and sent to a prison island. Here on Rockfort Island, experiments courtesy of Umbrella have led to a prison overrun with nightmares that might be worse than those seen in Raccoon City…

The Resident Evil franchise has been well known for making rather interesting couples from its mainstay characters. Though one of our personal favorites—aside from Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield—would have to be Claire and Steve Burnside. Despite Steve’s immature nature, the two begin to form a relationship as they survive the horrors facing them. Though their relationship is short lived when Steven ends up becoming a horrible monster via Umbrella’s sick experiments. Claire is forced to take down Steve in his mutated state but they both share one of the few on screen romances in the Resident Evil world with Steve confessing his love to Claire with his last breath. Sad but also very romantic as it shows how you must always cherish your loved ones for as long as you can.

9. Derek Stiles and Angela “Angie” Thompson from Trauma Center: Under the Knife

  • System/Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Developer: Atlus
  • Publisher: Atlus, Nintendo
  • Release Date: Jun 30, 2005

Derek Stiles is a rookie doctor who lives in a time where medicine has become extremely advanced. However, viral outbreaks and deadly accidents still make medicine reliant on doctors and their abilities. Derek has recently become a new doctor for Hope Hospital after showing a special ability—known to a few as the Healing Touch—and must now battle to save the lives of those who need him. Derek will be tested though as a new viral outbreak begins to spread leaving him and his team to work fast on saving as many as they can. Welcome, folks, to Trauma Center: Under the Knife where your actions will determine if a life is saved or lost.

A classic Nintendo DS game called Trauma Center: Under the Knife led to many gamers feeling a fictional sensation of being a doctor via their portable devices. Though our focus is less on the game itself and more on two main characters from it in the forms of Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson. These two join together to save lives in Trauma Center: Under the Knife and even in several sequels/spin off games. At first the two do start off on rocky grounds with Angie being Derek’s nurse, but as the story of both games continue, they form a partnership that is unbreakable. Then near the end of Trauma Center: Under the Knife—and its sequel—you see the two become more than a team. Now let’s hope for their return in a new Trauma Center game so we can see how far their love has blossomed.

8. Wakka and Lulu from Final Fantasy X

  • System/Platform: PS2
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Publisher: Square, Square Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: Jul 19, 2001

Tidus is a young man who is loved by all as a star Blitzball player in the city of Zanarkand. Despite having a dad who left him and a troubled childhood because of it, Tidus doesn’t allow himself to fall into depression. Bathing in the limelight of the fans, Tidus thinks of nothing but the game and the roaring fans. However, a strange event befalls Tidus leading to his world disappearing before his own two eyes. Now Tidus finds himself in a strange land where he will learn his father’s past sins might be the reason for his current predicament.

Many Final Fantasy X fans know of Tidus and Yuna’s romance together. While we here at Honey’s Anime also love their pairing, we like to remember that there is another couple in Final Fantasy X. Wakka and Lulu—two characters who join your team—are often forgotten in the world of Final Fantasy X and that’s a shame. These two literally become husband and wife cementing their love which is a rarity for any Final Fantasy game. Then in the sequel Final Fantasy X-2, they even have a kid! We love Wakka and Lulu as their love goes further than most in the Final Fantasy franchise.

7. Dominic and Maria Santiago from Gears of War 3

  • System/Platform: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Release Date: Sept 20, 2011

Gears of War 3 continues the story of humanity’s battle against their alien enemies. Once more, Marcus Fenix must take his team of COG warriors to fight against the Locus and Lambent enemy forces. Though their battle will not be an easy one as the Lambent have grown in strength. This time, the war will take a toll that many of them didn’t expect and lives will be lost. Humanity’s final push begins in Gears of War 3.

Couples in video games aren’t always sunshine and roses unfortunately. Often, they can be shattered leaving the player truly in awe. One of the best examples of this is Dominic—better known as Dom—and Maria Santiago from Gears of War. While they are husband and wife, their on-screen time isn’t shown often but is still the driving force for Dom’s action in both Gears of War 2 and 3. Due to Maria’s death in 2, many fans feel Dom was even more inclined to commit his act of saving Marcus and the others by sacrificing himself in Gears of War 3 to once more be reunited with Maria. In our hearts, we believe that Dom and Maria are together in a better place even if they are fictional.

6. Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia

  • System/Platform: GameCube, PS2, PSN, PC
  • Developer: Namco Tales Studio
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Release Date: Aug 29, 2003

Young Lloyd Irving always wanted more out of life. Life has been mostly peaceful for Lloyd and his friends like Genis and Colette. Though, in their current world of Sylvarant, life isn’t truly as simple with the planet dying slowly. Colette, being a supreme being with powerful mana, must soon undergo a pilgrimage to save the world. Not wanting his friend to go alone, Lloyd travels with her and several others on a mission to restore the world. However, little does Lloyd know that his peaceful days were something he should have savored as the days ahead will become quite hard…

Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel are unanimously one of the favorite couples from the numerous Tales of games. Childhood friends and then companions in a battle to save the world both Lloyd and Colette become closer as their tale unfolds in Tales of Symphonia. Though players can sort of choose other girls while in Tales of Symphonia, the actual canon couple is Lloyd and Colette. If you are one of those who choose another girl we won’t harp on you too much here at Honey’s Anime. Though we will also say how dare you as Colette and Lloyd are just too perfect for one another!

5. Master Chief and Cortana from Halo 4

  • System/Platform: Xbox 360
  • Developer: 343 Industries
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Release Date: Nov 6, 2012

Several years have past since anyone has heard from Master Chief after his last mission. Unbeknownst to most though, Master Chief has just been asleep in cryostasis aboard the broken UNSC Forward Unto Dawn ship. However, Cortana—Master Chief’s personal AI—awakens the warrior from his slumber as they head towards Requiem. Cortana is running out of time as her AI systems have begun to hit rampancy but she knows Master Chief and her mission isn’t over yet. Master Chief grabs his weapons and a new battle begins…

In sci-fi orientated literature or media, there’s always an interesting question when AI—artificial intelligence—is used. Can an AI fall in love? While we here at Honey’s Anime aren’t well versed in AI and their emotions, we do know that if you needed an answer to this question we’d then direct you to look at Master Chief and Cortana in Halo 4. For years, these two have shared thoughts and emotions with each other and in Halo 4’s climax, it comes to fruition showing Cortana did indeed have strong love for Master Chief. That’s why in our minds, these two characters deserve to be on our list of the Top 10 Video Game Couples and we’re sure many of you will agree.

4. Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII

  • System/Platform: PS1, PSn, PC, iOS, Android
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Publisher: Square, Sony Computer Entertainment, Eidos Interactive (PC)
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 1997

Shinra has always been known for making the lives of the rich easier. Using powerful Mako Reactors, they can harness the energy from the planet and create their own form of energy and fuel. However, Mako reactors aren’t helping everyone and are slowly killing the planet and ruining the lives of those who live in the poor slums. AVALANCHE, a group of rebellious warriors, are planning on stopping Shinra and begin their mission with a trump card in the form of an ex-mercenary from Shinra called Cloud. As Cloud begins his job, he is completely unaware of how this one mission will change his life forever.

Easily, one of the hardest moments to witness in any Final Fantasy game is the death of Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII. Why was it so hard? Simple folks, because we watched as Aerith and out stoic hero Cloud became closer and closer in the story of Final Fantasy VII. While there’s more to this love than we wish to get into—it deals with Zack and Cloud’s past—we just know that these two were so cute together and made our hearts soar as they grew closer. Then the scene where Aerith dead body is dropped into the water by Cloud’s hands reminds us of a couple that had so much potential and was ended prematurely.

3. Mario and Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

  • System/Platform: NES
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: Sept 13, 1985

The Mushroom Kingdom has always been peaceful and happy. The toadstool people have lived under their Princess in harmony and joy, until one horrible day. Bowser, an evil king, uses his minions to invade the kingdom and then kidnap Princess Toadstool. Luckily, a hero is ready to save the kingdom and the princess. A young man named Mario jumps in and begins his mission to return the princess and defeat Bowser!

Mario and Princess Peach have been together for a long time in the gaming world. Many have asked are they boyfriend and girlfriend? We really can’t answer that question here at Honey’s Anime as the various Super Mario Bros. games don’t really offer a true answer. However, we do know that these two have shown plenty of affectionate moments in numerous games. Maybe eventually, they will seal the deal and fans of Mario games all over will celebrate but for now their mysterious relationship is still cute and we’d like to think they are just a modest couple who doesn’t need to show off.

2. Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda

  • System/Platform: Famicom, NES
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: Feb 21, 1986

Ganon known as the Prince of Darkness has begun a mission to overtake Hyrule. Using his powerful minions, Ganon was able to steal a powerful piece of an artifact known as the Triforce. Thanks to Hyrule’s Princess Zelda, the Triforce was only partially stolen as she hid the remaining two parts of it before she was captured. Now a young hero must arise to stop Ganon and regain the power of the Triforce. Armed with only a sword, the hero known as Link begins his quest to save Hyrule and Zelda.

Another iconic couple who has shown their love through out dozens of titles is Link and Zelda. From the first title—The Legend of Zelda—to the other titles scattered across the gaming years, Zelda and Link have always been a couple in some form or another. Sometimes they have even confessed their love for one another while other times its left to the player’s imagination. Regardless, Link and Zelda have shown one important concept of love. Even if time and space separates a pair, love can still prevail and that’s a nice note we think for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

1. Nathan and Elena Drake from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

  • System/Platform: PS4
  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: May 10, 2016

Nathan Drake has always been known for being a treasure hunter. Though Nathan has left that life to lead a more normal one with his wife Elana. Sure, Nathan’s life is more boring without constant treasures to find and gun bullets to dodge but it’s a lot safer to say the least. Then something quite unexpected happens in Nate’s life. Nate’s thought-to-be-dead brother appears before him and claims he needs Nate’s help to find a treasure that originally the two aimed for long ago. Wanting to help his brother out of this jam, Nate lies to Elena and goes on one so-called last journey.

Ending our Top 10 Video Game Couples list we look at a more recent pairing. Both Nathan and Elena started off as two strangers with very different goals. However, like any romance story, romance usually is a sudden and unexpected thing. Nate and Elena’s romance hit a rocky note in Uncharted 2 but by the fourth title—Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End—they had officially become a couple. Then when you get to see that at the end of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the two had a kid, we couldn’t help but go “aww” super loudly here at Honey’s Anime HQ.

Final Thoughts

Video game couples are quite adorable, aren’t they? Sure, some of these characters have endured some rather rough romance stories but equally that is the nature of love in every sense of the word. There are good times for a couple and bad times as well and it’s up to the pairing—whether in reality or video game world—to unite together and show their love’s strength. We think those above have truly done this but that’s our opinion and you might have differing ones. Comment down below and share with us some of your favorite video game couples or which ones you agree with from our list above. The Valentine’s Day article rollercoaster isn’t over yet so don’t fly to far from our hive here at Honey’s Anime. We have many more articles coming soon enough!

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