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With the recent launch of Pokemon GO which has gotten Pokemon fans in a frenzy, it is only appropriate to write an article about Pokemon. The Pokemon world is vast with a wide array of Pokemon. It is only natural that with so many characters, not all of them are going to be impressive and there are bound to be some Pokemon which we do not like even if we try our best to justify their existence.

Albeit, due to their weak abilities or annoying factor, there are some Pokemon which we collect just for a keepsake, but would rather do without them in the game. Here is a list of the Top 10 Worst Pokemon we have come up with. Enjoy?!

10. Furfrou

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 676

Furfrou is a Poodle Pokemon with thick white coat and black skin. As its fur is very thick, it acts as a guard against physical attacks. Just like a Poodle, the Furfrou can be groomed into various styles. The game offers 9 different styles to trim the Furfrou which are Heart, Pharoah, Star, Diamond, Kabuki, Debutante, Dandy, Matron, and La Reine. And just like a dog, the Furfrou is known for its loyalty towards its owner.

Furfrou has a strong defense against physical attacks but it does not have remarkable attacking stats. Aside from that, it also does not have reliable forms of recovery. Well, at least you can have fun changing its fur style at the salon. The main reason why Furfrou is not further down the list is because we love dogs and think they deserve better, even if it is a Pokemon.

9. Skitty

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 300

Skitty is an adorable, pink Kitten Pokemon with a round face and a round body. Its tail is unique in the sense that it is skinny but bulky at the end with 3 pin-like structures. It can use its sharp growl to scare its opponents but we frankly think it is not effective due to how cute it looks. It is known to be quite silly with its tail-chasing antics that it would get dizzy from it.

Skitty appears to be cute filler Pokemon which we do not mind catching to be kept as a collection, but we prefer to use other stronger Pokemon in battles. To evolve Skitty into Delcatty, a Moon Stone is required which is a rare item in the game. The evolvement is not worth it as Delcatty is not a Pokemon with impressive stats. Nonetheless, Skitty is a very charming Pokemon so she deserves some points for that.

8. Smeargle

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 235

Smeargle is a Painter Pokemon so it has an artist’s cap and a tail which resembles a paintbrush. Its paintbrush-like tail oozes with paint and the color of the paint may differ. Its iconic move is Sketch which is used to permanently copy the last move of its opponent. The only moves that it cannot copy are Chatter and Struggle. The paint of Smeargle also functions to mark its territory.

While its Sketch ability sounds rather cool, it is actually quite difficult to use it right. Therefore, most of us hardly bother with Smeargle. You may consider us as lousy trainers since we can’t use Smeargle’s Sketch ability to its full potential, but we just don’t consider it worthwhile to have a Pokemon that is difficult to use. Sketch being its only attack move renders it quite useless against many Pokemon.

7. Zubat

  • Gen: First
  • Pokedex: 041

Zubat is a Bat Pokemon that does not appear to have any eyes or nostrils, so it relies on echolocation for navigation. Zubat has four sharp teeth and lives in caves. The male possesses bigger fangs than the female counterpart. The Zubat is sensitive towards sunlight, upon which when exposed to for a long period of time, would cause burns. However, trained Zubat is shown to have more resistance to daylight.

Zubat is the reason why caves are so annoying. It appears so often that even 5 steps seem like a long journey in the cave. Even when our Pokemon are battered and bruised badly, the annoying Zubat would just continue to appear and attack us. Oh My God, just let us navigate our way out of the freaking cave! We don’t want to see you!

6. Bidoof

  • Gen: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 399

Bidoof is a Plump Mouse Pokemon which actually sounds pretty cute. It has a thick, round body with short, stocky legs. The number of tufts on its tail determines the gender, wherein 5 tuffs indicate a male, whereas 3 tufts indicate a female. Bidoof has 2, large protruding teeth which it uses to gnaw on woods and rocks. The constant gnawing is required as its teeth continuously grow.

Bidoof passes off as cute until you see it appearing an unlimited number of times. The insane rate of Bidoof appearing in random encounters makes us feel very annoyed by it especially when we are in search of other more useful Pokemon. Just get lost, Bidoof! And please don’t evolve this Pokemon, as it will become a hideous, retarded-looking beaver known as Bibarel.

5. Magikarp

  • Gen: First
  • Pokedex: 129

Magikarp is a Fish Pokemon so it is water-type. The Magikarp is a weak swimmer which renders it unable to fight against the water current, so it usually stays downstream. However, it has strong immunity which enables it to survive highly polluted waters. Moreover, the older Magikarp is able to use its splash ability to jump high enough to scale the mountains.

The Magikarp has large vacant eyes which make it appears as if it has got no clue what is going on, and that actually reflects its personality and abilities. The Magikarp is regarded as one of the worst Pokemon in the game as its only move is Splash, which does nothing towards its opponents. It is only until level 15 that it could learn Tackle, which is also pretty lame. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who are patient with this Pokemon, as it could evolve into the incredible Gyarados.

4. Dunsparce

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 206

Dunsparce is a Land Snake Pokemon which has a yellow body with blue-and-cream stripes. It has bird-like wings and a tail that resembles that of a rattlesnake. The wings enable it to float slightly, but it usually burrows in the ground to prevent being detected. The eyes of Dunsparce are always closed, thus revealing its cream-colored eyelids.

Dunsparce seems like us when we are in boring classes and try to stay awake with our eyes closed to get some rest. It is probably in this meditative state that Dunsparce manages to keep itself from changing and thus remaining in this form forever without evolving. We heard the Buddha did that and attained Nirvana. So perhaps there is more than meets the eye for Dunsparce, but nope, we ain’t buying it.

3. Metapod

  • Gen: First
  • Pokedex: 011

Metapod is a Cocoon Pokemon that looks like a chrysalis. It evolves from Caterpie, and after that, it would evolve into Butterfree. It has a steel-hard outer shell which protects it as it undergoes the metamorphosis process. However, its inner body is soft and fragile, so it cannot withstand strong attacks. Metapod can be found dwelling in the forest.

Pokemon attacks! And the Metapod would only harden. That’s the only thing the Metapod can do, and it can’t be taught anything else until it evolves into Butterfree. The Metapod would test your patience level as it would be difficult to train it till it reaches the point where it would level up and evolve. And it’s not even cute.

2. Trubbish

  • Gen: Fifth
  • Pokedex: 568

Trubbish is a green trash bag which is a poison-type Pokemon. It has sharp, triangular teeth which look as if they could easily tear the trash bag accidentally and spill out all the garbage. Trubbish emits a disgusting gas that would cause the inhaler to be bedridden for a week. Trubbish is created from waste which undergoes some kind of chemical reaction.

We can totally understand the concept of rubbish having the potential to be poisonous but we simply cannot appreciate this Pokemon. People want cute or cool Pokemon in their decks, not a freaking rubbish dump. Little Trubbish is just a small garbage bag, but when it grows up, it would become a bigger and more disgusting pile of garbage called Garbodor. Who wants more trash after undue training? Not us.

1. Luvdisc

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 370

Luvdisc is a pink heart-shaped fish-like Pokemon that lives in warm seas. Luvdisc was introduced in Generation III as a water-type Pokemon. The design is simple with just eyes, lips, and cheeks plastered on a pink heart. There is a superstition that couples who meet this Pokemon will have a lasting relationship.

As if having a name which befits a sex toy isn’t bad enough, Luvdisc has very lame stats with boring abilities. Luvdisc represents romance, love, and basically every cheesy thing which are useless in the Pokemon world. Besides, it stays in its useless form forever as it does not evolve into anything else.

Final Thoughts

As there are way too many Pokemon, we may have forgotten to consider some of the ones that rightfully belong in this list. Even among ourselves at Honey's Anime, we had to argue immensely to meet halfway to decide which Pokemon to be included in this Top 10 Worst Pokemon list.

Hence, we believe that some of you Pokemon fans are fuming while reading this list and can’t wait to give a piece of your mind. Are there any other Pokemon you would like to add to this list? Let us know by commenting below! We love to listen to your opinions as it would help to improve the quality of our articles.

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