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What could be better than a ridiculously strong or unique Pokemon? At first, nothing comes to mind. Perhaps, one that is even rarer or even stronger? However, some of the most truly worthy Pokemon are the ones that refuse to statically remain in one form; one of the best aspects of the Pokemon games are intractability levels, which give unique variants to the game. One of the most exciting examples of that is form changing Pokemon. Depending on things as seemingly trivial as weather, attack type, or environment, these Pokemon all react differently, by changing their own forms. The list below attempts to compile the best of the best of these special additions to any Pokemon team.

10. Cherrim

  • Generation: IV
  • Pokedex Number: 421

A small and adorable Grass type Pokemon, Cherrim can switch between forms depending on the presence of the sun. In its overcast form, Cherrim hides behind somber looking petals. While in its sunshine form, Cherrim is colorful and unfurled. When the sun comes out, Cherrim is excitable and determined.

Despite only possessing two form changes, whereas some of the Pokemon mentioned later in this last can change forms up to ten or twenty times, the charm of Cherrim should not be discounted. Specializing in speed and special attack instead of more physically based stats, Cherrim is a cute bud that should be added to your index immediately.

9. Castform

  • Generation: III
  • Pokedex Number: 351

When you are first given Castform in the game, don’t be misled by its shapeless blob form; it might look useless, albeit cute, but do not make the mistake of trading it at a family party because you haven’t read the game walkthrough yet (sadly, a real- life horror story that actually happened). This little grey guy is a Normal type Pokemon that changes into a sunny form, rainy form, and snowy form, all of which change the Pokemon’s base type. Therefore, instead of just changing appearance, Castform can also be versatile in its strength and attack types.

Castform possesses the move Weather Ball, which can be taken advantage of no matter which form the Pokemon is currently in. With Castform, everything depends on the weather, and this unpredictability is, in fact, quite exciting, and cements Castform’s place on this list.

8. Oricorio

  • Generation: VII
  • Pokedex Number: 741

A Flying type Pokemon without any evolve form, Oricorio can instead swift its type and appearance based on which Nectar it is fed. Its appearances, each inspired by a different type of international dance, varies widely from each other in color and looks. Oricorio has a relatively high Special Attack that pairs well with its less common move types.

Its changed forms are unique as well, including a transition to both a Psychic type and Ghost type, as well as the more conventional Fire and Electric type. When it’s form changes, it is not simply the color, but also the entire design and Pokemon type. This type change should not be forgotten, and is a powerful strength to utilize during battle.

7. Wishiwashi

  • Generation: VII
  • Pokedex Number: 746

A small, Water type Pokemon that resembles a fish, a solo Wishiwashi is a little weak (say that five times fast). On its own, Wishiwashi is nothing too special to warrant much attention. However, in times of trouble, a Wishiwashi can call upon its friends, fellow Wishiwashi, and combine in order to create a powerful school of Pokemon. This tag-team combination is a skill that is not seen in other Pokemon, and is a force to be reckoned with.

Keep in mind that Wishiwashi can only access its Schooling Ability once it reaches level 20, so until then, it will only be a normal Pokemon. However, no other Pokemon on this list changes its form by reacting to danger and forming a monster with its other Pokefriends, and so simply for that distinctive behavior, Wishiwashi comes in at number 7 on the list of top form changing Pokemon.

6. Rotom

  • Generation: IV
  • Pokedex Number: 479

A unique Electric/Ghost type Pokemon, Rotom changes into what appear to be complex versions of everyday electrical appliances. With five special forms, excluding the original state, Rotom offers a high level of variability. When a Rotom changes form, its type changes as well, proving to be an immense help in battles.

Depending on which game is being played, the areas that Rotom can change its form differ as well. A very distinctive looking Pokemon, Rotom can be very effective due to the rarity of its type’s combinations. A Rotom is a useful asset to add to any Pokemon team, and for that reason, places at number 6 on the list of top ten form changing Pokemon.

5. Vivillon

  • Generation: VI
  • Pokedex Number: 666

Vivillon, the final evolved form of Scatterbug, is a Bug/Flying type Pokemon whose appearance is based entirely on the real world location where the Pokemon was created in. With 20 different styles, Vivillon possesses a diverse amount of different forms that should be admired just due to sheer amount. While the form changes do not affect anything other than the Pokemon’s style, having the wide array of customizability is an admirable factor.

A few examples of the possible patterns it can transform into are Jungle, Polar, Garden, and Tundra, just to name a few. On top of that, Vivillon is the only Pokemon known to be able learn the move Powder. For it’s uniqueness and ability to change, Vivillon is a natural contender for being considered one of the best form changing Pokemon.

4. Lycanroc

  • Generation: VII
  • Pokedex Number: 745

A Rock-type, Wolf Pokemon, Lycanroc possesses two different forms that depend on the time of day in which the Pokemon leveled up. This Pokemon possesses both a Midday and Midnight form, which affects the Pokemon’s temperaments as well as its stats and move types. For instance, only the Midday form can use the move Accelerock.

Lycanroc is a powerful Pokemon; in both forms, the Pokemon’s attack stats are extremely high. The Midday form possesses a higher speed, whereas the Midnight form has higher defensive stats, both normal and special. Overall, this Pokemon, no matter what form it is in, is a powerful addition to your party.

3. Deoxys

  • Generation: III
  • Pokedex Number: 386

An ultimate legendary Pokemon, Deoxys is special not just for its ability to change forms, but also for its base stats and strength. A Psychic type mythical Pokemon that has four different forms: Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed.

The specific strengths of Deoxys depends on the form it is currently in; for instance, the Speed Forme has an incredibly elevated speed, but lower Attack and Defense stats. Likewise, a Deoxys in Attack Forme has elevated Attack and Special Attack, but extremely low Defense and Special Defense. This unique trait is what separates Deoxys from its other form changing competition, and places it so high on the list of form changing Pokemon.

2. Arceus

  • Generation: IV
  • Pokedex Number: 493

An extremely high level, Normal type Pokemon, Arceus is a force to be reckoned with. An Arceus will change type depending on the object it is holding, such as a type specific Z-Crystal or a Plate. This ability, combined with its awe-inspiring strength and importance, make it one of the very top form changing Pokemon to acquire. All of its base level stats are ridiculously high, from Speed to HP to Attack.

Even without its form changing abilities, this Pokemon would be sought after simple due to its strength and stats. While Arceus’s appearance always remains similar, it can transform into almost any type; in a battle, this skill is fatal. Arceus is often described as the Pokemon who shaped the universe, so naturally, if you can add one to your Pokemon party, by all means, do so.

1. Ditto

  • Generation: I
  • Pokedex Number: 132

Ditto, a timeless staple in any Pokefan’s Pokedex, is undoubtedly the top form changing Pokemon to ever be created. While others like Deoxys might have more impressive stats, Ditto’s sheer versatility is indomitable. A ditto can literally become any Pokemon, stealing not only what the Pokemon looks like, but all of its moves as well. If you’re looking for the best of the best of the form changing Pokemon, there is no contest.

Ditto has been around since the start of Pokemon, as one of the original Pokemon, and its awesome abilities have not lessened at all as time has passed. A Normal type Pokemon, Ditto can be anything and everything. A Ditto can even change its form into another form changing Pokemon. Not only that, but a Ditto can nearly change into any other Pokemon of any gender --the ultimate transformation. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the top form changing Pokemon out of all of the form changing Pokemon, is Ditto.

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of form changing Pokemon you decide to attempt to capture, the decision will be a good one. All of the Pokemon on this list are unique finds that will enrich any Pokedex and prove to be useful in battle. While in-battle form changing types such as Ditto or Castform are undeniably helpful when fighting, even the versatility shown by other Pokemon, like Vivillon, are not to be discounted. Are the Pokemon placed on this list the top ten form changing Pokemon? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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