Top 3 Must-Watch Action Anime Debuting Summer 2017


Action anime have fans and viewers for many reasons. One of the most popular ones is that it overlaps with multiple genres frequently, so even if a show is dripping in action, it is always going to have some sort of different story to a certain extent. Some people just prefer it for the suspense and the adrenaline that pumps through their body while they are watching. For us, we would have to say that it’s gotta be a good, healthy mix of genres that allows us to watch action anime endlessly.

Each new season is rough because you are never sure what is worth your time. Time is the only thing that you cannot get back in life so it makes sense that you should want to be careful about the shows that you spend your time on. Don’t worry! We have got three shows here that are on our watch lists and if you are a fan of anything action, then you will love these action shows!

1. Shoukoku no Altair

Set in the fictitious country of Turkiye (pretty sure you can figure this one out on your own kid), Mahmut is a young boy who lives in a country ruled by generals. After a war ravaged the country, Turkiye has recovered and become wealthy. However, the empire next to it, Baltrhein, decides that it needs to wage war against Turkiye again to score the wealth that is being amassed there. While this war breaks out, Mahmut, accompanied by his gold golden eagle Iskandar Tugril, has become the youngest general for this country in its history. At the age of 12, Mahmut must tread the fine line of society, the war breaking out, and mitigating peace within his own country.

First of all, this anime screams “second-full-season-of-Arslan-Senki-we-were-denied.” If AS was even remotely your cup of tea, then Shoukoku no Altair is going to be right up your alley. Military, Adventure, some bits of Fantasy this already holds to be an interesting series. The best part too is that the studio trusted it well enough to make it into two cours so it will keep airing through December. Regardless, we will absolutely be checking out this anime.

2. The Reflection: Wave One

Just let us open this section with the following sentence. This is made by Stan Lee. Yes. THAT Stan Lee. So, brace for impact. A disaster called the “Reflection” happened one day leaving many people dead and those that survived, with special powers. Exon, Aigai, Elanor, and Lisa have been left alive with powers and now must stand up against other who have powers and try to use them to rule with terrorism. Bit by bit, the stories of these heroes are going to be told as their adventures unfold.

One small note, Stan Lee did call this “Japanese cartoon” *wince*. Stepping beyond that, the series does look to be really interesting. The title says Wave One, so unless this bombs in viewership or sales, which are highly unlikely, there is going to probably be a wave two, three, four, and who knows? The possibilities are endless. This is going to be a cool, kick-ass, superhero action series. Look forward to this one and do not miss it!

3. Saiyuki Reload Blast

Saiyuki Reload is back after 12 years! Shangri-la is a disorderly yet peaceful continent where both human and youkai existed alongside science and magic. One day though, the harmonious world was thrown into chaos when something called The Minus Wave happened. It then drove the youkai out of control. Now, Sanzo’s group has almost reached India. The problem is that the closer they get, the tougher the battles are becoming. It’s only going to get worse for our heroes…

Blast is going to be the successor to Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. It has been a while, 12 years to be exact, since we have seen it on TV. The good thing is we should expect more fights, more battles, and more predicaments! Now it is a bit Shoujo-esque, but that just means that it wants to cater to a wider office. We should expect a lot more and it will be better too! Manly because the story is getting an extension, but if for some reason, you are on the fence, check out the PV below!

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Final Thoughts

That about wraps up the action anime that we have our eyes on that are going to be debuting this summer. We are anticipating a lot and of course there are going to be great shows like Re:CREATORS and Boku no Hero Academia still airing, but these are the three that have really stood out to us up to this point. What are you anticipating? Be sure to let us know below!

Shoukoku-no-Altair-Altair-A-Record-of-Battles-Anime Top 3 Must-Watch Action Anime Debuting Summer 2017


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