Top 5 Badass Mob Psycho 100 II Characters

One's supernatural-themed manga is chiefly populated by strange outsiders that run the gamut in terms of eccentricities. Some are walking gym commercials, while one of the foremost heroes is a blatant con artist who seldom hesitates to lie for a quick buck. Mob Psycho 100's roster does not have room for traditionally attractive or conventionally impressive characters. In fact, the series purposefully defies common action and shounen conventions to produce a humorous albeit touching tale of self-growth.

Despite the cast's somewhat unorthodox behavior and demeanor, they are more than capable of producing moments of pure awesomeness! Mob Psycho 100's second season ups the action and raises the stakes, forcing these characters to defy expectations along the way.

5. Arataka Reigen

As the self-appointed greatest psychic of the 21st century, Arataka Reigen uses cheap tricks to dupe his clientele into believing their problems have been fixed. Basically, Arataka's success can all be credited to the placebo effect and the businessman discovering a genuine psychic in Mob. That being said, Reigen does adhere to a code of conduct and refuses to engage in activities that may bring harm to another person.

Describing Reigen as cool seems to defeat the point of the character or, at the very least, greatly reduces his comedic potency. Reigen's fearless facade is nothing more than a ruse to mask the detective's own shortcomings. Conversely, despite being fully aware youkai and espers are real, if the need arises, Reigen willingly walks straight into danger. Now, in all fairness, Mob's presence considerably diminishes any personal risk accepted by Reigen. Nevertheless, the con artist is willing to stare into the abyss.

4. Teruki Hanazawa

Introduced as a cocky esper, Teru suffered a rude awakening at the hands of Mob. Once upon a time, the teenager believed he was unique and specifically chosen to change the world. Alas, Mob's existence demonstrated that other, more powerful espers happen to exist. This realization left Teru's self-image (and hair) in tatters. Will he ever be able to recover?

The answer is a resounding yes! Self-awareness may not be the sexiest personality trait, but Teru realizes that pride led him down a dark road and sets out to become a better person. Rather than bully weaker people, Teru strives to help other espers or random people going through something similar. While somewhat more humble than before, Teru can still hold his own in battle, which is highlighted quite clearly during the World Domination Arc.

3. Shou Suzuki

As the son of the insanely powerful and demented Toichiro, who seeks to birth a new world with espers as the rulers, Shou Suzuki could simply have fallen in line and joined his father's evil organization. Assuming Toichiro's plan came to fruition, Shou would essentially inherit the Earth. Rather than bowing down to his parent, Shou stages a resistance force to try and stop Toichiro. Although rebelling against a parent is always difficult, Shou opposes potentially the most powerful person in the world, one known to react poorly to acts of defiance.

Quick to anger but generally agreeable, Shou is an extremely talented and slightly arrogant esper who is willing to commit heinous acts in the name of the greater good.

2. Ekubo (Dimple)

Ranking Dimple so highly may be a point of contention for some, but the spirit presents quite a convincing case to justify such a lofty position. Desperately yearning to be worshiped as a god, Ekubo initially regards Mob as the perfect vessel to assist in achieving this goal. Throughout both seasons, Dimple steadily develops from a spiritual leech to someone who genuinely cares about Mob. Due to his nature as an evil spirit, Dimple's growth serves as a testament to Mob's positive influence.

Out of all the characters, Dimple is the only one to remain by Mob's side through thick and thin. Generally, Mob takes on mighty espers more than capable of converting Dimple into nothingness. Yet, the spirit stays on for the ride!

1. Shigeo Kageyama (Mob)

Disregarding the protagonist's psychic powers for the moment, Mob does not exactly fit the stereotypical image of badassery. Along with sporting a bowl haircut, Mob's social awkwardness translates to a shortage of friends and a tendency to avoid people. Regardless of his personal struggles, Shigeru truly tries to treat everyone with respect and kindness. He is a genuinely good person.

Mob's awesomeness has nothing to do with his psychic powers. Sure, being able to fly or destroy a city with a single thought is kind of neat, but Mob's greatest trait is his determination. Mob Psycho 100's protagonist is constantly striving to improve as a person. He does not use his powers as a crutch to hide his insecurities. No, Shigeru knows he is more than an array of supernatural abilities.

Final Thoughts

Mainly centering around a large-scale conflict, Mob Psycho 100 II boasts a huge cast of superpowered beings. While the animation style may not support traditionally fashionable designs, the characters themselves are quite badass!

Who is your favorite Mob Psycho 100 character? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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