Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

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With the advent of new games comes the need to make new rankings as well as inform readers of what is good! We already have a popular grass type Pokémon list that is a top 10, so it is time to talk about the new pokes as well as what they represent.

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, we now have an evolution with the Grass typing. Much like with the game and pokemon universe itself, the Grass-type too, unlike most of the other types, is now evolving. Usually, Grass-types excel with statuses and special moves, but are marred by poor typing match ups or movepools or stats that do not allow it to actually be able to stand on its own on major battles. Not so anymore! With these two new games, Grass-types are more viable with diversifying movepools, typings, and even a new legendary. This list is meant to be a compliment to the existing Grass-types list, so be sure to check it out when you are done. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 5 new Grass-pokes in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

5. Tsareena

  • National Pokedex: 763

Tsareena has come to us at a time when mono Grass-types are in a bit of a revival. Thankfully for those of us who enjoy Grass-types, Tsareena can be a lot of fun. You can actually encounter its earliest evolution, Bounsweet, right before the Water Trial meaning that you can lay waste to that one rather quickly. After Bounsweet evolves at level 18, it can further evolve after learning Stomp at 29 and when you get Tsareena, she learns her unique and signature move Tropical Kick. For her ability, Tsareena does get the garbage Leaf Guard ability, but she can also get Queenly Majesty which allows her to out speed all priority moves. That means that moves like Bullet Punch, Quick Attack, and Astonish will not hit first unless her opponent is naturally faster than her.

Speaking of speed, Looking at her stats, she boasts a mighty 120 in Physical Attack and a 98 in both Defenses. Her Speed and HP both come in at 72, which is not amazing, but certainly faster than most in-game pokes. Tsareena is a pure grass type so she does have issues with weaknesses but that is what U-turn is for which should let her get out before she gets in trouble! She also does get High Jump Kick which is fantastic for those Steel-types that wall her. Tsareena also learns Teeter Dance if you want to mess with types that you are going to switch out on on the next turn. Overall Tsareena is great for in-game, but you have problems dealing with many post game battles.

4. Decidueye

  • National Pokedex: 724

Decidueye is the final evolution of the cutest Pokémon in existence, Rowlet. Decidueye is a departure from the previous two Pokémon in its line in that when it reaches its final evolution, it goes from Grass/Flying-type to Grass/Ghost-type. This too is a boon for it in that the Ghost typing and subsequent moves helps it become stronger. Decidueye loses its weakness to Rock, Poison, and 4x weakness to Ice and trades them for a Dark and Ghost weakness. Not too shabby at all. Its hidden ability, Long Reach, is the one you want with it letting him use Physical Attacks without touching the foe.

Stat wise, Decidueye has a nice 107 in Attack with a 100 in both Special Attack and Special Defense. Its speed comes in just behind its HP which is 78, and 70. Again though, this is not too bad for in-game battles. When Dartrix evolves into Decidueye, it does come with a nice new move called Spirit Shackle. Gamefreak is trying to expand the games so it is going to make up new moves as well which helps Decidueye because there are not a lot of really good Ghost-type Physical moves. Spirit Shackle also binds Pokémon to the field not allowing it to run away. Excellent. It learns Brave Bird to help with those bug and fighting types, U-turn to get you outta there fast, smack down for more coverage as well as low sweep. It leans more to the physical, but Decidueye could be a mixed sweeper as well if you want.

3. Tapu Bulu

  • National Pokedex: 787

Tapu Bulu is as close as we are ever going to get to a Grass-type sweeper, so here we go. No punches withheld, Tapu Bulu is power. Grass/Fairy-type, it is weak to Fire, Flying, Steel, and Ice while being 4x weak to Poison. So there is a lot to look out for. What can Tapu Bulu do for you? Grassy Surge is its ability which activates Grassy Terrain for five turns when it switches into battle. This too is important because Grassy Terrain powers up grass type moves as well.

Tapu Bulu has a beautiful 130 in Physical Attack, a 115 in Defense, and a 95 in Special Defense. It has a semi-decent Special Attack, but its movepool pulls you towards physical attacks. It does learn the Fairy-type move Nature’s Madness, but that is not tied to an attack stat and rather just cuts your foe’s HP in half, so use it if you feel like it. It can learn Rototiller as well further boosting its two Attack stats if you want. Wood Hammer is a no-brainer for STAB and it learns Superpower as well. Stone Edge, Megahorn, and Zen Headbutt are all other movepool coverages if you want them. How you use him, though, is up to you!

2. Kartana

  • National Pokedex: 798

Kartana is evidence yet again that Grass-types are on the rebound. Death machine incarnate, this legendary is what we have been waiting for since we were given Shaymin and a load of disappointment with it. Kartana boasts Beast Boost as its ability which is an improvement on the ability Moxie. Knock something out, and your highest stat will rise. Speaking of, Kartana has an obscene 181 in Physical attack and a 109 in Speed. So, death machine. You do have to be careful though. While it may have a 131 in Defense, its Special Defense is a paltry 31.

This Steel/Grass type only needs to be concerned about Fighting-types and Fire-types. Naturally you want two STAB moves on Kartana. Grass-wise, you have Leaf Blade, but tragically and very oddly, Kartana does not learn a Steel-type move?? We are so confused. You can however, at least teach it Smart Strike, so there is that. Other than that, you can learn Sacred Sword, X-Scissor, Psycho Cut, and Night Slash. How you run it, though, is up to you. One thing is for sure, Kartana can and will do damage and you can make it happen either STAB or not. 181 is nothing to laugh at. Sad news though, this legendary is only available to the players of Sun! Moon players will have to trade for it.

1. Dhelmise

  • National Pokedex: 781

The final new poke, and it’s not a legendary, Dhelmise is the first ever pseudo-triple type. Why you ask? Let’s delve on in. Dhelmise is Ghost/Grass type and deals with weaknesses to Fire, Ice, Flying, Ghost, and Dark while nulling Normal and Fighting while resisting four other types. However, it essentially has a third time. Its ability, made solely for it, is Steelworker which powers up steel type moves by 50%. See the third type? It’s right there. Essentially we are looking at, and let us know if we are wrong, but the first triple type in all of Pokemon history! Dhelmise too is built like a steel type with good Defense at 100 and Special Defense at 90. The attack though, is a kickass 131 which means it is going to leave a body of pokes in its wake. The only real downside to this Pokemon is that it has 40 in Speed. However, the Defenses and Attack will allow it to do so much more.

For moves, Dhelmise gets Power Whip for that Grass STAB and Phantom Force for that Ghost STAB. Should you not want to deal with a two turn attack, you can teach it Shadow Claw for a -20 in power. It can learn Payback as well which is good for this slow poke. Now to play on that amazing Steel ability, it learns the Steel version of Spirit Shackle, which is called Anchor Shot. This Steel-type move allows Dhelmise to get that beautiful 131 attack power in play, but it also blocks foes from running away or switching out. It can learn Earthquake, too, to shut down Fire-types that try to switch in. The best part to Dhelmise has to be it does not inherit that 4x fire weakness by staying only Ghost/Grass. Dhelmise may be a pain in the neck to catch, but it certainly will be a pain in the neck for your opponents, so do not miss out on this amazing Pokemon!

Final Thoughts

With that, this Alola Grass-Pokemon list comes to an end. Grass types are coming back in spades and doing well too. We would love to see more of them in play and we can only hope that Gamefreak will be giving us more soon. Even though there are so many types, it is easy to see how a diverse Grass-type Pokemon could fit in your party. Who are you using in Pokemon Sun or Moon? Are you using any of the Pokemon on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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