Top 10 Grass Type Pokémon

Grass types. Love em or hate em, they’re everywhere. They are so crucial to the games and the stories. Originally Bulbasaur, #1 in the Pokedex, was given as an option in red and blue, (green in Japan!) to help the player cruise through the first few gyms in the beginning of the games as well as help take down Giovanni and Bruno late game. Normally cast aside due to their dual typing or weaknesses, grass types can severely put you in a bind if used correctly. They aren’t called the masters of status for no reason! Sometimes, though, if used improperly, you can have issues selecting the right one.

The skinny on grass types is with a connection to nature. As for attacks offensively, Grass is 2x effective against Ground, Rock, and Water while being ½ effective against Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, & Poison types. Defensively Grass resists Ground, Water, Electric, and other grass moves while being weak to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison. We will, with each Pokémon talk about how the type matchups affect defense, so don’t worry as these weaknesses are not across the board.

Grass types permeate all generations and it seems as if Nintendo is starting to try to experiment with grass types with the appearance of the more recent newer typing matchups such as Ghost/Grass, Grass/Fighting, Grass/Steel, Grass/Fairy, and even Grass/Dragon. We here at Honeys have decided to give the readers a treat as we start to gear up for the ever awesome Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out later this year. So sit back, relax, and consider including a grass type in your party next time!

10. Ferrothorn

  • Generation: Fifth
  • Pokedex #: 598

Rounding out the bottom of our list is Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn was originally introduced in gen 5 aka Black and White. While normally overlooked, this Pokémon is fantastic for online battling. EVs rounding out at 489, it is often ignored since it looks like a fern on crack. What makes Ferrothorn amazing is the moves that he can learn. Normally used as a staller, moves like ingrain, toxic, explosion (for backup!), hidden power, protect, and others make him a formidable foe.

Both defense stats are over 100 which makes him a good choice if you need time to take down a foe in a slow and agonizing way with status. Not to mention, Rocky Hat + Iron Barbs means that foes are going to be screaming in frustration as not only would you be healing yourself each round with ingrain, but the toxic does damage plus the item and ability! EV leveled properly and he can really put those sweepers in a tight spot!

Thankfully, his steel typing makes way for most grass weaknesses to be gone such as poison, flying, and ice. The problem being is that with a steel typing added into the mix, it is now 4x weak to fire and 2x weak to fighting. Fire types, if they are OU, can still put Ferrothorn in a prickly situation. He’s still not one to be overlooked, though!

9. Roserade

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex #: 407

Number nine is a speedy grass type that when used properly will drive even dragon type users and psychic type users running away in fear. Roserade runs a tight ship. It was introduced in Gen 4 aka Diamond and Pearl, as an evolution to Roselia. With a base speed of 90 and a Special attack of 125, it’s not super-fast, but it is fast enough to do some good sweeping damage. Combined stats are 515 and this is a grass poison type not to be overlooked for sure.

Naturally learning moves like toxic and petal dance, it can still do some major damage. Don’t want to waste a turn on toxic? Raise a Budew with Poison Point. Then you always have a 30% chance of poisoning your foe. Where Roserade can really shine, is in Gen 6. If you have the patience, Venoshock can really piss off some people, however, Sludge Bomb will allow you to get that STAB on your foe. The best part, though? DAZZLING GLEAM. Take that into battle and dragons can no longer wall you while psychic and fighting types will be torn to shreds.

Toxic spikes can also be learned from Roselia which can really piss off opponents who want to switch in something to mess up your Roserade. The final thing to note is that Roserade can hold the black sludge item and heal each turn! Ultimately, though, Roserade is weak to Fire, Flying, Ice and Psychic while tearing into water, ground, rock, dragon, fighting, fairy and psychic types if given the right move-set. The choice is yours!

8. Serperior

  • Generation: Fifth
  • Pokedex #: 497

Serperior is the final evolution of the Snivy line, introduced to use first in Gen 5 aka Black and White (omg our second 5th gen one!) Serperior is a pure grass type with combined base stats of 528. The benefit of Serperior is that it is one of the few grass types that is not only semi-bulky, as both defense stats are at 95, it is speedy at 113, and it lets you choose if you want it to focus on special or physical attacks as the stats for these are both 75! Unfortunately, its ability is usually overgrow, which is the generic starter Pokemon ability.

Serperior, as a pure grass type that isn’t garbage, (Every type and gen has them. Get over it.), is weak to fire, ice, poison, flying and bug. The best move it can learn is actually a poison move! Coil ups its attack, defense, and accuracy all at the same time! The other good move that it can learn and will save it from instances where there are Pokemon on the field that could run a train on it, is dragon tail.

Not only is this the most important dragon move it can learn, dragon tail does damage, and forces a new Pokemon to come out a la Roar. It can learn outrage, another dragon type via a move tutor in OR & AS. For learning towards physical, which is what one should to in order to use Coil to its maximum potential, are moves like leaf blade, aqua tail, iron tail, or even calm mind if you want to run the defenses for a bit. Buffing plus attacking has never hurt anyone before!

7. Leafeon

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex #: 470

Rounding out the top half of the list is a good ole Eeveelution. Leafeon was introduced in Gen 4 aka Diamond and Pearl. Along with its sister evolution, Glaceon, happiness or a stone is not needed to trigger the evolution. Rather, you need to level up Eevee near Moss Rock and boom, Leafeon. Leafeon has a total combined base stat of 525. Unlike a balanced Serperior, Leafeon has a whopping 130 in defense stats, 110 in attack stats, and a 95 in speed, so a physical setup is usually desirable. Like Serperior, Leafeon is weak against fire, ice, poison, flying and bug. How can we make Leafeon good? Let’s check it out!

If there is strong sunlight, its leaf guard ability prevents all status conditions. It’s up to you how you want to use it. Leaf blade is its strongest naturally learned ability while there are other options like Grass Whistle and Last Resort. It can learn Dig which can really save you if a flying type is trying to use fly, or a poison type is really trying you. If you want to make it love you, return is an option, as well is the toxic/protect setup. In OR & AS you can teach it Iron Tail as well to give you a bit more coverage. Knockoff as well is another safe move if the foe is driving you nuts with their held item.

6. Chesnaught

  • Generation: Sixth
  • Pokedex #: 652

We finally have a Gen 6 Pokemon to talk about! Rounding out the bottom half of this list is good ole Chesnaught. A rather unique typing for a grass type to give it fighting, Chesnaught is good in defense and attack with a 122 and a 107 in each respectively and a combined base state total of 530. Chesnaught is a bit on the slower side of the grass types on this list, but let’s take a look. It is weak to fire, ice, poison, flying, psychic, and fairy.

Chesnaught as being one of the starters gets the other big starter move, overgrow. Looking at moves that it learns, the spiky shield is amazing. It is protect + damage to the foe. Sling toxic on a foe, and it could be taking double damage each turn with that setup! Even better, leech seed will really mess foes up, as well!

Another combo set to use is the spikes/roar getup! If it is not going to be in long, then Wood Hammer and Hammer Arm are great places to start. If he is going to be in for a bit, he can learn Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab for fairy types, and in OR & AS it can further learn Drain Punch, Superpower (If it is not going to be in long) and Iron Tail. It really depends on how you are going to use it. If it’s in for a while, toxic and spike shield are great ways to go while if not, then you have more STAB moves to get off before it could fall/be forced to switch out!

5. Torterra

  • Generation: Fifth
  • Pokedex #: 389

Torterra is fifth on our list and for good reason! Torterra is the final evolution of the Turtwig line that is one of the starters in Diamond and Pearl. Torterra is a bit sturdier unlike his flimsy and more popular counterpart, Infernape. Torterra is also a bit more unique of a typing in that he is grass/ground and has combined base stats of 525. It leans more towards the defensive side having a high defense (105) and passable special defense (85), but its best stat is its attack (109).

As for the grass/ground typing, it is weak to fire, 4x to ice, flying and bug. The best part is that the latter two are not as popular! Its typing does get rid of the poison type weakness which can cause serious problems for most grass types that are not grass/poison.

To put it simply, Torterra is a beast. One reason, STAB Earthquake. Even if he lives with a Focus Sash just to fire off one Earthquake, he still will wreak havoc on just about anything other than flying types. Fire types and ice types have to beware because a regular Earthquake is no joke but a STAB Earthquake is something even the most hardened trainer worries about.

Move wise, it can learn Crunch which keeps ghost and psychic types away and Wood Hammer if it really needs that grass STAB. In OR & AS he can learn one of the most annoying/decimating moves in the game, Outrage. Fairy types beware because it can also learn Iron Head/Iron Tail as well. Taught the correct moves and EV’d properly, Torterra may not be a sweeper but it will bring you to your knees if you are not quick to take it out. That’s why it deserves this spot!

4. Mega Abomasnow

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex #: 460

We know, it’s 4x weak to fire. Hear us out. That being said, Abomasnow was given a Mega Evolution that is a serious contender. It still keeps its grass/ice typing as a Mega Evolution which means it has a 4x weakness to fire, and a standard weakness to Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug, Rock, and Steel. Look at those typings. Toxic is usually the only poison move one sees once things get competitive. Flying is hit or miss, and things like bug, rock, and steel don’t appear too often. They can, but they don’t always. Ice moves will destroy flying, but what to do about Fire moves? Let’s take a look. Mega Abomasnow has an extra 100 points in stats versus regular Abomasnow, so it comes out at 595. Essentially, other than HP and Speed, all stats are boosted while speed falls to an abysmal 30.

If you are going to use Abomasnow, know that it is going to have to sponge damage. It should not be hard though considering its defenses are 105 each and its attacks are 132 each. Worst case scenario? Use a focus sash if you are not sure. Life Orb is the normal way to go and the best part about Abomasnow is with having high attack and special attack is that you will really not know what you are getting into until you take a few hits.

As the only Pokémon with Snow warning, Hail is inevitable. Use this to your advantage and type wisely if you are doing online battling. While it is hailing, Blizzard is now 100% accurate! Weather ball also doubles in power and is ice type. Grass wise, Wood Hammer is there if you don’t mind damaging yourself. For ice moves, a STAB ice Shard is also fun if you need to hit foes quickly. Earthquake + focus sash again is an option for fire types.

In OR & AS, Abomasnow can also learn things like Outrage, if you so desire, and Iron tail. Shadow Ball is an option as well as Energy Ball and if you want to piss off your foes, Frost Breath will always crit!

3. Shaymin (Sky Forme)

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex #: 492

Coming at number three on our list is Shaymin in Sky Forme! Give Shaymin the Gracidea flower between 5am and 8pm and it will transform from Land Forme to Sky Forme! Shaymin in Sky Forme is weak to fire, poison, flying, and rock with a 4x weakness to ice. You say, “Honey’s, a 4x weak Pokemon in your top 3? Are you crazy?” Listen up and we will show you why.

In Sky Forme, Shaymin’s stats go from a base of 600 and 100 in each stat, to still 600, but more reasonably distributed. Its speed is cranked up to 127, which will allow it to outspeed many ice types and its special attack goes to 120 which is pretty darn high! In Sky Forme as well, the ability transforms into Serene Grace which doubles the secondary effects of all moves! You really need one move – Air slash. That STAB move with Serene Grace means a 60% chance to make the foe flinch.

Seed Flare + Serene Grace means STAB and an 80% percent chance of the Special Defense of the opponent dropping two levels. Ouch. If you want more coverage, it can learn Dazzling Gleam or Psychic. DG has a better cover effect against types that can wall you, while Psychic gets those pesky poison types out of your wings! If you have the right IV’s, Hidden Power can really help you out with an electric or rock attack! Shaymin is a bit hard to come by these days, but it is clearly one that can run circles in the right situations! Now sit down, get ready, and brace yourself for the top two!

2. Mega-Venusaur

  • Generation: First
  • Pokedex #: 3

That’s right! #2 on our list is Mega Venusaur! Veunsaur is the final evolution in the Bulbasaur line that debuted in Red and Blue. Normally, without the boost from Mega evolving, Venusaur would be near the bottom, if even on this list at all, but there is just one thing, two little words, that save it and restore our faith in this starter Pokemon from way, way, way back in the day. Thick Fat. Just like the reason that Shaymin in Sky Forme became viable, Mega Venusaur is MUCH more useful in Mega form! Thick Fat, for those who do not know, makes Fire and Ice moves only 50% effective aka only dealing 50% damage so they are no longer truly super effective!

Normally Venusaur has the generic Overgrow ability. This goes away and turns into Thick Fat with a mega evolution. Venusaur is weak to fire, ice, flying, and psychic with the last one being due to its poison typing. Stats across the board are the second highest on this list at 625 with Defense at 123, Special Defense at 120, and special attack at 122. So which way do we go? Right! Special attack.The best part too? It can sit there and sponge hits. With a defense that high, you can easily scare off and stave off many fairy types.

Wreaking status havoc with a Venusaur is usually the way to go. Fairy types run and hide because this one is your worst nightmare. Sleep power is one route where if you wanted, you could combine this with Leech seed while holding the black sludge for double recovery and your foe has to sit there helplessly sleeping while you suck away its health.

Petal Dance is an excellent STAB move while Sludge Bomb would round it out. If you don’t want the recovery path and you are concerned about the confusion left over from petal dance, it can learn Giga Drain along with Synthesis which means you leave fights with high health. Sludge Bomb hits about everything except for psychic and steel where you can put them to sleep and slowly suck their health away if need be. Toxic is the other move that when applied will really piss some people off. Toxic + Venoshock is an excellent STAB set up.

Having the right IVs for a fairy move and Hidden Power could give you, even more, coverage! Bulbasaur climbed its way into our hearts years ago and it seems that the powers that be at Nintendo have not forgotten it by giving us a Mega-Venusaur that can actually survive hits and do some work!

1. Mega Sceptile

pokemon-Ferrothorn-300x420 Top 10 Worst Pokemon

  • Generation: Third (Mega: Sixth)
  • Pokedex #: 254

This brings us to the final Pokemon on our list, Mega-Sceptile. Sceptile was originally introduced to us in generation three in the form of Treecko, one of the three starters. By itself, Sceptile was a fast grass Pokemon, which is something not seen often and is pure grass. Thankfully Nintendo showed it some love in Generation Six and gave it a Mega Evolution. Mega-Sceptile is grass and dragon type. Now, this grass Pokemon's weaknesses change. It is now weak to Fairy, Dragon, Bug, Flying, and 4x to Ice. Do not let that get you down. Why? Sceptile is the fastest of ALL DRAGON TYPES.

That’s right, Latios, Latias, Garchomp, and even its foe, Mega Charizard X, are slower than it. Coming in at 145 in base speed, it also has a base special attack of 145 and its total combined stats are the highest on this list at 630. So you know which way to take this game changer!

When mega-evolved, its ability becomes Lightning Rod which means it draws all electric attacks to it. The best part? It takes no damage and its speed raises a stage. This is fantastic against any and all electric types. Leaf Storm as a STAB will leave most foes crying. Focus blast to give you more coverage, and of course a good ole Dragon Pulse as your dragon STAB. There are many ways that the final move can go, but Toxic is always a safe fallback to scare those fairy types away. If special Sceptile is not to your liking, its lower attack stat is still fairly high at 110 and it can learn a wide variety of moves there too as the movepool favors more physical over special. Ripping into its foes is what Sceptile does best.

Final Thoughts

Say what you want, but there you have it! As we move towards the seventh generation and hopefully either a new typing or some new matchups or weaknesses, we hope and pray to God that we get some interesting grass Pokemon. So far the list that has been released is…a bit… underwhelming. With the exception of the cool starter Rowlet!

There were others that we considered for the Top 10 Grass Type Pokemon like Virizion (Low def and mediocre attack stats for a legendary), Breelom (House of Cards), Amoonguus (Troll), and Gourgeist(for a fun typing! Grass/Ghost). What do you think? Should we have put Amoonguus in? Let us know in the comments below!

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