Top 5 OP Moments in Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?) has been a gem of a show and has gained some admiration for what a fun production it is. Comedically OP, there are loads of entertaining fight scenes, but today we’re focusing on those times when a wildly strong character does something physical that goes off the scale of measurement.

These moments could demonstrate the overpowered nature of whomever it involves through visual effects, or it could be based on how others reacted to it. Either way, these moments are loud, proud, and often funny. We hope you enjoy the top 5 times the people of Kunlun had standout OP moments.

Moments When Kunlun Citizens Were Next-Level Powerful

5. That Time When Phyllo Learns that the Ancient Martial Arts She Studies is Community Aerobics for Kunlun Citizens

When Lloyd and his accompanying harem venture back to Kunlun, Lloyd’s comrade, Phyllo, takes a fighting stance when encountering Lloyd’s grandfather. His grandfather recognizes the posture, and for a moment, Phyllo is proud and ready to train. Then Lloyd’s grandfather continues to state that he does not often see the community workout routing done outside of the morning hours. Phyllo is shocked to learn that the ancient technique passed down from her hometown’s relation to Kunlun is today’s workout routine for the general public. Phyllo has a lot to learn!

4. Lloyd’s Pest Removal Techniques

One of Lloyd’s character traits is that he seems to have a mental block when fighting against monsters. Lloyd has no problem exerting power, though. If Lloyd considers the monster in question to be a ‘pest,’ he then disposes of it with confidence and ease. Lloyd does this with such nonchalance that he even ends up inspiring a fellow knight to defeat monsters himself. If Lloyd ridding himself of giant insects in the same manner that one might take for a normal-sized insect isn’t OP, then we aren’t sure what is.

3. Those Moments when Lloyd’s Aura Threatens Your Life

One of the things that we just love about Last Dungeon Boonies is how it loves a good running theme. One that occurs with Lloyd repeatedly is that his presence is so intense that it makes those in the vicinity fear for their lives. Those who can fight are frozen with fear, and it never fails that this moment is in sharp contrast with just how cute Lloyd and his fluffy-haired self can be. Above is one moment when Lloyd approaches, and others notice his aura.

2. That Time When A Dragon/Pest Visited Kunlun and it was Warded off by Children and their Paper Airplanes

When the group visits Kunlun, they have some challenging moments of culture shock. In one instance, a house quakes because of the “pests” outside. Riho goes to drive the pests off, only to realize that the creature being discussed is a dragon, larger than the nearby buildings! Riho gives it her all, but can only distract the beast in acting as bait. Just when we begin to wonder how Riho will get out of this one, the dragon takes damage. Lo and behold, the children of Kunlun are warding off the dragon… with paper planes? Wow, Kunlun is a different place!

1. That Time When Chief Alka’s Festival Date with Lloyd was Ruined

When the arc involving the nation’s King comes to a high point, devastation breaks out. Ignoring the issues, Alka spends her day with Lloyd at the festival but is crushed when giant locusts ruin the festival and begin destroying the city. At first, Alka is more than unhappy with her ruined spend-time-with-Lloyd-in-traditional-clothing-at-a-festival date, but she refuses to act.

Alka says that her village will not get involved until the presence of a Demon Lord is known. Once those conditions are met, though, Alka goes to town. As locusts the size of houses plague the city, Alka summons meteors that rain from the sky and crush each monster with a precision that leaves no unwanted injuries. In this display of weather-wielding power, it is clear that Kunlun hath no fury like a cute village chief scorned.

Honorable Mentions
So, of course, lots of other titles made the initial lists for this article, and even though they were not today’s feature, we still loved them! Don’t forget Lloyd’s disqualification from his school’s sports day, after he broke the stone mannequin and was deemed too dangerous for people. And if we are blunt, the most overpowered thing in this show is the plot armor protecting how naïve and innocent Lloyd is! *swoon*

Be it our favorite loli-baba cursing other people out of pettiness, or another moment where Lloyd shows massive power and is then upset that he “missed “ a target, this title is chock-full of that OP theme.

Final Thoughts

Lloyd Belladonna is a powerhouse that is not to be underestimated, even if it is Lloyd’s disposition to underestimate and retain insecurity about his abilities. We hope you enjoyed these moments in Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?, where “overpowered” is an underpowered word. Which of these was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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