Enter the Moe Anime Boy: Lloyd Belladonna! (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon boonies moved to a starter town??)

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? is the story of Loyd Belladonna, who moves from his village to a town far from he was raised. Lloyd is a sweet boy with a heart of gold, but surprisingly, he doesn’t need any of that to be powerful. Unknown to Lloyd alone, he is comedically overpowered and comes from a hidden village of legend! All Lloyd knows is that he is the weakest person in his village, and he wants to work hard to join the military and get stronger.

Another thing that makes Lloyd stand out is the feeling of moe that develops with every person Lloyd encounters. This show bends the trope of guys adoring and protecting cute girls by having a bunch of independently powerful women all looking to keep Lloyd as sweet and innocent as he is now. Ah! It is difficult to only talk about a few of the things that we love the most. Without further ado, we bring you, Lloyd Belladonna!

"Lloyd Lovers, Unite!"

He’s as Cute as a Puppy, and You Just Want Him to Smile

When Lloyd arrives to the big city, he is absolutely clueless. Send by his village chief to stey with one of her former students, Lloyd immediately endears himself to his housemate, Maria. As he begins to encounter ladies who later become his closest friends, they are one after another taken with Lloyd! He is cute, earnest, and sincere that they cannot help but root for him, and want him to succeed. An early example of this is when Selen and Riho team up to complete a task and have Lloyd accepted into the military after he failed the exam. It has an unexpected ending, but these ladies are always looking out for Lloyd!

And Adorably Obtuse!

Will Lloyd ever realize that he is One-Punch Man-level overpowered? This cutie spends his days looking to go up one step at a time and maybe, eventually, not be the weakest person in his village someday. There are many comedic moments where Lloyd tries his hardest and causes lots of damage to everything unlucky enough to get into his path. Another moment where Lloyd’s gaggle of girls protect him is that they never seem to break the news to Lloyd that he is the strongest person for a while around. Instead they help him avoid fights all together!

His Kindness and Compassion

Gosh, darn it, if Lloyd isn’t the sweetest main character in an anime this season. When you see this guy at the center of a harem, he is a little out of place. If you look a little longer, though, you will find that Lloyd is a kind person who very sincerely cares about his friends. Lloyd does everything he attempts with an earnest attitude and gives it his all. When he is accidentally taken for hostile and attacked (which strangely happens a lot), Lloyd always looks and finds another reason he was attacked and goes with that! Always looking on the bright side, that Lloyd.

Strong, But Humble

With a presence that startles many before they know him, it is not surprising that Lloyd is so overpowered. What is surprising is how this super-strong guy never gets ahead of himself and remains humble at all times. Now, part of Lloyd’s humility could be from how adorably oblivious he is, but regardless of the reason, we love him for it! It is refreshing to have someone who saves the day and does not look for recognition from others afterward.

He Inspires Others

Though these other ideas contribute to this last point, the thing that many seem to love about Lloyd is how he inspires others! Every character knows that Lloyd is immensely strong and skilled, but Lloyd himself remains oblivious and believes he is weak and meager in his strength. Lloyd feels he has a long road ahead of him, but he remains optimistic and looks to improve and do well in all he attempts. Other characters start to admire Lloyd, not for his strength but also for his determination and how he is not afraid to work for his goals.

One great example of this is in episode eight. When Selen’s father is trapped under a slab of building, he knows they are both in danger and tells her to run and survive. Surprisingly, Selen tells him that she knows someone who believes himself to be weak, but he never gives up, referring to Lloyd. With this inspiration in mind, she stays until Lloyd himself comes to the rescue!

Final Thoughts

Lloyd is a character anyone can find themselves cheering for. Whether you are a troublemaker, a mercenary, or a loli-baba, Lloyd has something about him that might just make you swoon with moe! He is an easy person for his harem—and us—to keep watching succeed! What is your favorite thing about this new character in the anime lineup? Is it his physical strength? His work ethic that never stops? Or maybe how cute he is in all those different outfits? Let us know in the comments!

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