Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!

Tsugumomo-1 Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!

Tsugumomo-1 Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!


Mystery, School

Airing Date:
Spring 2020


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Agami Kazuya, an ordinary boy, has his life changed when Kiriha, a beautiful girl who is a Tsukomogami, appears in front of him.
Kazuya, the "Taboo Child" that attracts curses towards him, receives the order from the God of the Land, Kukuri, to serve her as an "Exorcist", an individual tasked with the elimination of aberrations created by the curse. He was struggling to move ahead, along with Kiriha.
Kazuya and the others decided to set up a "Trouble Counselling Office" as a school activity club to collect information about the aberrations.
But on the other side of the peaceable troubles, a big plan was in the works with Kukuri as the target...

Characters & Voice Actors

Kazuya Kagami: Yuko Sanpei

He has an innate disposition to attract curses to himself, which is the cause of the aberrations. Kukuri, the God of the Land who protects Kamioka, the place where they live, has given him and the Tsukomogami, Kiriha, the order of defeating all the aberrations as "Exorcist".
Kiriha: Naomi Ozora

An egocentric and beautiful girl who appears as a Tsugumomo in the form of a "kimono obi" while having a resemblance with Kazuya's mother. On the battlefield, she changes her obi form to any shape she wants to attack and defend herself from the enemies.
Kukuri: Yurika Kubo

She is the God of the Land of the Hakusan Shrine who protects the city of Kamioka, where Kazuya and the others live. She has the power to manipulate water by using spells and attacks. In order to better control the aberrations, she decides to give Kazuya, who attracts curse to himself, the title of "Exorcist".
Kokuyou: Eriko Matsui

She is a shrine maiden who can be used repeatedly and is always with you. She doesn't show her emotions, but she has a strong sense of duty and is very loyal to Kukuri, though sometimes she has her outburst moments. She is also dexterous when it comes to working part-time to repair the damaged shrine.
Chisato Chikaishi: Noriko Shibazaki

She is a childhood friend of Kazuya and also the class president, with a studious and firm personality. She has been secretly in love with Kazuya since she was a child, and she still keeps the dolls she used to play as a married couple in her childhood game "House".

Other TitleTsugu Tsugumomo
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”Kaze fukeba Tsukiyo no Hate ni" by A ou P
  • Ending Song: ”Haru, Kanade" by Haruka Tojo
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yoshikadu Hamada
  • Director: Ryoichi Kuratani
  • Character Design: Kiyotaka Nakahara
  • Animation Director: Masaaki Sakurai
  • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
  • Music: Kouji takanashi

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Tsugumomo-1 Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!
Tsugumomo-1 Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!
Tsugumomo-1 Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!
Tsugumomo-1 Tsugumomo 2nd season is coming !!

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