Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!

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Uma-Musume-Pretty-Derby-300x450 Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!

Uma-Musume-Pretty-Derby-300x450 Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Slice of Life, Idol, Sports

Airing Date:
April 2 2018

P.A. Works

Honey’s Highlights

Uma-Musume-Pretty-Derby-300x450 Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!
P.A. Works, Cute Girls, Idols, and Supernatural Beings? Sign me up.
Uma-Musume-Pretty-Derby-300x450 Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!
This is going to be right up there with other P.A. Works like Sakura Quest and Uchouten Kazoku. Slice of life with a slight flair.
Uma-Musume-Pretty-Derby-300x450 Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!
I was thinking Centaur no Nayami maybe. I hope though that the idol aspect is well-received as well. We could end up with something like a supernatural Love Live!.
Uma-Musume-Pretty-Derby-300x450 Find Out More About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby With The Three Episode Impression!
Now that is something that I am here for. A lot of the seiyuu aren't too big in the industry, so maybe this could be their lucky break.

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The reality that we live in is the same as this story with nothing changed. Well… except for one thing. In this world, there is a special existence. They are known as “Uma Musume” and are popular idols who have the superhuman ability to run quickly as well as possess a mysterious beauty.

The dream that these “uma musume” aim for is an entertainment sport known as the “Twinkle Series.” What is it? It’s a fierce, battle race of the “uma musume” girls themselves!

Surrounded by the passionate fervor of a massive audience, the starting gates are opening!!

Three Episode Impression

Do you Like cute girls? Do you like horses and racing? Do you like cringey English names? Then you are going to love Uma Musume Pretty Derby! In a world like ours, there are humans born who are part horse, all girls of course, and they run races with thousands of cheering fans. Those who win the races, then put on a live show after it has come to a close. Special Week is one such uma musume with the dream of becoming the top in all of Japan! She’s just transferred into Tracen, an academy for Uma Musume and she is way in over her head, but she knows on thing, she loves to run! When she happens to see Silence Suzuka, a top uma musume, run, she decides that she wants to be on the same team as her and be her friend.

Uma Musume is surprisingly not as heavy on the idol elements as we expected. We also thought this would end up being pointless conversations about moe things, but honestly, the characters are well-rounded and each of them makes a very interesting addition to the series. There are no male uma musume–they’d probably be called uma musuko or something funny–and the only real male character we have seen so far is Trainer who trains all of the Uma Musume on Special Week’s team. It’s cute and fun and we will keep watching.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Special Week

Voice Actor: Azumi Waki

Birthday: May 2nd
Height: 158cm
Three Sizes: B79 W57 H81
Special Week is a cheerful Uma Musume who has just arrived in Tokyo from the countryside to attend Trasen Academy. She is the oldest member of the junior class and a C-rank member who has permission to run in the Triple Crown Race. Her classmates are El Condor Pasa and Grass Wonder. Silence Suzuka is her roommate and Special Week idolizes her. Her mother died right after giving birth to Special week, so her ‘mother,’ the parent who raised her, showered her with love and affection as well as made her undertake spartan training. Her innocent personality and outstanding explosive power continue to empower her to form deep, solid bonds with friends all across the Twinkle Series. She aims to be the number one Uma Musume in Japan.

Silence Suzuka

Voice Actor: Marika Kouno

Birthday: May 1st
Height: 161cm
Three Sizes: B70 W53 H79
As her name implies, Silence Suzuka is of few words and very quiet. She’s a cool beauty who, along with her mysterious feeling of transparency, has a hidden shadow of sorrow. She belongs to the powerful team Ligil at Trasen Academy. She is a senpai (upperclassman) to Special Week. Her tactical strong point is her starting dash which allows her to lead from the beginning to the end and this means she can continually evade others. However, her team’s plan forces her to refrain from races leading her to fall into a slump. Her speed is so overwhelming that once she dashes, no one can even step on her shadow she is so fast. Truly, she was an Uma Musume born to run. Her goal is to inspire the dreams of those who watch Uma Musume races.

Toukai Teio

Voice Actor: Machico

Birthday: April 20th
Height: 150cm
Three Sizes: B77 W54 H76
Toukai Teio is a bright and lively beautiful Uma Musume with a dazzling smile. She calls her unique nimble footwork ‘Teio Step’ which is almost like prancing. Toukai has a determined personality, but is a bit cheeky. She is very proud and does have her moments when she flies into a rage, but when it comes to racing, her passion is stronger than anyone else. Toukai currently doesn’t belong to any team. Toukai has a strong admiration for the student council president for Symboli Rudolf called ‘Koutei’ (emperor). Her future hope is to inherit that intention and become the next Koutei. In order to do so, she must become the undefeated Triple Crown winner.


Voice Actor: Sayaka Oohashi

Birthday: April 4th
Height: 165cm
Three Sizes: B76 W55 H78
Vodka has a boyish air about her and is a Uma Musume who refers to herself with ‘Ore’ (rough male singular pronoun). She has a mischievous and brazen personality and is currently in the middle of her rebellious phase. She detests being teased or treated like a child. However, Vodka is actually innocent and pure on the inside. She has a strong wish to be accepted as a true Uma Musume, but those feelings come out as a rebellious attitude. She belongs to the team Spica. By the way, she is constantly fighting with her roomate Daiwa Scarlet because she’s the opposite of her; while Vodka is a delinquent, Daiwa is an honor student. Behind closed doors though, Daiwa is actually her closest comrade in arms and her best friend.

Daiwa Scarlet

Voice Actor: Chisaki Kimura

Birthday: May 13th
Height: 163cm
Three Sizes: B93 W56 H82
Everyone acknowledges the outstanding, beautiful girl that is Daiwa. She’s an extremely popular honor student within the academy to the point that she’s almost an idol. Bright and kind to everyone, she is the popular member of her class, but that is just a front. In reality, she’s prideful and hates losing. For Daiwa, it’s not just about winning a race. She loves to control the pace of the race as well as wrestle down her rivals around her to the point that she has exerted her dominance. Daiwa also belongs to Spica and her classmate Vodka is her strongest rival. She vehemently denies her connection to Vodka, but she has only revealed her true self to Vodka alone and she is Daiwa’s comrade in arms and best friend as well.

Gold Ship

Voice Actor: Hitomi Ueda

Birthday: March 6th
Height: 170 cm
Three Sizes: B88 W55 H88
Gold Ship is a super Uma Musume who has overwhelming proportions, god-tier beauty, and beautiful, fluttering, Dapple-grey silver hair. However, her personality is tragically the opposite of her beauty and is actually an unfortunately disappointing beautiful girl. Anyway, she’s wild, fiendish, rough, and has a sharp tongue, and has a personality that for some reason or another, gets her hyped up and leaves her opponent wandering about and befuddled. She also belongs to the team, Spica. She ignores the opinions of her trainer on a regular basis, and when she can’t get into it, she won’t take races or training seriously. Dealing with her is truly like arguing with a brick wall. Her hobby is cute, silly teasing. She feels as if she has some sort of special connection with Mejiro McQueen.

Mejiro McQueen

Voice Actor: Saori Oonishi

Birthday: April 3rd
Height: 159cm
Three Sizes: B71 W54 H76
Mejiro is the young daughter of the leading famous family in the Uma Musume World, the Mejiro family. Because of her elegant, calm, and lady-like demeanor, she is the envy of all other Uma Musume, and she herself too, is very proud of her Mejiro lineage. She does not belong to any teams. She is called the “unrivaled slayer” (long distance runner), and her symmetrical proportions are god-tier beauty, but to realistically maintain this figure, it seems that she keeps up a very painful diet. The younger Toukai Teio views Mejiro as a rival but, Mejiro’s inherent elegance allows her to easily sidestep her. She feels that she has some sort of special connection with Gold Ship.


Voice Actor: Kouji Okino

Trainer is the trainer for team Spica. He gets carried away easily, so he sometimes views the guidelines as not entirely necessary. However, when it does come to the Twinkle Series, he pours his enthusiasm into is much more than others, leading him to earnestly think about the Uma Musume racers themselves more than anyone else. He is an old friend of team Ligil’s trainer Hana. He was planning to distance himself from working as a trainer for a certain reason, but…

Hana Toujou

Voice Actor: Megumi Toyoguchi

Hana is the trainer for the strongest team at Torsen Academy, Ligil. She’s a cool beauty who follows the rules to the T. She doesn’t allow anything that doesn’t contribute to winning.Her biggest weapon is that she collects unique data and comes up with logical tactics based on it She has an inseparable relationship with team Spica’s trainer, who calls her ‘Ohana-san.’

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Make Debut! by Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Toukai Teio, Vodka, Daiwa Scarlet, Gold Ship, and Mejiro McQueen
  • Ending Song: Growup Shine! by Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Toukai Teio, Vodka, Daiwa Scarlet, Gold Ship, and Mejiro McQueen

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Cygames
  • Director: Kei Okawa
  • Assistant Director: Tomoaki Oota
  • Series Composition: Akihiro Ishihara, Masafumi Sugiura
  • Character Design: Yousuke Kabashima
  • Animation Director: Yousuke Kabashima
  • Sound Director: Yuuichi Morita
  • Music: UTAMARO movement

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