Video Game Treats for Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year again and you must be stumped for gift ideas. If you or your friend is a lover of video games, stay tight. Today, we are looking at great gifts for those who love video games. Take a look at them below and consider what you might want to stuff those stockings with for a video game lover near you!

Graphic Tees

One of the most basic gifts you could ever get for a gamer are graphic tees. Who doesn’t want to represent their favorite game on their own person? People like their style to be expressive, and there is nothing more expressive than getting a graphic tee with a design tailored to your favorite video game(s). Isn’t that what made Hot Topic such a hot shop back in the day? Hot Topic is still one of the best places to get gamer tees, but there are many other places to buy gamer tees including Amazon!


Any otaku will tell you how much they love figures, and there’s a reason why. So much love is put into each figure, and when you absolutely adore a specific character from a series/game, you can’t help but break out into a grin when you look at these figures. These aren’t just crudely made toys you find in a swap meet. They are quality figures! If you absolutely love JRPGs, you could also go onto Tokyo Otaku Mode to see if they have one of your favorite characters in figurine form.

Gift Cards

Nothing says “easy” like gift cards. You can get gift cards for stores like Best Buy, Target, or Amazon, which means your friends can go out and buy themselves a game or gaming accessories. Heck, they could buy a console. You can also hand of gift cards for online shops per each console so your friends can just log in from their home and get just what they want. Did you have your eye on a particular wallpaper for your PS4 home screen? Steam even offers gift cards now! What about those otome lovers? Well, you could always give gift cards for the App Store or Google Play, too!

Gaming Accessories

Not every gaming accessory will fit in a stocking, but you can still put a few things in there. Imagine diving into your stocking and finding new set of joy cons for your Nintendo Switch. What about skins to add that special personal touch to your console? Or if you are a wise owner of a PS Vita, imagine getting a new memory card for you to be able to store more games or log into a different region’s store! There’s still plenty we can get for game consoles in our console!


You have to love technology. Compared to before, there are so many options for gamer gifts that don’t involve only gift cards. Have you considered giving your friend a subscription service? The big name consoles have the option for a subscription service. You can get the xBox One Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, or even Nintendo Switch Online for your friends. Each one has their own benefits including access to games and online gameplay. You’ll just have to do a little research before just picking one if your friend has every console under the sun.

Final Thoughts

There are so many gift options out there for gamers, so don’t feel daunted! Just take a deep breath and re-review our article once more. Do you have anything that you think should be included in our article? Let us know down below!

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